Sagittarius Full Moon June 14, 2022

Sagittarius Full Moon

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Like all full Moons this one emphasizes the need for a change in direction – a re-balance, ending, or clarification. Under this full Moon an important clarification seems most likely as Mercury recently transited into the sign of Gemini – it’s most powerful and energized position.

The Sun, newly placed in the 12th house, illuminates facts and truths that have been hidden or unacknowledged. This full Moon in can change our beliefs, opinions, and future plans based on facts that come to light. Sagittarius has a sixth sense about the future and where we’re likely to go from here. (If you have any prominent planets in Sagittarius you’re used to intuiting what will happen before it does.)

Relationships between nations, communities and groups are destabilized. But the door is opening to something more enlightened and stabilizing. This seems to start with some heightened awareness the kind of relationship you have with yourself.

This Sagittarian full Moon is influenced by a desire to lead in the direction of alleviating pain and suffering and an intensified focus on the cultivation of freedom and joy.

The Moon Sagittarian Moon is naturally fiery and opinionated. The need to express our opinions and beliefs freely feels especially important. Aiming carefully and “hitting the desired target” with regard to what we’re trying to change or accomplish is emphasized. Sagittarius needs to expand beyond where she is now. She might be interested in taking the lead in a public, healing capacity in order to be able to manifest what she’s attempting to accomplish.

Future plans, travel, “keeping the faith,” and believing in ourself is emphasized. Saturn is currently reviewing and reconsidering a strategy to effectively disrupt what’s destructive. The “review” prepares him to act decisively around Oct 23, 2022 to encourage a course correction.

Our expanding perspective (Sagittarius) encourages us to benefit from a flexible mind open to new possibilities. The “experiment” associated with the unequal distribution of resources among the masses is revealed to be a disastrous failure. Sagittarius regroups, considers a change in course, and leads the charge in promoting a variety of (political) solutions.

It seems we’ll have to decide on a future course of action that could wildly deviate from current norms. What’s habitual and undermining is likely to be destroyed.

The Sabian symbol for this full Moon at 23 degrees of Sagittarius is the following:

“A man in overalls returns to his sunny cottage after a good days fishing, and finds a bluebird on the gatepost.”

This implies leaning into optimism; letting your spirit take flight; identifying the simple things that make you happy and cultivating those; recognizing good opportunities that may be coalescing around you now; focusing on the good in others; getting on a relaxed wavelength; and finding your own groove.

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