Romance Through the Signs

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

How do you define romance? What is irresistibly attractive to you? And what makes you irresistible? Your astrology chart has a lot to say about romance, love, and attraction which is different than what it has to say about marriage and marriage partners.  Joseph Campbell described the difference: “Marriage is not a love affair; it’s an ordeal.”  The ordeal is an alchemical process where the ego is sacrificed to a relationship in which the two become one.  The 7th house of a birth chart describes marriage.

What we celebrate on Valentines Day is described by the 5th house of love affairs, attraction, our ability to express love, and the experience of pure pleasure that comes in the initial stages of “falling in love.”

For each sign it’s unique.  I will generalize the meaning for each 5th house for Valentine’s Day.   If you have your Ascendent sign use that instead of your Sun sign.  This is not a substitute for an accurate reading of the 5th house in your natal chart, but hopefully it’s fun.

For the sign of Aries the 5th house falls under the sign of Leo.  Leo is warm hearted, dramatic, generous, and over-the-top in love.  It’s his most natural state of being.  He showers his beloved with attention, expects dramatic displays in return, and wants more than anything to feel proud of his lover.  He is generally filled with admiration for the object of his affections and it doesn’t hurt if his lover is someone high profile and capable of attracting enormous amounts of attention in her own right.   But Leos want most of the attention for themselves.  They want the world to revolve around them.  They are perhaps the most fragile-hearted of all signs when in love.

For the sign of Taurus the 5th house falls under the sign of Virgo.   Earth signs are the most sensual.  A Taurus wants a highly sensual experience with a physically beautiful lover, someone who approximates perfection to him.  Taurus is attracted to a person she finds to be perfect in every way, humble in spite of perfection,  and someone who pays meticulous attention to the details.  Stability, meticulousness, and a healthy lifestyle would attract her initially.  A Virgo love affair is often a project in need of continual improvement…a very sensual project, but one that needs improving nonetheless.  A Virgo love affair thrives on analysis and each being of service to the other and to the affair itself.

For the sign of Gemini the 5th house falls under the air sign of Libra.  Communication, charm, cuteness (often a cleft chin) initially attracts her.  Their affair must be an oasis of beauty and comfort from which all the harshness and ugliness of daily life is barred. The environment must be pleasant, balanced, and tastefully decorated. An air of refinement must envelop the lover and the love affair.  The relationship must feel like an equal give and take proposition with neither risking more than the other.  Compromise is key and the conversation must flow easily.  Like mindedness is important. Libra lovers are those most likely to have marriage in the back of their mind as the affair develops.

For the sign of Cancer the 5th house falls under the sign of Scorpio, a secretive, sexual, mysterious water sign.  Cancers are drawn to the powerfully magnetic Scorpio lover who is at once incredibly intense,  powerfully transformative, and a little dangerous. Cancer love affairs are life changing events.  There is nothing superficial about involvement in a Scorpio love affair.  This kind of love turns you inside out, challenges you to deepen you capacity for intimacy,  demands total vulnerability, and may be defined by more than a hint of obsession. You may be deeply involved very quickly and you may never quite trust your lover, sensing that what you see is merely the tip of a very complicated iceberg.

For the sign of Leo the 5th house falls under the sign of Sagittarius.  Sagittarius and Leo are fire signs.  Passionate doesn’t begin to describe the love you have for each other.  It can be a blaze out of control punctuated with hilarious doses of humor. Finding the same things funny, and laughing together may be the aphrodisiac that first brings you together. Eventually similar beliefs, philosophies, tolerance, and an interest in adventure deepens your love.  Fitting the most amount of experience into the shortest amount of time could be the goal of this love affair.   There is nothing that remotely approaches moderation here.  It’s all as much as it can possibly be all the time.  For that reason this love can burn out quickly.

For the sign of Virgo the 5th house falls in Capricorn.  A sensual earth sign, Capricorn is a high achieving realist, down to earth, practical, a leader, a lover with promise. You can count on him.  He follows through and does what he says he’ll do. This love affair may be hard work, emotionally difficult, or physically difficult to arrange, but that’s part of its appeal.  Both lovers seem to be willing to do what it takes to make it work.  Capricorns work hard to please you in every possible way.  If you’re wealthy or exhibit some promise in that direction a Capricorn may be even more motivated to make it work.  Capricorns like being associated with the wealthy and socially prominent.

For the sign of Libra the 5th house falls under the sign of Aquarius.  Aquarius doesn’t follow the rules.  He is a law unto himself.  Unique, individualistic, brilliant, erratic, and exciting will describe both your Aquarian lover and the nature of your affair.  Your affair is a law unto itself.  An Aquarian affair is the one most likely to resemble a great friendship.  The friendship quality entwined within the sexual passion is very important to both partners.  Tolerance, unconditional love, camaraderie, and companionship are important.  Your Aquarian lover will accept you as you are but he is a free spirit and must not be tied down.  Lack of freedom and too many expectations will end this affair quickly.

For the sign of Scorpio the 5th house falls under the sign of Pisces.  Scorpios want an other-worldly experience in love.  They don’t want their feet to touch the ground. They’re attracted to Pisces types, artists who already have one foot in this world and one in another.  Pisces affairs are inspired.  There is a spiritual component, a Karmic connection, a soul meets soul experience.  Fantasy replaces reality and this love can be a rejuvenating experience.  Pisces lovers stare into candles, hold hands, watch movies and cry, and feel as though no boundary exists between them.  They write each other poetry, paint each other pictures, and fill in the less than perfect spaces with whatever they wish.  Reality is generally unwelcome.

For the sign of Sagittarius the 5th house falls in the sign of Aries.  Aries relationships are very sexual, passionate, and punctuated with directness.  These lovers are brutally honest and direct with one another and both appreciate it.  There are no games.  All the cards are on the table.  Aries are initiators, adventurers, risk takers.  They live life full on with nothing held in reserve.  It’s all or nothing.  Often Aries are athletic and this could well describe their love affair. Theirs is an impatient affair, prone to conflict which seems to make it thrive. Aries lovers want a sparring partner who is also a lover. This affair blazes out of control and can burn out quickly but it’s a blast while it lasts.

For the sign of Capricorn the 5th house falls in the sign of Taurus.  Barbara De’Angelis is quoted as saying  “Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible / it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could.”  I’m tempted to say that may be true for most kinds of love, but not for a Taurus love. For this pair material possessions and tangible signs of love are important. Gift giving may be central to this relationship.  Capricorns are attracted to the sensuality, stability, and patience of a Taurus.  Taurus is solid with energy and possessions in reserve.  Communing with nature at the beach, hiking in the mountains, soaking in hot springs, walking through forests, nature (and money) are the aphrodisiacs that keeps a Taurus love smoldering.  Slow love making and long lazy afternoons typify Taurus love.

For the sign of Aquarius the 5th house falls under the sign of Gemini.  A Gemini love affair is very verbal.  Lots of truthful story telling and sharing about each others lives, lots of uncensored discussions, lots of mental stimulation, lots of finding common ground and shared beliefs.  Aquarians are impressed with the versatility and intelligence of a Gemini.  Geminis and Aquarians keep each other guessing and their “never a dull moment” love affair keeps them both stimulated and interested.  For a Gemini love it’s all about keeping things moving in surprising new directions… keeping things light and sparkling.  Aquarians tendency toward detachment makes light and sparkling perfect.

For the sign of Pisces the 5th house falls in the sign of Cancer.  A Cancer love affair is a highly sensitive caring one.  For these sensitive Pisces and Cancer souls protecting and comforting each other is high priority.  Cancers love to nurture and be nurtured.  Pisces need nurturing because life tends to feel very harsh to them at times.  A Cancer love affair is a refuge, a safe haven, where emotional and physical needs are cared for.  Emotionally the Cancer love affair may feel like a firm foundation from which to launch a life.  Dependent on each others Cancers love affairs are the one’s where each lover is most likely to feel that they could not survive without the other.


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