Cancer Full Moon December 28, 2012 2:21 AM PST & 5:21 AM EST

When interpreting symbols I’m used to looking for the deep hidden message.  I have to think in a different way.  It’s the essence of astrological interpretation.  But sometimes the answer is hidden in plain sight.  It’s very literal and there’s not much interpreting to be done.  Initially that tends to trip me up. But after studying this Full Moon Chart for awhile the obvious began to make perfect sense.

Stephanie Austin says the following: “The year 2012 signals the completion of a new energy grid on Earth, as well as major changes in our DNA facilitating a much wider and faster bandwidth for consciousness.  Access to realms beyond the physical level is now readily available to everyone, making it easier to download greater truths and new options – if we choose to log on”.  So how do we log on?

This is a difficult Full Moon generating two dynamic major t-squares signifying complicated issues, internal and external conflict, rapidly changing conditions, the inability to control things, unexpected drama, impending crisis, emotional outbursts and temper tantrums.  Our old tricks don’t seem to bring us any closer to resolution.  It would be helpful to be able to “log on” to access available new powers and options.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon “A Group of Rabbits Dressed in Human Clothes Walks as if on Parade”, reflects the tendency of all life forms to imitate higher forms as a stimulus to growth.  Closely imitating someone who has the life you’d like to have, especially if it’s someone who provides a service that uplifts humanity seems necessary now.  Imitation is effective for achieving higher goals.  Imagination, role playing, and mental rehearsal uplifts when negativity creeps in and self-confidence wanes.  But in the process how do we avoid becoming something we’re not?  We log on. The Sabian Symbol for the Sun  shows us how to do that.

The Sun holds a truth so powerful and blinding that only in reflected form are we safely able to access it.  The moon’s surface provides the reflection point very intensely early Friday morning. The Sabian Symbol for the Sun in this Full Moon Chart:  “In a Sun-lit Home Domesticated Birds Sing Joyously.”  Susan Garozzo, a specialist in Integrative Quantum Medicine clarifies some of the physical, emotional, and spiritual effects of singing.

Studying ancient isolated cultures clarifies that singing is hard-wired into our DNA just as in many different situations and styles we are genetically programmed to listen and respond to the singing of others. Singing has been a crucial activity in bonding and maintaining groups of people – and in teaching, customs, worship and simple partying and socializing. When we sing, we shift focus and thinking away from our usual life happenings and concerns, towards something ‘other-worldly.’  When surrendering to your voice, you transcend your physical self.

A peculiar and powerful effect happens when you stop singing. There is a moment when you ‘come back into your body.’  Singing is a very spiritual activity. It touches and stimulates some very basic instincts – primeval feelings.  The effects of singing make accessible a deeply unconscious level, which in normal day-to-day work-type activities is impossible to reach. To determine the cause and timing for an illness Shaman’s are known to ask the question “when did you stop singing?”   I remember reading about a man who lamented the fact that in public it was no longer common to hear someone singing or humming within the course of their work…the neighbor whistling as he worked in his garage,  the mailman singing as he delivered the mail. We may have lost something important as the emphasis shifted from singing spontaneously and often to singing beautifully or not at all.

Passing successfully from self-absorbed third Chakra activity into Fourth Chakra heart-centered consciousness is a requirement of the times.  Singing can open the hardest of hearts and release firmly locked in passions and feelings. It can also release long held emotional blockages.  Singing is a way of bypassing ego to acknowledge the soul. It connects us with others allowing us to “feel the love” uniting factions, religions, and races. Singing has effects similar to those of exercise or meditation. It releases natural pain relieving and “feel good” opiates and endorphins.

By January 5th Mercury conjuncts the “birds singing happily ” astrological point, opposing this Full Moon, and embedding in our brains the important personal and social benefits of singing and maybe lyrics we love.  Very shortly thereafter Venus conjuncts the “birds singing happily” point.  At that time we may become aware of how easy it is to “log on”, to access deep layers of love, greater truths, and more options.

Worth mentioning are the balancing points of the two difficult t-squares present in this Full Moon Chart.  The first is the 26th degree of Virgo –  “Grand Dames at Tea.”  This symbol speaks to the importance of passing the torch.  If you find yourself moving in a different life direction taking the time to think about how you will pass the torch to others, choose successors, and distribute assets wisely will offset some of the loss you feel in giving up an old way of life.

The second point is the 5th degree of Libra “A Man Teaching True Inner Knowledge.”  Committing to more social responsibility by using the gift you have to see others objectively as they cannot see themselves.  Encouraging them by helping them to become more aware of their own uniqueness and what they’re capable of achieving.  This act of kindness clarifies your own uniqueness, increasing self-confidence and the likelihood that you’ll develop your gifts for the purpose of elevating humanity.

My suggestion for Full Moon Rituals involves some singing 🙂 – some symbols, pictures, or costumes representing personal characteristics you most want to develop.  Meditating on seeing yourself already being the person you’d like to become fits with the symbolism of this Full Moon. Writing intentions for release and losing something that prevents your future growth fits with the symbolism of every full Moon.  Your own ideas are always best.

If you need further guidance read Staying Connected to the Moon and Re-Enchanting Your Life.

Happy NEW Year!  (It really is all new this time 🙂


Holly RePenn


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