What to Expect

Typically, people have come to expect prediction from an astrologer.  “Can you tell me what’s going to happen?”   There are techniques that make this question fairly easy to answer, but only if the astrologer assumes that a life is driven by long standing fears, ingrained patterns, and automatic coping styles.  Astrology becomes much richer and more authentic when the assumption is that the client has the power to shape his future in highly creative and original ways. My job is to unfold the secrets of the natal chart, becoming a co-creator, advising as I illumine the much bigger picture.

It’s easier to become highly creative in dealing with challenges once the meaning behind personal struggle and success becomes clear. Astrology can clarify purpose and meaning making your next smart choice more obvious.  Old ways of looking at your life change when the beauty of emerging chart patterns are interpreted through fresh eyes. Falling in love then, all over again, with the story of your life becomes very tempting . Expect an infusion of magic into your life that will fuel new possibility.

Magic underlies your life.  You’re already connected.  A reading simply gives you new ways to converse with the “gods” and more cleverly deal with the tricksters. Predicting the future is unnecessary when you become fully empowered to create it.

Your input is critical.  Knowing where you’re focused at this point in time helps me to identify personal astrological information that will be most helpful to you.  Initial sessions typically last an hour and a half to two hours.  During that time I will present information I have gleaned from the study of three charts; your natal birth chart, progressed chart, and solar arcs. You will have plenty of time to ask questions.

Readings are easy to schedule.  Contact me with any questions you have under the “Contact Me” tab top right.  Provide me with your birth time, birth date, and birth place (city and state, country, etc). and I will begin working on you chart as soon as payment is received.  Prices are listed for every type of service under the “Choices” tab under Personal Consultations. The length of sessions is also found in this section.

Whatever is convenient for you – an in-person appointment, phone, or Skype session can be arranged.  If the reading is a gift an attractive gift card will be sent to your address or whatever address you choose.  If you have subscribed to the website ask about subscriber discounts.

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