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Putting Things Together Astrologically

If you’re a Leo with your Sun in the 1st house, you’re life focus is very different from a Leo with her Sun in the 6th house. If you’re not already aware, an astrology chart is divided into 12 houses […] 


Manifested visions reflect the holistic health of the visionary.  Herbs can improve health in many ways  because their mode of action is holistic, smart, and compatible with life. In written record, the study of herbs dates back over 5,000 years […] 

About the Director

  I was born in Boston, lived a few idyllic years in Cleveland, and spent my adolescence just outside Chicago in a small community on Lake Michigan.  Throughout most of my adult life I’ve had a passion for Astrology.  When […] 

Biological Gifts

It’s well known that women have an exceptional ability to intuit non-verbal emotional cues. They’re highly sensitized to the feelings of others which profoundly affects their perceptions. In a masculine-modeled world  driven by productivity, profits, and winning, sensitivity to others […] 

In Memory of my Dad

    There is no more creative placement for the moon than the Leo placement.  Issues surrounding this moon will most likely illuminate your personal creative impulses and all issues surrounding creativity.  Wherever Leo resides in your chart (in your […]