Flower Essence 3

This is the third in a series of articles on Flower Essences. The effects of essences are very subtle.  For me, as I experiment with them, it’s been hard initially to figure out if they’re working or not.

Holly is the essence prescribed for envy, hard heartedness, cruelty, and for those who find it difficult to open their hearts to love.  Holly people can be suspicious and aggressive.  It’s considered the treatment for children who are jealous of their siblings. “Holly protects us from everything that is not universal love.”

Experimenting with this essence for me was an attempt to erase anything that might remotely resemble a “holly problem.”  Being somewhat confused about the issues between my sister and I, since we’re siblings I thought we could be caught up in a rivalry characterized by jealousy and cruelty carried over into adulthood. For me the biggest problem was that I would replay in my mind way too frequently our previous arguments and the anger I’d feel was intense.  It was interfering with my work.

Walking early in the mornings kept my writing on track. It was with that morning routine that I came up with my best ideas and worked out problems with articles in progress.  But often I found myself wasting the creativity that walking stimulated to imagine myself smarter when confronted with my sister.  I’d think up amazing comebacks to her previous “crazy assertions” –  brilliant zingers that would never see the light of day, but in my mind they’d hurt her, teach her a lesson, and put her in her place.  By the end of the walk, for a short while,  I was satisfied but then I had to get back to my work and writing was difficult.

I decided to try holly.  I took two drops four times a day for a couple weeks too busy most of the time to keep track of my progress or lack of it.  When I first noticed that it might be working I was getting ready to walk and decided to work up some anger toward my sister in my head to pre-empt the inevitable walking distraction.  But surprisingly I didn’t want to go there, not because I was trying not to, but like a chain smoker on Chantix, it didn’t seem appealing anymore. That was weird. I thought at the time that as soon as I started walking and the creative juices started flowing my cruel brilliance would re-emerge, but it hasn’t happened.  I’m continuing to take the essence thinking that I could relapse any day now. So far nothing.

Maybe noteworthy is that I have attracted lately more than my usual share of the kindest, most loving, and compassionate people.  I think that there is something powerful about the essences, but in the back of my mind I still wonder if I could attribute the changes to something else.  I’ll keep experimenting.

As for the Wild Oat I’ve been taking to diminish some of the indecison I feel regarding the direction of my business and life, I haven’t come to any conclusions yet.  I’ll keep you posted in the next segment – Flower Essence 4.





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