Gift Cards

Gift Cards are now available and easy to use.  Under the Personal Consults tab in the upper right hand corner of this website’s homepage there is a copy of what these cards look like in flat format.  They are note card sized with the boat picture and the script on the front.  Inside on the top half is my information and on the bottom half is written “The gift of an Astrological Consultation has been given to you by ______________” .     They’re nice.

Christmas is an especially good time of year to give this kind of a gift because New Years is just around the corner.  That’s a time of year when a fresh perspective and some new insight can be especially useful…and it’s a very personalized gift.

The certificates are good forever. No expiration date applies. Under CHOICES every type of consultation offered is explained and prices listed.  Prices range from 35.00-225.00.  All major credit cards are accepted.

In person, phone, and Skyped sessions are available.  Contact Holly if you’re not sure which choice would be the best or with any questions.


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