Leo Full Moon Event Saturday January 26, 2013

A Leo full Moon is an occasion for theatrics, peak performances, and high drama.  Leo wants an audience, a stage, a microphone, lots of applause and great reviews the next morning.  Ruled by the Sun, he tends to believe that life revolves around him just as it actually does in outer space.  But in this new age of Aquarius, with the Aquarian Sun highlighting it’s impersonal, high minded ideals and social conscience, Leo is both the problem and the solution.

Remember the winter solstice (December 21, 2012), the hype surrounding the abrupt ending of the Mayan Calendar, the end of the world predictions, and the official transition into the age of Aquarius?  Most of us dismissed it sensing that for us it held little personal meaning. The world didn’t end as most of us knew it wouldn’t, but the world as we knew it actually did end.

The world no longer supports the one man show. It’s now all about concentrating the power of individual contributions within the cooperative dynamics of a group   If the life you’ve designed to make yourself shine as an individual has no connection to a socially conscious group vision, your world is on a path to extinction.  If the nature of your work does not reflect a specific humanitarian contribution to the larger community, it will not sustain you. If applause is your only objective as you hone your skills and develop your talents you’re fast becoming a relic of an age that’s come and gone. Leo is the sign most likely to resist identifying himself as a group member, equal in stature, a mere one among many.  But his attention grabbing and powerfully imaginative style, not to mention the outpouring of love that originates from his big heart, make him indispensible in moving the world forward.

We’re all Leos in the area of life defined by the house placement of Leo in our natal astrological birth chart. It is in that area of life that this full moon will have a significant impact. In general, a Leo full moon indicates that we’ve taken our act as far as it can go in one direction.  This is both a culmination and an ending.  It’s time to switch things up, to freshen our act in ways that make it more interesting, alive, and intricately connected to the needs of the bigger world.  Aligning our actions with this moon’s cycle requires that over the next two weeks we release the old and the tired and be ready to introduce something new and creatively fresh around the 10th of February.

There’s a big role for imagination and mental rehearsal in deciding whether or not a new role will work for you.  This particular Full moon at 8 degrees of Leo is a little edgy suggesting that edginess, risk, and an “all-in” commitment may be what your old act is missing.  The Sabian Symbol for this full moon is “A Bolshevik Propagandist.”  According to Diana E. Roche, the emphasis here is on selfless dedication to the welfare of the group, taken to the extreme by an actual incitement to riot, revolt, and overthrow the established order.  The dissemination of information that encourages change, and a special gift for raising the the level of social consciousness by creating a vision of a new and better world is indicated.  The symbol applies to such historical figures and catalysts for change as Leon Trotsky, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Mikhail Gorbechev.

Martin Luther King famously said “The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined nonconformists who are dedicated to justice, peace and brotherhood.”

Setting your intentions for the upcoming two weeks at a little after 4:38 GMT, 8:38 PM PST, or 11:38 PM EST (adjust for different time zones) places powerful lunar energy behind your wishes.  If working with the moon is unfamiliar to you, read Staying Connected to the Moon and Re-enchanting Your Life.  If I have your chart on file I’d be happy to personalize this full moon’s impact for you.  Just e-mail me.

Wishing you ease as you overthrow old personal limitations, exciting new performances,  and the deep satisfaction that comes from forging connections to something bigger.

With love,



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