Horoscopes for the Week of February 13th – 19th

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Most important this week is the need for rest and rejuvenation in some area of life.  There is a need to discipline your mind to think in terms of doing less not more in order to increase effectiveness.  Saturn turns retrograde on Sunday beginning  a four month period of assessment, reorganization and solidification in a specific area of life determined by your Sun sign and Ascendent.

Look for a Valentine’s Day tribute to love through each of the signs …..and have a wonderful week!

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There may be a dawning awareness that financial issues, joint projects, intimate commitments, and commitments to being someone’s support system may need to be reassessed, reworked, re-organized, or backed out of.  Make sure your current commitments are working well.  If not now is the time to make adjustments..  Whatever was agreed to after June of 2012 is now up for evaluation.  No further commitments should be made until after the first week of July of this year. Mars in Pisces in your 12th house indicates that actions taken now behind the scenes to release, transcend, relax,  surrender, rejuvenate, finish up, and act alone can improve your health, your work satisfaction, and change your perspective on the responsibilities you have taken on.  Spending time immersed in what you find beautiful and some form of artistry can be very healing for you now.
By Sunday you will begin to feel the need, in the relationship area of your life, to reassess the commitments you’ve made and what you’ve agreed to take on since July of 2012. Learning to stop saying yes when you want to say no,  to be very realistic about your responsibilities,  and aware of when they begin to overwhelm you.  A complete restructuring of the way you’ve set up relationships based on your beliefs about  partners and clients or customers may be in order. Information about finances, advice you’ve received, as well as a mindfulness regarding how you express your values in public and through your career can smooth the way for your success.  You continue to shine as someone with both humanitarian and authoritative skills.   Spending time this week with friends and groups you enjoy is rejuvenating in ways that stimulate creativity,  expressions of love, and the enjoyment of children.
The reassessment of the appropriateness of your work environment, the work you do given your skill set, your health, relationships with co-workers, the nature of your responsibilities, and your ability to say no within this realm of life is in an impending task.  By Sunday you will be willing to consider a reorganization of the balance between work and rest, striving and surrender, the real and the possible, service to the self, and selfless service to others.  It’s all up for review for the next several months (until mid-July 2013). Being cautious about taking on new responsibilities in the interim is advised. Doing less is an effective strategy this week for accomplishing more.  Doing less allows your life to be directed in ways that are extremely beneficial to you this week.
As the week begins breaking free is on your agenda. Traveling long distances literally or in your mind, putting some space between yourself and your responsibilities could do wonders for your health and state of mind.  It could also stimulate some ideas that fuel your creativity for some very practical solutions to vexing problems.  You’re about to enter a four month period of reevaluation where love, creativity, and children are concerned.  An assessment of what’s working and what’s not working in this area of life is important. If you need to back out of commitments the next 4 months will give you plenty of opportunity to do that.  How does your particular brand of creativity fit within the larger community?  What adjustments need to be made so that the bigger community can benefit from your creative efforts?  You have time now to figure it out now.
Your friendliness, willingness to compromise, your tolerance, understanding, and even handedness attracts others to you. You shine in another’s eyes. Your generosity toward clients, partners, and friends is above and beyond.  Your high-mindedness centers others.  Imagining your perfect world of support and cooperation when you feel it lacking can assist you in making the reorganizational decisions you’ll need to make over the next four months. How can you restructure your home and your home life to make it more efficiently support your life goals?  Reconsidering your commitments to your home and family, whether you want to sign on to more of the same or to change something, whether restructuring for the sake of your health and work life is in order, and thinking long term is necessary. Renegotiating any sources of frustration and reassessing entanglements that do more harm than good is in order. Learning to say no if you’re not already good at it is important.
This week Neptune and Pisces mount a huge challenge to Virgo’s most natural tendencies encouraging you to rest, recuperate, and imagine.  Acutely attuned to every environmental cue that you may need to self improve in some way deserves a strong response.  The stars suggest the following:  “I know I’m not perfect but for the time being this is as good as it gets. I’m taking a break from work, constant self analysis, being of service to your needs, humbling accepting my flaws, and hyper vigilance over health issues. In their place I’m focusing on how I would like my world to be, how doing less will actually improve my productivity, and how encouraging others to stand on their own two feet is be the best possible service I can provide them.”   When Saturn turns retrograde on Sunday this marks the beginning of a four month period of thorough assessment, reorganization and restructuring of your immediate environment, your daily schedule, where you get you information and how and with whom you share it, your mindset, and your relationship with siblings and neighbors.  Progress slows in this area of life as you solidify the gains you’ve make since October.  Moving ahead again begins in July of 2013.
Libra benefits from a less is more attitude toward work and health this week.  The end of an old way of being with regard to co-workers, health care providers, entrenched work habits (taking on too much responsibility), and attitudes toward work and health is indicated.  A more trusting faith in the universe to direct this area of your life in the right direction is necessary along with a closer connection to your inner life while carrying through with your responsibilities.  It matters that your self-worth remains strong as you consider the compromises your work and health issues require you to make. The past five-six months have taken a toll where values, self-worth, and finances are concerned. This week is a perfect time to begin to reverse that.  Saturn moves into retrograde motion on Sunday.  A complete assessment, restructuring, and reorganization in your house of finances, self worth and net worth will be necessary until July when you’ll be ready to move forward on more solid footing.
As you’re called to an increasingly higher way of operating with regard to your children, your expressions of love, and your creative efforts, this week, in this area of life,  less is more particularly in the are of communication where a passive rather than active approach can facilitate a transformation of the way you assert yourself. What you don’t say, how you wait rather than initiate conversation, and how much you trust the universe to care for your love life, creativity, and your children is important this week.  On Sunday Saturn turns retrograde initiating a four month period of complete reorganization and restructuring of your first house.  The way you assert yourself requires solidification and a stability rooted in a transformation of your mindset and communication style.  You may need a more organized approach, a more together and solid presentation of yourself that originates from deeper levels of your being. You will need to rearrange in ways that free you up to initiate a new way of life which may begin in July of 2013.
The world is challenging you to go with the flow of your life’s foundations, to rise above harsh family relationships, to exert a light touch where your home and dealings with real estate are concerned, to make or to sever solid connections with the past,  realizing that stability springs from connections to love, caring for one another, and feeding your soul. You may need to let go of your home in order to advance your career, social standing, or to move your life in a new, more vibrant direction.  Your willingness to be flexible strengthens your ability to move your life in new directions.  On Sunday Saturn moves into retrograde motion encouraging you to thoroughly assess your commitments, to evaluate whether  or not those commitments continue to serve a purpose, to rearrange and reorganize your inner life and old programing in ways that increase your power to transform the physical world.  You will have until next July to solidify changes you’ve made since July of 2012.
Sunday begins a four month retrograde period of Saturn, the ruler of your sign. The period marks a time dominated by thorough assessment, restructuring, and reorganization of your commitments to friends, associates, groups, and/or your long term goals.  Intricately tied to this upcoming assessment is the way you project your transformative power into the world which may need some adjustment.  You are for the next four months solidifying the gains you’ve made since July of 2013.  You may shine this week as someone with the resources needed to be an effective leader of some group effort.  Your self worth is especially strong. Taking a break from your normal daily schedule to focus on something beautiful or to focus on nothing at all rejuvenates you and increases your productivity.
An intense focus since October on developing your career and a new direction in life has dominated your life’s landscape.  Crucial has been more involvement with your inner life, communication with ancestors, more compassion, love, alone time, and a focus on reprogramming your subconscious mind.   You’ve made great strides against the odds.  On Sunday Saturn moves into retrograde motion slowing your career progress and focusing you on solidifying the gains you’ve made.  Assessment, reorganization, and restructuring will be necessary in order for you to continue to move forward in July.  Your ability to communicate what you know in an assertive self confident way has developed over the past several months.  A rich reserve of creative material has been opened to you and feeds your communication projects broadening your reach into the wider community.  This week your ability to attract friends and other wonderful things to yourself continues.
The need for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation continues as your beliefs undergo complete and total transformation.   Your ability to relax and to take a passive approach to communication by listening without contributing much, moves your life in a positive direction.  The self discipline and the hard work you’ve been doing to align yourself with your deeper religious beliefs, to practice tolerance,  to gain perspective and control,  to make actions that feel foreign more familiar, and to develop higher minded attitudes helps you to deal with the dissolving influences now  operating in your life.  On Sunday a four month assessment, reorganization, and restructuring of the beliefs that drive your behavior begins.  Examining your commitments and how they free you or imprison you is important now.  Also up for review are your friends, group associations, and affiliations.  You will have plenty of opportunity over the next four months to release yourself from commitments that no longer work for you beginning this week.

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