Saturn in Scorpio – Walking Through the Fire

Every two and a half years, Saturn, the great teacher, changes signs. Today, October 5th,  Saturn’s journey through Libra ends and Scorpio takes over  Saturn is best explained as the planetary influence that teaches us through very specific challenging experiences.  Without Saturn’s influence our lives would never develop.  Without Scorpio’s influence they would remain superficial and meaningless.

Saturn in any sign is known for administering harsh consequences when Universal law and order is ignored. A strict task-master, Saturn demands from us effort, responsibility, organization, planning, and emotional control.  Karmically Saturn is the arbiter of what goes around and comes around. When her demands are observed she bestows generously the priceless gifts of respect, recognition, reward, and great achievement. It’s all fairly cut and dry and easily understood.

The work required by Scorpio is nothing less than a willingness to walk through the fires of death to be reborn. There is hardly a better time for a complete life transformation than when Saturn travels through Scorpio. But Scorpio is not for the cowardly.  She requires trading the safe and secure for the unknown and a chance for a more alive and meaningful life.  Relocating, changing professions, divorcing, marrying, giving birth, releasing outgrown beliefs, severing old ties, essentially dying to one way of life to be reborn into another is Scorpionic territory. Saturn in Scorpio is guided by the practical and strong intuitive feeling. Passions intensify under Scorpio’s influence but Saturn applies pressure to keep those under control. The lure of acquiring power by keeping secrets, exposing secrets, dealing with the occult, the underworld, abuses, psychological manipulations, and sex further define Scorpionic landscapes.  Were it not for Saturn, life could become a dangerous flirtation with darkness and abuses of power.  Even under Saturn’s influence that might be a temptation, but the consequences would be more severe.  Forget about tempting fate when Saturn is involved.
When I think about Scorpio,  the saga of Julian Assange always comes to mind. There are many Scorpio themes present in his story of secrets, exposed secrets, power abuse, sexual trespass, and the veil of mystery surrounding it all.


On a personal level, Saturn in Scorpio brings intensity, passion, and a focus similar to that experienced by a desert camper awakening to find a scorpion on his chest.  Suddenly wide awake, life is being lived on the edge. You understand emotionally that on some level you’re fighting for survival.

The last transit of Saturn through Scorpio occurred from 1983-1986.  If you’re old enough, consider what was happening in your life then.  The challenges will be similar now, but, if all has gone well, your response will be more enlightened.

On a personal level, as Saturn approaches Scorpio, I’d suggest checking at the door any inclination to misuse and abuse power.  If unresolved emotional conflict or addiction is part of your life, seek trusted professional help.  Delve deeply into feelings and motivations through any method that promise greater insight and foresight – astrology maybe? Consider the secrets you keep, why you keep them, and the liberation that lies just on the other side of truth.  Follow up on any mysterious intuitive suspicions and uncover their source.  Be especially vigilant about controlling passions when angered and liberating them where true love is present.  Look for things to throw out and attach meaning to that activity. As you rid yourself of clutter and negativity imagine your life becoming lighter and easier to direct.  Be aware of those who undermine and manipulate and do not underestimate their power to destroy.

Globally, as Saturn enters Scorpio, expect the world to wake up.  As the drive to accumulate money and power accelerates, expect the world collectively to learn hard lessons when power is abused.  Highlighted will be sexual intrigue, secrets exposed, and powerful underworld activity.  Expect an intensification of the destruction of embedded institutions and the toxic underpinnings of society. Expect the survival of the world to be at stake along with plenty of opportunity to restructure, rebuild, and interject beauty in ways that return it to its healthier, more vibrant existence.

Two interesting notes about Saturn’s move into Scorpio:  Mercury the planet of communication, and Neptune, the planet of  intuition and inspiration make a beautiful harmonious trine as Saturn slips into Scorpio.  The initial feelings are those of impending opportunity, not impending doom.  Doors seem to be opening allowing us to easily shed what we no longer need or really want.  We know there’s work ahead, but now we have the option of riding the waves of this sea change knowing we’re being moved in the right direction.  Expect to receive information that smoothes your transition and sets you off on the right foot.

Expect mature Scorpios, during Saturn’s journey through their sign, to be promoted, entrusted with more power, honored for their achievements, and well respected.  For everyone, expect to be transformed in ways that will make you more alive and pleasantly unrecognizable to your former self two years from now.

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