New Moon in Pisces – March 2, 2022

March 2, 2022

Today there’s a New Moon in Pisces at 12:35 PM EST.

Jupiter in Pisces forms a harmonious aspect to Uranus in Taurus. The combination is promising as Pisces represents boundless expansion of the imagination accompanied by a breakthrough that’s solid, lasting, and significant. Uranus in Taurus supplies the substance that Pisces lacks. A sudden, clarifying, enlightened flash of insight – or “aha” moment could accompany this nebulous New Moon.

Jupiter in Pisces is a mixed bag. It’s hard to predict how it will manifest. Notoriously we associate Jupiter with good fortune. But in the sign of Pisces it can also be the expansion of confusion, or the urge to escape from something that actually needs to be addressed.

Jupiter in Pisces has a way of dissolving boundaries that keep you from progressing or succeeding a big way. Fortunately Mercury conjuncts Saturn – an aspect that fortifies boundaries, rules, structures, and an awareness of what’s real and limiting.

Mentally you’ll need to make an effort as you carefully consider your options – choosing what actually has the best chance of working in your favor, as you seek to land in a solid, stabilized, liberating position.

Without Saturn this New Moon could be somewhat treacherous in terms a tendency to imagine that anything is possible – or that anything is justifiable in the interest of being free of what’s confining or simply not working.

Saturn will demand that you have a realistic, responsible plan as you move forward. But under this new Moon you’re well-equipped to “imagine into being” a brilliant plan or solution. Your most creative instincts kick into high gear under Pisces influence.

The combination of imaginative, workable, realistic possibilities for progress are simply the best of all worlds. What would be most ideal can be realized.

It wouldn’t hurt to broadcast to the universe that you’re open to whatever good fortune or enlightening idea might come your way. It’s a good time to perform your version of a magic spell to trigger the progress you seek.

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