A New Year Begins – The Best Possible Time for a Reading

Natal Chart Readings

Typically, people have come to expect prediction from an astrologer. I prefer to call it foresight. Identifying life cycles can determine the right time for opening a business, finding a partner, changing jobs, moving to a new local, ending a relationship, withdrawing into yourself to rethink and recharge, or to harness all your resources in active pursuit of your goals.  An impeccable sense of timing gives you an edge.

An astrological chart is a wealth of information about you – your most natural way of being, your life purpose, preferences, and life lessons.  Self knowledge is necessary for the intelligent navigation of your life, but social pressures and too many compromises can make it difficult to sort out the real you from the “adapted version.”  Astrology sorts that out easily making the right choices for you much easier to identify.

I see my job as an advisor to the life you’d like to create. Coming up with solutions and strategies for life’s trickier roadblocks, all within the context of your unique life purpose and most natural way of being, can fill you with confidence as your next right move comes clearly into focus.

Expect a lively conversation, emotional freedom, laughter, new information, validation, and honest information.  Expect progress and many reasons to fall in love with your life all over again. As it turns out, the time and place and date of your birth set in motion some amazing possibilities.

The Natal Chart Interpretation  includes in depth analysis of natal potential, currents transits (energies that are affecting you now), the progressed chart (where are you in your current stage of development), as well as solar arc directions (what is being emphasized for you right now). Specific challenges and opportunities are defined for relationship, career, finances, children, work, professional advancement, friendships, spiritual development and more. The information is presented to you in plain English so it all makes sense.  The initial consultation lasts 1½- 2 hours. The cost is 185.00. Once you have ordered the consult I will contact you for the information I need to get started.

In person sessions are available through my office in Dana Point, California.  Skype or phone sessions can be scheduled from anywhere in the world.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted.



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