The Astrology of Friends by Peg O’Donnell

“Meeting FDR was like opening your first bottle of champagne, knowing him was like drinking it.”

Winston Churchill on his friendship with Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The 11th house of friends can be a source of great joy. In an astrological chart, the 11th house is the place to look to see what kind of friends you are likely to attract into your life. Much text has been devoted to relationships and compatibility,  with the focus on romantic relationships, i.e. the fifth or seventh house in your chart.  But what would we do without friends?

Friends offer a totally different kind of relationship than family. Friends can relate to you without some of the emotional reactions that come with parent child or spouse to spouse relationships. With a friend you are not necessarily trying to recreate what you did not get (or got) in your childhood.  With friends there is no pre-ordained script. You can learn from your friends and share your stories, realizing not only how the world works, but that you are not alone in your journey.

The Aquarian nature of the 11th house speaks to freedom and fun. The 11th house also contains some of the nature of its opposite, the Leo 5th house. We all know parents can be inordinately proud of their children, but are we not also pretty pleased with and proud of our friends at times? The fifth house requires nurturing of your creations, whether they be books or progeny, but friendships require nurturing as well.

What between two charts indicates a strong bond as friends? If you meet someone whose Midheaven is the sign of your ascendant, or vice versa, you will often be friends, and per Ptolemy, “continue long inseparable.” Meet someone who has the moon in the same sign as yours and you will bond easily.

Another sign of friendship can be a conjunction between Mercury in one chart and the Sun in the other chart. One of my best friends has Sun on my Mercury, and her Mercury on my Sun. I still have all the really long and elegant letters she wrote to me years ago when phones calls actually cost money by the minute.

Look to planets in the 11th house to see what you seek in relationships. I have Pluto in Leo in my 11th house of friends and I have a number of Leo friends and also many Scorpio friends. This is doubly indicated by the ruler of my 11th being the Sun in Scorpio. Pluto has brought me a wealth of friends, with staying power. Holly (author of this website) and I go back to age 10.

What did Winston Churchill seek in his friends? He was, after all, known for his lifelong pleasure in a fine dinner table and witty conversations that lasted late into the night.  The Prime Minister had Leo on the cusp of the house of friends, with Uranus in Leo in the 11th house, as well as Moon in the last degree of Leo in the 11th. Winston had no time for those he thought boring.

Churchill had some quite eccentric and brilliant friends. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one of Winston’s friends, had a chart that matched Churchill’s 11th house perfectly. FDR was an Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, with Uranus on the Ascendant, and a moon in Cancer.  The two friends both had Virgo rising, and much of their friendship had to do with their mutual work of saving the free world. One need look no further to count the value of friends.























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