Venus and Mars Change Signs – A Shifting Landscape for February


It’s significant that Venus and Mars would be changing signs on the same day – either today or tomorrow depending on where you live.  The landscape is shifting and we’ll feel ourselves adapting over the next few days.

Astrologically Venus is what we attract with little or no effort and Mars is what we desire and what we actively pursue.  Venus and Mars are activated when we attract or are attracted to someone romantically and sexually.  There are more best selling astrology books written on that subject than anything else.  But Venus and Mars affect every aspect of life.  It’s true that you’ll find the strongest impact this month wherever Venus and Mars land in your astrology chart.

What will we attract when Venus moves into Aquarius?  We’ll attract the unusual,  something outside our normal framework that we hadn’t previously considered.  We may attract  experimental, innovative, cutting edge ideas and opportunities that seem risky and exciting.  The rebellious, nonconforming, humanitarian part of us feels more attractive and we’re drawn to opportunities that give us the chance to express that part of our personality.  It’s cool to embrace something that might raise a few eyebrows this month.  It feels satisfying to be onboard with future trends and enlightened methods.  It feels like freedom.

So if you’re offered an unusual work opportunity, if you’re inexplicably physically attracted to someone different and a little edgy, if you’re at ease with the revelation that there are unusual lifestyles and methods being mainstreamed and worth considering, or notice that everything remotely interesting these days involves friends or groups working together, you’re under the spell of Venus in Aquarius.

And then there’s Mars – the energetic planet of desire that wants what he wants when he wants it and is willing to put forth the effort to get it – changing into the sign of Pisces.  Pisces is nebulous, subtle energy, diffuse, poorly defined, and difficult to direct.  If you’re an artist or a musician you love this kind of energy because it carries with it inspiration, access to unconscious sources of creativity, connection to mass consciousness and “the wisdom of the ages.”

What I’ve observed in clients with Mars in Pisces is that they like to work alone.  Getting what they desire entails indirect, intuitively guided actions that seem confusing to an outsider and often confusing to himself as well. Behind the scenes manipulations are usually a part of the strategy.

If you’re the focus of Mars in Pisces’ desire,  prepare for a seige. You’ll feel as though you’ve been overcome by rapturous vapors that have you surrendering and agreeing while never knowing what hit you.  Mars in Pisces is effective because it dissolves resistance through enticing and subtly overwhelming energy.

So it’s an interesting combination we end up with this month.   The Aquarius/Pisces coupling gives us the gift of an unusual and exciting opportunity that requires a more tolerant and open mind while insisting that we subtly overwhelm and dissolve barriers that keep us from grounding this new found freedom.

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