Amino Acids – Calm – Focused

Amino acids assist in the transmission of nerve impulses across synapses in the brain.  They are the breakdown products of protein.  Balanced levels of amino acids are mostly maintained by adequate dietary protein intake.  But amino acid levels can become depleted under stress.  When anxiety, depression, irritability, addictions, insomnia, and/or food cravings are present, amino acid precursors can help.

There are 22 essential amino acids and over 500 known and classified.  Tryptophan, found in foods such as turkey, is the amino acid precursor for serotonin,  When serotonin levels are balanced feelings of optimism, confidence, flexibility, and calm prevail.  Tyrosine is the amino acid precursor for Dopamine.  When dopamine levels are balanced we feel energized, upbeat and alert.  When they’re depleted we can sink into a lethargic funk.

Amino acid therapy can be a safe natural way to bring the nervous system into balance.  MORE

Check with your doctor before taking any medicatiion.

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