This website has definitely been a work in progress.  Initially I tried to include all my interests.  I wanted the site to be a true reflection of myself.  But then it became too scattered.  Scattered is actually a pretty accurate decription of me in the early stages of everything I create, but eventually I focus.

I love art and astrology.  Astrology is the subject, interest, and talent that says the most about who I am.  As an Aquarian it’s a very natural means of expression.  If I can present it artfully then I’ve pretty much tapped into my essence.

I love Mosaics and I love the symbolism inherent in their creation. One of my favorite websites is Concetta Perot’s  I found  the following quote on her website:

“Mosaic making has some (almost mystical) ability to take us beyond ourselves and into ourselves, both at the same time. In connecting to each piece of the mosaic by handling and shaping every tesserae (often numbering into the thousands) we are mirroring processes that are essential to our well-being as humans. Firstly, the need to be connected to something bigger than our selves and secondly, the process of re-connecting to the different parts of our inner-self that are often disconnected and supressed.”

As an astrologer interpreting charts I feel like a Mosaic Artist.  With each chart I interpret I’m taken, in mystical ways, beyond myself and into myself at the same time.  Hopefully my client’s experience is the same.  As I present chart information, connecting the disconnected pieces of a life represented by the planets, stars, signs, houses, and angles, and re-connecting those in ways that make it whole and unexpectedly beautiful is always my intention.

So this is the third and last time I will change the name of the site.  It finally feels right and to be able to develop it from this solid connection feels exciting.

For everyone who has signed on over the past few months, thanks for your patience with my creative process which has been messy, I admit.  You are the reason it exists under any name.

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