Flower Essence 2

In the 1930’s Dr. Edward Bach, developed a line of plant essences that would remedy negative emotional states by matching a specific essence to a specific problem. His theory was that negative emotional states cause disease.  He was way ahead of his time.  Unlike herbs, flower essences do not contain any of the actual molecular structure of the original plant but rather embody just the healing qualities of the plant.

For almost three weeks I’ve taken the Bach remedy Rock Water for my “emotional problem” – a problem that had its advantages and I sort of liked having for years.  I’m overly disciplined when it comes to managing my daily schedule and now I’d like to be a little more flexible without freaking out.  Rock Water was working well…a little too well, and I threatened in my last post to discontinue it if I stopped exercising.  Here’s what happened.

Yoga has been a practice I’ve maintained since 1985.  It was for the most part my main form of exercise.  But now, since Rock Water, I’ve decided to take a break from Yoga. I’ve signed up for Barre Method classes and for a couple of weeks have rediscovered the dubious joys of a ballet barre and mirrored rooms.   Absent previous yoga pressures to attain egoless transcendent states, I’ve taken to checking myself out in the mirror and feeling good about my progress.

In these classes It would be hard not to make progress.  They’re very strenuous – a series of working to complete muscle exhaustion followed by long stretches.  The class is made up mostly of women my age or a little younger and,  as a group, I’ve never seen women work so hard in my life, but they’re fun, grumbling barely audible obscenities during class, teasing the instructors, and mocking themselves.  They knew and remembered my name from day one.  I look forward to seeing them three times a week, not the six days that would have been my previous M.O.  The little back pain I had has disappeared.

So I think this is good.  I have decreased my dosage of Rock Water from 2 drops 4 times a day to 2 drops twice a day.  At this point, in this area of my life, I’m about as fixed as I want to be.  There are 38 Bach Essences, and,  as I said in my first post, I think I need all of them.  Next I’m going to be experimenting with Holly (the flower essence).  I chose it because it’s my name :), and because I’m studying it now in my Flower Essence Practitioner Course, and because it heals people who cling to resentments and jealousy.  This doesn’t appear to be one of my biggest issues,  but I believe that even a little resentment is extremely dangerous to overall health.  I think it is the common emotional denominator in a host of serious diseases.  I’d like to diminish my risk.  Not to mention that it would be nice to put some really old sibling rivalry to rest.

Interestingly, I’ve been to several local outlets looking for Holly and it seems to be the one essence that’s always sold out.  I’m ordering it online.  Will keep you posted.

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