2013 Expanded Horoscopes Now Available

Mosaic Art by Penny Collins

An expanded horoscope for the year gives you an edge.  Like a man in a rowboat in the middle of the ocean who is finally given a compass, he knows where he is and in which direction he’s headed.  Yearly horoscopes are like that.  It’s nice to know what to expect.  It’s nice to have your bearings.

Eclipses broadly outline what will be emphasized for you this year.  There are five of them pushing you in very specific directions, but two of them fall in the same area of your life.  This is your one major challenge that outweighs the rest.  It’s what you’re “majoring” in this year.  Eclipses will take an under developed area of your life and, over time, release amazing potential.  It’s all good, but without a compass you could find yourself resenting the whole “once in a lifetime” process asking “why me?”

Neptune is calling you to a higher level of functioning in one specific area of life this year.  It’s nice to know where that is, when it will be emphasized, and that no, Neptune’s not just messing with you.

The rare “grand water trine” in July harmonizes three areas of your life so seamlessly that you could miss the opportunities and gifts it offers.  An expanded horoscope for 2013 makes that unlikely.

You will be given specific dates of importance throughout the year and the meaning behind each event.

This is a 36 page document in PDF format with an expanded overview of the year devoted to each sign. The price is 30.00.  No need to purchase more than one of these per family or per office.  You can share and keep your specific section for reference throughout the year.  If a friend seems to be having a hard time or someone is at an obvious crossroads it’s nice to be able to give them a compass in the form of their section for their sign.

It’s always best to read horoscopes for your sun sign AND for your ascendent sign.  For anyone who orders the extended horoscopes if you don’t know your ascendent but know your birth time, birth place, and birth location send it to me and I will send you your ascendent sign.  I’m happy to do it.

Happy reading and here’s to understanding the big picture!


(On Wednesday I will be publishing weekly horoscopes.  Back to the same schedule). Holly



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