The 12th House and Hidden Talent


Never remembering my dreams, for some reason (probably the Full Moon) I’m on a roll with them this week. Last night I dreamt that my cat Bridget and I were standing next to each other when all of a sudden my partner Michael sat down at a piano we don’t have and began to play a virtuoso rendition of the most beautiful sonata I’d ever heard. Bridget and I stared at each other in disbelief. ” Can you believe this?” I said, and Bridget responded ”Why I had no idea he could play the piano! ” We sat motionless to the end of the performance then begged him to keep playing. I’m guessing this dream is a message about hidden talent. Who knew Michael was a pianist or that Bridget could speak perfect English.
The Twelfth House of a birth chart describes hidden talent. Some never access theirs. Dana Gerhardt describes what it takes to access 12th house gifts; “It’s like a trust fund. The 12th house individual must come of age first, spiritual age…There will be sacrifice; there will be immaturity, weakness, and whining; there will be a long journey requiring self-awareness, humility, and spiritual responsibility. However long it takes, the 12th house treasure will not disappear.”
When I look through charts of unusually talented people, the 12th house and its planets seem to be the best indicators of the nature of their talents as well their ability to attract fame through mass appeal. Michael Gauquelin originally noticed this tendency as a prominent psychologist and astrological researcher.

Twelfth house readings are great for High School Seniors unsure of their future direction or anyone interested in developing natural talent.


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