Lady Gaga’s Birth Chart – Putting it All Together

If you’ve read through the meanings of the signs, houses, and planets, you might be able to put some of it together as you look at Lady Gaga’s Chart.  Or maybe you’re just interested in the interpretation.  I’ll keep it basic.

The three most significant placements in any chart are the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. LG’s Sun falls in the 10th house in the sign of Aries.  This is a high profile, adventurous, athletic, energetic, and courageous person willing to take risks with her reputation in very public ways.  LG’s sense of purpose revolves around surmounting fear, leading, and continually initiating new things.  The ruler of her Sun is feisty and combative Mars in Capricorn in the 7th house of relationships.  She is self-disciplined, strong willed, and very determined to succeed mainly through business partnerships.

Her Moon falls in the 5th house of performance (surprise surprise) in the very intense, mysterious,  and sexual sign of Scorpio.  What LG needs in order to feel secure is the ability to express  love and nurturance through a deep connection with her performance and an audience. Her emotional stability depends upon creative sexual expression that both entertains and heals. Because Pluto, the ruler of her moon, rests along side her moon, the ability to influence the masses through intense personal power is central to her well being.  LG needs to feel that she is in a continual state of deep emotional transformation and that she is able to express that in ways that both entertain and influence.  She may empathize very deeply with a child or lover’s pain.

Her Ascendent falls in the sign of Gemini making her style very versatile and ever changing.  She bores herself easily and needs to keep it interesting. A natural multi-tasker she’s light on her feet and keeps herself unencumbered for the purpose of being able to change directions quickly and easily. She is both brilliantly bright and frighteningly dark. The ruler of her Ascendent is a Pisces Mercury retrograde in the 10th house. This overlays  her style with introspection, compassion, and an extremely fertile imagination, all very publicly on display. She may announce that she keeps secrets and deliberately confuse with a high profile mysterious communication style. Her words are poetic and her artistry expressed mainly through word and song.

Gaga’s Venus in Aries in the 11th house loves to break the rules with comabative, “in your face” panache. She actually sees that as her responsibility (Uranus in Sagittarius in the 6th house) and it remains part of her habitual way of dealing with life.  She welcomes her role as a reforming nonconformist challenging all things conventional, especially religion. Because the north node falls in her 11th house in the sign of Taurus, and its ruler is her Aries Venus, this represents her main purpose and path this lifetime.  The question she needs to always have in the back of her mind always is “how is what I’m doing aggressively helping the larger community, advancing it in a healthy and natural direction despite society’s entrenched cynical interests.”

Jupiter in Pisces in her 10th house expands her kind-heartedness, her ability to influence and be influenced, her capacity for enjoyment, and her need to escape, alter consciousness, and spiritualize in very public ways.  It also dramatically expands her imagination in ways that promote her business interests because Jupiter’s ruler is Neptune in Capricorn in the 7th house.

Saturn in Sagittarius in the 6th house represents Lady Gaga’s life lessons, the thread that runs through all of her life experiences.  Most of these lessons will center around her daily domestic routines, her health and diet, habit patterns, and responsibilities. LG will be challenged to infuse justice, prudence, and faith into the humblest recesses of her daily routine. Her father, her father’s native county, and its influence keeps her humble, willing to work on self-improvement, and to identify where she may be falling short. Lady Gaga is hard on herself and this can be expressed through physical problems.  Her father provides her with the wisdom she needs to diminish doubt and to create habit patterns that support her demanding and influential life.

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