Libra New Moon October 15, 2012

Fresh off a three year stint through Libra, Saturn, for better or worse, reacquainted us with Libra territory. Art, beauty, balance, justice, and our relationship with others was a focus.  But Saturn moved on last week.  Where Saturn pressured us into a realistic evaluation of our Libra shortcomings, the new Libra moon’s approach is softer.  It blankets the earth with a subtle but powerful energy that, if tuned in, we feel.  It’s an evolutionary message with a time frame of two weeks, but it’s most powerful when exact at 5:04 am PDT (8:04 am EDT) on October 15th.

This Libra message comes with a twist.  The relationship we focus on for the next two weeks is the relationship we have with ourselves. (Moon exactly opposing Eris in Aries).  Our sensitivity to beauty and balance may have increased since the last Libra Full Moon on April 6th of this year but something about the way we assert ourselves creatively continues to feel awkward, poorly directed, and somewhat diluted. The Libra irony is that the culprit may be the role we’ve assigned ourselves within our important relationships.  This new moon suggests that it’s time to feel more comfortable in our skin, to stop toning ourselves down, accepting an agenda that’s not ours, and controlling the passion that magically propel us in the right direction (Saturn in Scorpio trining Neptune in Pisces).

The underpinnings of this new Libra Moon are strongly influenced by Vesta.  She is the goddess of home and hearth – a feminine powerhouse traditionally thought to keep the home fires burning, but later astrologically recognized as the fire itself. (Vest conjunct nadir).  If any archetype can melt a frozen heart, releasing passion and self-love, it’s Vesta.  She’s a foundational presence for the next two weeks, strongly supporting the new Moon’s message. (Vesta, Moon, Ceres, and Neptune comprise a grand trine configuration). She enflames passion giving us the overwhelming urge, despite all odds, to follow our bliss and to do what we love.

Not quite obsessed, but almost, we feel internally driven to the special kind of creativity that feeds our soul. Simply put, Vesta’s fire enflames the soul’s urge to create. Vesta is placed in Gemini emphasizing a heightened curiosity that spurs specific types of information sharing, gathering, and networking.  It’s probable that this week your curiosity has or will expose you to information and like-minded people that emboldens your speech while stimulating creative thought and innate potential.

In my own life this week I accompanied my partner Michael to a safety review board meeting questioning the re-opening of Southern California’s San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. A Southern California woman who recently lived in Japan told the story of her daily life living amidst the threat of radiation poisoning, her need to carry a geiger counter to measure the amount of radiation in food she fed her children, and her ultimate decision to return to America while her Japanese husband stayed on to keep his job. Her personal story and broken family saddened me but opened my eyes to the devastating realities of nuclear accidents.

I ran across a Lilly Yeh’s movie trailer,  that seems to capture the essence of this new Libra moon. Lily Yeh is the visual Philadelphia artist  who travels the world transforming urban slums and inner-city neighborhoods with mosaics, sculpture, gardens, and giant murals. She says the following:  “Making art in a destitute place is like making fire in the dead cold night of winter. It gives out warmth, it gives out light, gives direction, and rekindles hope.”

Reading the following statistics has also had a personal impact:  Ninety-nine percent of all the world’s assets are owned by men and seventy percent of the world’s destitute are women and children.

Ceres, the Goddess of agriculture and food supply, is strongly placed at two degrees of Cancer, right next to Vesta. (Ceres placed conjunct nadir as well). Emotional nourishment and healing is the other foundational issue defining the meaning of this new moon.  To the extent that emotional conflict stands in the way of  you creatively commenting on absurd and disparate elements of society, prevents a dramatic role for you on life’s stage, interferes with your playing the crowd or further developing some aspect of the self that delights the public,  and allows you to entertain while educating – that conflict must be fixed.  There are flower essences, essential oils, teas, and tiny amounts of whole herb tinctures that, over time, heal specific emotional problems. A new article on the subject was posted on this website yesterday.

The hijacking and contamination of the world’s food supply is an issue that continues to be under-discussed despite the past three new and full moons sounding the alarm. Vesta and Ceres continue to challenge the status quo.

This is a new moon…a moon of increase. As close to the new moon lunation as possible, (about 5 minutes after is perfect but up to 24 hours after the new moon is very powerful) listening with your heart, setting intentions to have more of something,  writing those down, creating rituals, and following up this week with addressing your own emotional conflicts aligns you with the evolutionary intent of this New Moon in Libra. It places the power of the universe behind you.  Re-Enchanting Your Life and Staying Connected to the Moon explains in more detail how to work with the moon.

Here’s to stimulating information, like-minded friends, and the uncompromising version of you.

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