Aquarius New Moon February 9th 11:20 PM PST; February 10th 2:21AM EST

This new moon falls in Aquarius emphasizing truth and individuality.  The moon exactly squares (stimulates) the Scorpio north node and Taurus south node, signifying the use of  shaky self-worth and dissatisfaction to power a deeper look into what motivates you, your integrity, and the extent to which you betray your values and conscience for some tangible reward. This is Scorpio territory and it’s not for the faint of heart.  The new moon in Aquarius speaks to the importance of truth as a foundation for progress.

Uranus, the ruler of this new moon, falls at 6 degrees of Aries, the exact midpoint between the moon and the south node.  It’s Sabian symbol,  “A Square Brightly Illumined on One Side,”  reflects the dangers of looking at only the tangible side of a situation.  It’s ruler, Mars in Pisces in the 12th house, speaks to conscience, values, and the intangibles needed to feel you’re being effective.

When my progressed moon moved into Aries in the 1990’s I was focused on attaining an advanced degree in Sport Psychology.  One of the questions examined was whether sports was a character building activity or whether the pressure to win promoted cheating by encouraging a “cutting corners strategy.”  It’s common to witness an athlete (or athletic team) benefit from an illegal play when a judge or referee misses it. The aftermath is more often admiration than condemnation.  Being shrewd and fast enough to cut a few corners while escaping the eyes of the referee can win you hero status.  You have to wonder about the implications of that.

This new moon warns of a tendency, while focusing on material rewards, to lower standards, suppress conscience, and compromise essential parts of yourself. The Sabian symbol for Mars at 6 degrees of Pisces,  “A Cross Lying on the Rocks,” alludes to the abandonment of values. The symbol for its theoretical opposition point “A Harem”  alludes the importance of being aware of the nature of our tradeoffs.

Edgar Cayce’s natal Uranus at 21 degrees of Leo exactly opposes and balances this new moon. The midpoint  between the new moon and the north node speaks to the power we have (but might not use) to control energy for practical everyday problem solving. Replacing the tendency to accept poor tradeoffs with a commitment to the development of psychic power is now an option.  While the past 50 years has raised our awareness to the benefits of meditation, yoga, massage, and a variety of spa inspired treatments designed for relaxation and release, that phase was not an end in itself.  It’s healthy to relax, but now it’s time to apply and direct the energy we access in that relaxed state.

It’s not necessary to compromise values when we can use intention, thought, visualization, imagery, telepathy, the power of words, and many other techniques to favorably arrange the playing field.  Edgar Cayce, in the early part of the 20th century, was a proponent of directing energy fields through suggestions offered during relaxation. It seems important to consider the benefits of spending more time in a relaxed state conserving and directing energy versus automatically shifting into the default mode of working harder, compromising more, sacrificing essentials and pretending that it doesn’t matter.

This new moon in Aquarius’s traditional ruler, Saturn, now in Scorpio in the 8th house raises the stakes for preserving individual integrity.   The theoretical opposition point in Taurus’s symbol “Window Shopping” suggests that we consider a variety of options – that we mentally rehearse being with different groups, trying on different roles, and engaging in new kinds of activities that strengthen self worth and preserve values.

Jupiter at 6 degrees Gemini, the planet exactly sextiling (stimulating and supporting) Uranus in Aries, the ruler of the moon, emphasizes the importance of being willing to risk something tangible in pursuit of an unusual opportunity.  The emphasis is on speculation, trying something new, with no guarantees, in search of obtaining a greater sense of integrity.

Maybe it’s time to quit the team you’re on, to move beyond familiar games, to use the power you have to move energy in a practical direction, and to question conventional wisdom regarding goal achievement. The new moon proposes that you might progress further faster in a state of relaxed hyperawareness, somewhere between almost asleep and half awake, imagining yourself playing the position you want to play in the game you love the most.

Setting intentions a little after the culmination of this new moon aligns you with the power of the universe and places that power behind whatever you intend.  Read Staying Connected to the Moon and Re-Enchanting your Life if you’re not familiar with setting intentions in conjunction with a lunar event.

Here’s to inventing new rules!


Holly RePenn

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