Capricorn New Moon January 11, 2013 (11:44 AM PST & 2:44 PM EST)

This New Moon in Capricorn, as with any New Moon, is a time of increase.  If you’ve been working with lunar energy, on December 28th, the day of the last  Full Moon, you experienced a culmination.  You had taken yourself as far as you could go in a specific direction and your task for the following two weeks was to release the remnants of that old cycle.  Ideally you now have a clean slate for the new beginnings signified by this New Moon.

The New Moon is a time of increase, a time to designate through intentions what you want more of. Initially we’re in the dark. If you look at the sky on the night of a New Moon, the Moon is completely hidden. It’s the darkest night of the month.  But during this darkest phase the Universe is incredibly receptive to the intentions we set for what specifically we’d like to manifest over the next two weeks.  She picks them up, carries them off, performs her magic and voila!  For the first few days after a New Moon it’s hard to tell exactly how our intentions are unfolding, but as the light of the moon increases, we see the changing landscape more clearly.

The second part of the equation is to work with the quality of the particular moon energy that manifests.  In this case the energy is Capricornian.  Its intensity is magnified because five planets and one major asteroid now emanate all at the same time from the same Capricorn sign. Moon Letters are designed to explain the quality of the energy so you can know how to align personal intentions with the cosmic power that’s unfolding.

Capricorn energy is earthy, practical, and looking for some direction toward accomplishment.  Capricorn wants to get things done.  The bigger the challenge the better.  She wants to move mountains, or, as her symbol the mountain goat implies, at least climb a few.  She is sure-footed once she sets her goals.  She doesn’t hesitate, procrastinate, or dither in a way that would undermine her ability to lead.  She harnesses vast amounts of self-discipline, mainly to control emotions that could weaken her resolve and blur her focus.  Fear, sadness, joy, excitement all become irrelevant as she coldly enacts her strategies to accomplish her goal.

Capricorn is the sign of integrity.  She does what she says she’ll do. She follows through no matter the personal cost. She sets high standards for herself.  She is the authority, she gives the directions, she takes responsibility for the end results. Hard work is her friend and she is patient.  She sees the big picture and is in it for the long haul.  She can wait for the right time, no matter how long it takes, to make her next move.  She takes pride in her work as it is the single best reflection of who she is.  You’ll know her when you meet her.  She’s the one you inherently trust.

As you meditate for a few moments on becoming that Capricorn energy, think about how it could best be directed to empower and enhance your life. As you plans your strategies, take into account the momentous advancement of the world into the age of Aquarius which officially began on December 21st of last year.  It’s the backdrop to the bigger picture you need to consider.

I quoted Stephanie Austin in my last Moon letter who reminded us that the year 2012 signaled “the completion of a new energy grid on Earth, as well as major changes in our DNA facilitating a much wider and faster bandwidth for consciousness”.  Our mind is capable of higher levels of functioning, acquiring and accessing information at greater speeds with new telepathic capabilities.  We are moving from third Chakra functioning into fourth Chakra functioning meaning that we leave behind the “me, myself, and I”  focus and move in the direction of opening our hearts to the group.

To see our way clear through the thick muck and negative energy that defines large swaths of today’s world, we need to tie individual action to group goals because cohesive groups moving in specific directions are much more powerful than individuals operating alone.  If you’ve ever tried to figure out how your contribution as a lone individual can make an impact large enough to change the direction of the world  you see the point.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon at 21 degrees of Capricorn is  “A General Accepting Defeat Gracefully.”  This is a symbol that emphasizes losing the battle to win the war, long term strategizing, playing chess not checkers.  The symbol represents an incredible talent for turning every loss into a potential advantage and every short term defeat into a long term victory.

Significant is the fact that Mercury, symbolizing our mind, communication, networking, and the nervous system, is traveling just 4 degrees behind this New Moon strongly affecting the quality of her influence. At 17 degrees Capricorn its Sabian Symbol is “The Union Jack.”  This symbol alludes to large social and political organizations and to the greater gains to be achieved through group effort. The Union Jack symbolizes strength, power, union, loyalty to a common ideal, and actualizing individual potential through group affiliation.

In further attempting to unravel the meaning of this New Moon, the midpoint between the Moon and it’s ruler Saturn is symbolized by “An Easter Sunrise Service”  suggesting that the human race is lifted as individuals work together toward their common and enduring goals rather than competing with each other for personal gain. Lastly, the Moon/Mercury midpoint symbol,  “A Hidden Choir Singing,” alludes to an anonymous behind-the-scenes group of people exposing some truth about a situation that needs to be corrected as well as the restoration of universal harmony through uniting people behind a common goal.

So you get the picture.  It seems that strategizing, finding common goals, linking ourselves to a group to maximize impact, and using networking and our infant telepathic skills 🙂 contributes to the restoration of Universal harmony.

Some combination of these ideas applied in a personal way to your own life as the Moon unites with the Sun tomorrow (11:44 AM PST and 2:44 PM EST) will define your intentions.  Writing them down a few minutes after the exact New Moon time is good, or enacting some ritual that may involve lighting a candle or visualizing yourself with your group, or music or ….I can’t begin to think of all the possibilities that might spring from inside of you.  The point is to honor and align your energy with the natural world, to feed the gods, so to speak. They exist only because of you. They are exceedingly grateful for your acknowledgement and more than happy to assist you with their considerable power and influence.  They may, in fact, be potential members of your group.

If you’d like more information about working with the moon read Staying Connected to the Moon and Re-enchanting Your Life.

Here’s to slicing through the muck with our natural allies!


Holly RePenn

Sabian Symbol information courtesy of Diana E. Roche and her book  “The Sabian Symbols – A Screen of Prophecy.”

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