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Practicing Flower Essence in conjunction with astrology seems to be a perfect match. I’m half-way through my work to attain certification as a Flower Essence Practitioner and am as yet experimenting with the essences.  As an herbalist, I’m definitely into the power of plants.  Flower essences are a little different, though.  Dr. Edward Bach, a physician, discovered the healing power of a flower he placed in a bowl of spring water and left in the sun for three hours.  The sun transferred the healing properties of the flower to the water.  The healing life force of the plant was then preserved as a tincture and used to successfully treat his patients

I was a little disappointed to learn that the essences are preserved in Brandy.  I was thinking they could be used as a holistic treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, but brandy seems to eliminate that possibility. Maybe there’s an alternate way they’re preserved that I haven’t found yet.

Reading through descriptions of each essence, I came to the conclusion that I needed all of them.  My assignment was to pick one, so I chose Rock Water.  I thought it was a flower I’d never heard of, but it’s actually the only essence that’s not a flower but water from a healing natural spring that’s been preserved.

For the past three weeks I’ve taken a couple drops four times a day for my “inflexible self-denial.”  It is a problem that I stick rigidly to diet, exercise, work, and spiritual routines and  feel bad about myself when I break those.  Inner harmony is more powerful than enforced routines and who couldn’t stand a little more harmoniousness.

So, after four weeks, I think it might be working a little.  I’m not ill so I don’t notice a decrease of symptoms, but I do sleep better.  I’ve expanded my food choices and haven’t meditated for several days.  I can’t believe that doesn’t seem like a disaster – not exactly positive, but not that bad.  If I stop exercising the rock water will be discontinued.  I’ll keep you posted.


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