Virgo New Moon

September 15, 2012

Virgo New Moon

23 degrees 37 minutes
7:11 pm PDT, 10:11 pm EDT

(If you’re new to moon observances visit Staying Connected to the Moon)

Hi Everyone…

The world is old.  Most humans have intense soul memories of epic survival struggles, fierce enemies, scarce resources, and climate extremes.  For those who stand to lose the most, the recent economic downturn and progression of cosmic influences away from masculine dominance toward the feminine seems to have activated primal themes.  The moon is traditionally the strongest of all feminine cosmic influences.  This new moon’s influence is amplified as it falls in the feminine earth sign of Virgo challenging entrenched masculine strongholds.

Virgo in her purest form is understated, a vision of feminine commitment to self-mastery and service. Whether domestic servant or concert pianist, her approach to work is the same. Humble, innocent, oblivious to admiration or envy, she performs her work with unassuming intensity, attending carefully and meticulously to every detail.  Virgo is a pure minimalist masterpiece – simplicity sheltering the sacred.  Over the next two weeks her essence will infuse anything new we choose to initiate.

As masculine cosmic momentum stalls,  Virgo’s understated power threatens those feeling most vulnerable – the men in charge.  Defensive confrontations occur with increasing frequency. Denial abounds. Consider recent current events.  Still desperately seeking to diminish threats to an old established order, in true primal fashion, Congress has refused to pass laws requiring equal pay for equal work while pressing forward to restrict women’s privacy, health, and reproductive rights.

But Venus, the other cosmic feminine powerhouse, is making me smile.  As I study this new moon chart, it’s hard to miss her shameless, “in your face” attitude.  Casually fanning the flames of masculine desperation, confident doesn’t begin to describe this extravagantly dressed Leo goddess, grabbing the spotlight, dominating the stage, reveling in her own creative genius. She is especially well placed to mess with Mars’s cosmically tenuous position. She must sense momentum on her side.

Predictably Mars, the traditionally dominant masculine warrior, is not amused.  He does not take kindly to being upstaged by someone as historically diminished as Venus. Empowered rather than cowed by recent threats to her rights, Venus has enraged Mars.  He’s now moving through Scorpio powerfully placed in the eighth house of complex motivation, sex, and revenge. Undoubtedly he’s planning some stealthy retribution.

Unmercifully for Mars though, he’s confronted from all sides.  Bad press from Jupiter widely broadcasts his growing ineffectiveness. Mars signature is all over deteriorating masculine modeled workplaces.  Many have become hotbeds of cut corners and corrupt agendas, placing unbearable pressure on everyone, especially those resisting conformity and declining compensation.  Women are restricted as they seek to move into powerful senior executive positions, but alternative models are beginning to challenge the old ones, and Virgo’s signature is all over those.

Ruthless Pluto in Capricorn, and explosive Uranus in Aries, continue their fierce four-year battle. Pluto defends his hold on authoritarian power while Uranus whips up the masses encouraging organized protest, demanding individual freedom, fairness, and a final break from the past.  For the next two weeks Venus will be taking her cues from Uranus.

Saturn, finishing up his three-year trek through Libra is now a more urgent voice of reason.  Now is the time to develop stronger foundations for a more consistent relationship with your flamboyant feminine side. Fortunately Neptune and Saturn are working together harmoniously.  Neptune,  the planet of intuition, inspiration, and magic, enables the unlikely.  Don’t be surprised if you’re presented in the next two weeks with some very entertaining ideas for effectively upstaging embedded resistance.

The the real key to the meaning of this new moon lies with Mercury, this new Moon’s ruler.  Mercury is now traveling through the last degrees of Virgo delivering an urgent message in the form of an ancient but updated symbol:  A Man with a Lantern has Found an Old Diary in the Basement, Full of Beautiful Poems and Illustrations.  Dreams and honesty expressed in beautiful form ignite soul memories of great beauty and abundance.  Primal fear loses its supremacy as the beauty of art and poetry transforms.  It’s the potent elixir that balances while opening doors to love and progress.

Consider, as you celebrate this new moon, all the ways that simple beauty that can be introduced into the work that you do and the place where you do it.

Here’s to supportive foundations, minimalist masterpieces, and reveling in your own creative genius!


Holly RePenn

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