Sagittarius New Moon December 13, 2012 12:42 AM PST, 3:42 AM EST

Every sign of the Zodiac is like a two sided coin representing strongly a specific quality of life and just as strongly its polar opposite.  In the case of Sagittarius what is represented is both freedom and oppression, tolerance and intolerance, expansion and contraction, honesty and dishonesty, legal protection and legal abuse, and hope and despair. The Sabian symbol for this Sagittarian New Moon, “A Chinese Laundry,” embodies the wholeness of the Sagittarian sign and defines for us what’s at stake as we navigate this new lunar cycle.

The struggle of the Chinese laundry worker in America during the 19th and early 20th century was rooted in freedom and oppression.  The Chinese, faced with racism while attempting to better their lives, took the only jobs they could find and started the only businesses they were permitted to start as laundry workers and owners.  Despite long hours, exposure to dangerous chemicals, and social ostracism they provided, for low wages, a valued service.  As their businesses thrived white Americans became angered and sought through the courts to establish laws that on the surface seemed honest but their intent was to drive the Chinese from their only means of survival.  Laundry workers organized, fought discriminating laws, won many cases, helped shape American law, and preserved their opportunity to work for a better life.

Yesterday in the state of Michigan the “right to work” law was passed, a law that in name sounds beneficial to workers but actually weakens their organizational efforts and lowers wages.  Workers are protesting as the story progresses.

Our own personal story is also unfolding and it might go something like this. We’re inspired by a new opportunity to use our talents and experience to free ourselves from current limitations and expand into a better life.  But we struggle with the inner voices of doubt and the mixed reception we may receive when presenting new ideas.  The cruel tools of oppression attempt to keep us limited and controlled.

Jupiter in Gemini,  the ruler of this New Moon is symbolized by “A Falling Airplane.”  The symbol speaks to diving into experience without hesitation or thought of failure and with the attitude that whatever difficulties or problems are encountered can be successfully resolved when and if they arise.  The symbol also represents  relaxation, going with the flow, taking a risk or a chance while keeping your head and concentrating on the task at hand.

Nessus, a minor but powerful planet, makes a supportive sextile to this New Moon.  It’s symbol is of  “A Man Turning His Back on his Passions and Teaching from Experience.”  Often there is a sudden conversion or change in attitude the minute a man becomes aware of the fact that his lifestyle is causing him unwanted or unpleasant consequences.  Self-mastery and control over compulsions is developed.  The recovering alcoholic comes to mind, but also the suddenly determined and very focused individual. This symbol represents victory over disappointment and discouragement with life in general.

Interestingly the midpoint between the New Moon and Nessus, a point that could be interpreted as a bridge between the two, is 22 degrees of Cancer symbolized by “A Literary Society.”  Critical reviews of literature encourages us to think about our own life and attitudes and,  more importantly, to discuss those.  Listening to another’s experience against the backdrop of a great piece of literature raises our level of consciousness, enhancing our imagination, creativity, and resourcefulness.  Essentially it is the group that helps us move from oppression to freedom, supporting and empowering us to achieve mastery over doubts and vices that block expansion into a better life.

My book club experience was short-lived as my natal Sag moon expressed the flip side of tolerance.  I couldn’t tolerate the fact that some were highly critical of my book choice – “The Tender Bar”.  I loved the book about a boy raised in a bar by his bar-owner uncle. It was very funny and poignant.  The author’s description of the struggles of those he met in the bar seemed incredibly humane as did his description of his own inevitable spiral into alcoholism and back to health.  Long story short, I quit the book club, took my book, and went home.  Immature, I know. 🙂  Now I’m rethinking the value of group experience and taking the time to read good literature and discuss it. I’m looking for another book club and promise to be on my good behavior.

The New Moon cycle begins at 12:43 PST and 3:42 EST.  Setting intentions the morning of the 13th works as the strong effects of the New Moon last for a couple days.  Intentions that seem appropriate to this new moon center around self-mastery, controlling negative thoughts, wishes for the right group, the perfect book or movie to inspire your expansive ambitions,  the intention to focus on goals while relaxing into intuitive guidance, to feel support, and to provide support for others who are attempting to create more freedom for themselves. These are only suggestions not meant to override your own thoughts.

If you’re new to New Moon wishes read Staying Connected to the Moon and Re-Enchanting Your Life.

Thanks for reading.

Here’s to expanding into foreign territory without hesitation,  abundant inspiration, and a better life!


Holly RePenn

All Sabian Symbol Information from “The Sabian Symbols – A Screen of Prophecy” by Diana E. Roche.














Sagittarius is a sign associated with such key words such as freedom, expansion, travel, foreign influences, tolerance, and the law.  The story of the history of Chinese Laundries seems to embody the essence of the two-sided coin that is Sagittarius



There’s a reason that so many Chinese labourers worked in the laundry industry in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and the story behind Chinese laundries is actually quite fascinating;

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