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Flower Essence 3

This is the third in a series of articles on Flower Essences. The effects of essences are very subtle.  For me, as I experiment with them, it’s been hard initially to figure out if they’re working or not. Holly is […] 

Taurus Full Moon Monday

As I remember, the Taurus Full Moon is visually stunning… a gigantic sepia globe lying low in the sky casting its warm  glow over the harshness of landscapes and life. A Taurus full moon always offers the opportunity to soothe […] 

Pythagoras, Astrology, and the Number 12

“Mathematics is the natural home of both abstract thought and the laws of nature.  It is at once pure logic and creative art.”  -Alvin White Astrology is not voodoo, and an astrologer is not a witch, medium, or psychic. A […]