Astrology and Your Major Course of Study

What if the next time you faced a challenge you immediately recognized its significance in the overall scheme of your life?  What if you understood the common thread that runs through your personal relationship struggles, income issues, career stagnation, health problems, and long delays?   What if you knew the byline behind each disappointment and the meaning behind ending up in a place that’s not where you want to be?  How would that make things different?

For most of us it would make a big difference.  For starters you could skip the time and energy consuming blame game (usually we blame ourselves).  You could skip the resentment (why me?).  You could skip the paralysis (I have no idea what to do next) and the depression (anger directed inward) because none of this would make any sense.

Astrology is good at identifying your life’s curriculum.  If you’re majoring in trusting your own instincts (Saturn in Scorpio in the 1st house, for example),  then don’t be surprised when the “pop quiz” is all about the uselessness of  your own factual brilliance, your great professional contacts, and other’s advice when it comes to getting a job that feels right. And don’t be surprised if the final exam involves the toxic effects of staying in one place too long for fear of trying something new.

If you have Saturn in Sagittarius in your 5th house you’re signed up for courses involving a lack of control where  children, love affairs, and expressions of creative exuberance are concerned. Successful navigation requires faith in the future which, for you, is in short supply.  You will be presented with many lessons in this area of life requiring faith.

If you know your curriculum, you know the thread that runs through your life.  Every issue is connected to what you  came here specifically to learn.  Once you accept your major course of study and stop wishing it was something else, your challenges become very valuable.  Challenges are always time limited so how you use the period of time becomes critical.  An important shift takes place when you know what’s going on. Rather than indulging the distraction of wishing and hoping the whole mess would just blow over, you see it for the opportunity that it is and focus on the quality of your actions.

If you’re majoring in trusting your own instincts then you do what you can do to develop those.  You don’t spend a lot of time trying to learn more facts, find more effective contacts, or seek the advice of others you trust more than yourself.  You focus on knowing yourself better because it’s what you came to learn and it’s the objective of every challenge you face.  You don’t fight it.  You know where to focus.

What would you do differently if you knew your major course of study?

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