New Moon in Leo July 28, 2022

Today there’s a new Moon in the highly creative, attention-grabbing sign of Leo – at 1:55 PM EDT.

Initially this new Moon conjuncts Ceres and trines Jupiter in Aries. What you’re seeking to cultivate or nurture along – a creative project or something that will signal a new direction and focus – is highly energized. You’re free to express yourself in ways that unite head and heart – your true interests. This is an opportunity to spread your wings and grab the spotlight. Expectations are high accompanied by something resembling “new birth”.

But Jupiter – the sign of expansion, liberation, and strong personal beliefs – turns retrograde a few hours after the New Moon beginning is set in place.

A move forward could require a second look or further analysis. Jupiter retrograde can slow you down and give you time to solidify your thoughts and plans.

Under this new Moon Mercury in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus. Something you hadn’t planned on, or thoroughly thought through can catch you off guard. A surprise is thrown into the mix.

The writing project with a nice flow – ideas that built “one upon another” seamlessly, or the speech carefully crafted to change minds and hearts, “hits a snag.” We’re likely to have to go back to go forward in some regard. This gives you time to rethink or further sharpen your ideas and perspectives. Don’t allow it to discourage you. It’s not time to abort the mission.

Trying to move too quickly to get a creative idea off the ground or rushing through can cost you time – and more importantly dilute your message.

Use this new beginning to interject your much needed voice and perspective into the conversation. What you might clarify for others could be a major contribution. Allow your heart to take the leading role in guiding you forward.


Holly RePenn RN., MS
Professional Astrologer
Certified Astro-Cartography Practitioner
Nurse Master Herbalist
Registered Yoga Teacher

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  1. Trish Reilly:

    Thank you so very much Holly. I Love your readings and appreciate you so ver much.

    So much Love,


  2. Trish Reilly:

    Love You Holly ??????????

    Thank you beautiful Soul Sister ??

  3. Trish Reilly:

    Love You Holly ??????????

    Thank you beautiful Soul Sister ??

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