Aries Full Moon September 29, 2012



I interpret the meaning of New and Full Moons as though they were people coming to me for a consultation.  I know the Full Moon’s birth time will be 8:20 pm PDT on September 29, 2012  and that the “birth chart”  will reveal the specifics of   the Moon’s  influence over the next two weeks.  In general I can make an educated guess on how it might affect us emotionally,  the kind of earthly events it’s most likely to trigger, and her powerful message for the world. (In bold and parenthesis, for anyone interested,  I’ve included the interpretation specifics.  If those are confusing to you, just skip over them. You won’t miss anything).


This Full Moon plays the lead role in an evolving Cosmic story.  She appears this time as an impetuous revolutionary leader, fired up to defend territory she cherishes.  Looking closer, she’s an unusual blend of eccentricity, intense focus, and anti-establishment angst.  She has managed, through her ability to inspire, to recruit to a ragtag band of defectors and like minded rebels.  They all appear to be outsiders, obviously opposed to regimentation, loosely bound together by a common cause and the recognition of a leader who is one of their own.

Her influence would seem easy to dismiss if not for the wild primal anger that underlies her mission. This Full Moon is serious and emboldened to speak truth to power in any language they’ll understand.  She seems, despite appearances,  “a force to be reckoned with.”  As the Moon charges forward others instinctively follow. (Moon, Uranus, and Pallas all conjunct in the first house…Mars in Scorpio in the eighth house)  

The Moon (the feminine) exists to protect and provide sources of nourishment for survival. She’s been losing ground on that front for centuries, but now the problem seems to have accelerated and intensified.  In response, she has mobilized her ability to track down society’s hidden forces, penetrate facades, and drag dirty secrets to light. She is the activist exposer revealing the toxic underpinnings of society’s foundations. For her a tipping point has been reached this week.  (Sabain Symbol for the Sun “A stranger investigates an abandoned old house.  He sees a fireplace blazing and and another person’s shadow on the wall, but no one else in the room.)

Going viral now is credible research news of the cancer-causing effects of genetically modified foods.  Last week a real ragtag band of protesters in biohazard suits chained themselves to cars blocking the gates to a Monsanto seed plant in southern California. Most of them were arrested. Theirs was a preview protest to sixty others planned to take place this week around the world. Tensions exploded in Europe over austerity measures.  Violent anti-austerity protests erupted in Spain and Greece.  Greek women protestors explained that austerity was threatening their ability to feed their children.  At the United Nations General Assembly Meeting this week in New York,  leaders addressed growing concerns that millions are facing starvation in Western Africa and millions more all over the world. A leaked Mitt Romney video has caused many to rethink the “wisdom” of dismissing the poor and the hungry.  (Ceres at 0 degrees of Cancer in the 4th opposing Pluto in Capricorn in the 10th square the moon) 

The message of this Full Moon chart echoes the spirit (and the astrology chart) of Vendana Shiva, the anti-GMO global rock star and Indian physicist and activist.  Her fight is with companies who own the patents to seeds they market globally to monopolize food production and profits. She forcefully promotes the feminine organic perspective through activism. Her vision is one of the world cooperating with nature’s supremacy.  She encourages a return to the feminine seed-vision of which we all have deep soul memories.  (Shiva’s Neptune conjuncts the Full Moon chart’s Mercury in Libra and her Ceres conjuncts the Full Moon’s Jupiter in Gemini in the 3rd)


One of the first things I look at when analyzing a chart is what specifically nourishes a person’s soul.  Generally someone with a steady stream of soul nourishment thrives on all levels, but as above, so below.  Many find it difficult these days to identify and access an abundance of “soul food.”  Joseph Campbell advises “following your bliss” to ensure a deeply nourished soul.  Astrologers look to the sign on the 4th house cusp and the natal moon to determine the type of nourishment required.

If someone is low energy, depressed, a little bored, or existentially dissatisfied, it’s a safe bet that they need more “soul food.” Using myself as an example, Gemini falls on the cusp on my 4th house and I have a Sagittarius Moon.  Communicating my beliefs through writing and teaching feeds my soul.  It took me awhile to figure that out and then some effort to arrange my life in a way that made a steady stream of nourishment possible.


As you plan your Full Moon observance at a little after 8:20 PM PDT on Saturday night (or later for other time zones) consider what your observance will be.  (See Re-Enchanting Your Life and Staying Connected With the Moon) This is a Full Moon so intentions set should be for a decrease of something in your life.  The full moon is at its brightest on Saturday night, but over the next two weeks it’s light will diminish and as it does, so will anything you intend to have less of.

The basic rule is to wait about five minutes after the exact time of the Full Moon’s culmination to begin your observance (in this case 8:20 PM PDT) just to be sure you’re really observing the Full Moon and not the very end of the last New Moon.  Setting intentions is powerful, writing them down is more powerful, and setting intentions while you enact some self-created ritual is “off the charts” powerful.

Some suggestions for intentions would be to first ask yourself  “What is blocking my ability to provide for myself a steady stream of soul nourishment?”  or “What holds me back from actively protesting a situation I find to be destructive and unnatural?”  Whatever your answer to those questions, intend to have less of it.  Those aren’t the only questions you could consider while honoring this particular Full Moon.  If others come to mind, your own insights are always best.

Your own self-created rituals can be very simple or more elaborate.  Writing a list of the things you want less of, then throwing it in the garbage while imagining those things disappearing from your life permanently is a powerful act.  It connects you with universal flow and ensures that the intense power of the moon is behind every intention you’ve made. (So that there aren’t any mixed messages, I like to get whatever I’m throwing away out of my house).

Here’s to leading the charge, nature’s supremacy, and feeling abundantly nourished!

Holly RePenn


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