Full Moon in the Sign of Leo Today

Today you’ll feel the intensifying effects of full Moon in Leo. Emotional sensitivity may be “dialed up a notch” as you recognize the need to let go of what’s intense, intriguing, personally painful, darkly enticing – or just repetitive and comforting in ways that undermine you.
You might instinctively know it’s time to release something old, habitual, and toxic. But its a challenge. What’s habitual might seem required for your continued survival. It might be easy to deceive yourself into thinking that the path of least resistance is natural and inevitable.

But Scorpio is the master of deception – an expert at secretly manipulating and controlling from behind the scenes – skilled in the art of “sleight of hand tricks.” Scorpio is also the transformative genius who can make your life newly exciting and interesting if you’re willing to release what’s old and tired. Essentially Scorpio is the problem and the solution – the sickness and the cure.
In general terms, under the influence of four fixed energies – Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio, this combination can be frustrating. We can keep going around in circles – or going through the motions – only to “land” in the same place. A breakthrough is required.
Breaking the cycle involves slowing down, simplifying, allowing yourself to do what you love to do. Leaning in the direction of focusing on the physical body, a closer connection with nature, what’s solid, stabilizing, and timeless – seems right.

The Leo Aquarius connection highlights authenticity, breaking an old cycle, and feeling proud of the progress you make – especially if you manage to change your perspective and set yourself free of the past.

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