Total Solar Eclipse 12 Degrees of Sagittarius Dec. 4th

A major re-set is associated with any solar eclipse. What was previously possible to sustain might no longer be. And what was previously impossible might now be well within reach. This eclipse at 12 degrees of Sagittarius culminates on Dec. 4th, 2021 at 2:43 AM EST. A previous eclipse at this same degree and sign occurred in 2002. You might recall a strong urge then to liberate yourself and step into the unknown.

For background context, we’ve been living under an intense, once every 22 year, Saturn/Uranus square that reaches peak intensity from Feb. 17th – Dec. 24th of this year. This aspect has the flavor of an epic showdown between Aquarius and Taurus – the future and the past. “An immoveable object meets with an irresistible force.”

Like any square this one’s highly challenging and demands action. Venus, Saturn, and Pluto are intricately involved. The revolutionary drama plays out personally, socially, and globally with the focus on relationships, financial justice, and something more humane for the masses. There’s a powerful resistant force aligned against any and all of it. Pluto in alignment with Venus demands a transformation with regard to how we relate to money, resources, and each other.

Uranus in Taurus pushes for an enlightened release from routine, tradition, old habits, and a “past” we’ve become too attached to.

Eclipses add tremendous force to whatever current aspects are in play. A Sagittarian eclipse exaggerates and expands. We aspire to big, bold, moves in the direction of freedom, adventure, independence, and “parts unknown.” There’s a strong urge ato expand and to “move beyond.” You might receive a sudden clarification within a flash of insight.

The Sabian Symbol for this eclipse is the following: “Two lovers soaring above a battlefield on the winged horse, Pegasus.”

The symbol implies the need to transcend an intractable dilemma through clear visualization of goals, “imagining something better into being,” and disciplining ourselves to live in “the present moment” from which all true possibilities emerge.

The tightest aspect in this eclipse chart (other than the Sun/Moon conjunction) is Uranus’s inconjunct to the eclipse point. An awkward adjustment is associated with releasing an old source of familiarity and comfort. A transition into foreign territory, the unknown, and less familiar routines and spaces will most likely need to be made. Values, priorities, and beliefs will likely be re-assessed.

This eclipse conjuncts the Vesta/Mercury midpoint. A central focus is placed on what you’re deeply devoted to and protecting what you consider to be sacred. It seems important to clarify what this means for you and your life as you move into unfamiliar territory, face the unknown, and expand your reach.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
A fundamental, revolutionary shift toward the future – expansion, liberation, and something more promising, involves awkward/inconvenient adjustments related to old beliefs. This could involve self-worth, net worth, scarcity or prosperity. Highlighted is the need for a change in beliefs that transforms the nature of your relationship with yourself and others – most likely in the direction of something more humane, tolerant, and enlightened.

Something profoundly healing is a possibility but not without some deep introspection and a courageous effort to banish old demons and fears from the past. Those might involve something deeply personal – an area of sensitivity and extreme fragility. A general lack of trust might leave you hungry for something transformative and healing that sets you free to experience something more deeply satisfying within the realm of intimate relationships. Sexual healing is realistic and supported by Venus and Pluto in the earthy sign of Capricorn. Challenging yourself on emotional levels to move into the realm of something more deeply satisfying seems important.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
What’s highlighted under this eclipse for Taurus is a transformation and release of old beliefs that no longer reflect who you’ve become. Something stale, outdated, stagnant, and unhealthy needs to be uprooted, and “thrown overboard” in favor of what’s more aligned with who you’ve become – an updated, more enlightened version of the old you. If you haven’t updated yourself and your approach to life and relationships for awhile, it’s time.

Hanging on for too long to anything or everything is a characteristic Taurus pitfall. Being misaligned with your current or future self – or refusing to grow and change because it would be hard to adjust diminishes your power in a moment when you really need to be empowered to take advantage of emerging opportunities. Arranging for a breakthrough involves relaxing into the possibility of moving on. You carry within you a deep reservoir of wisdom that can be used to move you in a more life-affirming direction. Don’t be afraid to say “I used to believe this (whatever it was) – but now I longer do. I’ve grown and evolved, and it feels profoundly liberating.”

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The major shift involved in this eclipse is focused on your current style and approach to life, and a willingness to release traditional beliefs about how relationships “should” work. Something more expansive and liberating is a possibility. Uncomfortable/awkward adjustments will likely need to be made at deeply personal, hidden, or subconscious levels of engagement – possibly for the purpose of aligning more closely with the dreams and goals you have for yourself, your life, and your work. There may be some second thoughts involved in being a forerunner or iconoclast – or in taking advantage of an emerging opportunity to be more innovative and disruptive. But it seems you might “get over that” rather quickly.

Beliefs about personal relationships – or relationships in general will be profoundly transformed. You might find yourself able to converse with those who have passed or some previously unknown aspects of yourself in ways that are enlightening and profoundly liberating – but require some awkward adjustments.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
A shift associated with the impending Sagittarian eclipse is likely to involve your beliefs about work, service, healing, your responsibility to yourself and others. The time is ripe to release something that’s deeply familiar and habitually comforting in a growth-resisting way. This probably involves some past or current life conditioning. A move in the direction of balance might re-connect you with something foundationally supportive and secure.

Some awkward adjustments might need to be made related to group expectations, your social life, something innovative, enlightened, or self-serving in a healthy way. Breaking free is likely to involve some deep introspection and a clarification with regard to what’s true. Neptune in your 9th house of expansion and liberation can disguise, confuse, and make the truth difficult to identify. Liberation might be a matter of “going deeper” to discover what true – and a few “hidden gems” that might feel especially encouraging or uplifting.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
An important shift in beliefs for Leo may involve love, romance, expansion, and some additional responsibility for promoting the welfare of a committed relationship or the cultivation of something more balanced and equitable. This tends to work in your favor when it comes to additional opportunities for creative involvement and innovation. The phrase “happy wife happy life” comes to mind. But there may be some awkward adjustments involving your public and professional life, what you’ve built, or in finding ways to capitalize on the reputation you’ve built. Defining your true source of security might involve a commitment to some difficult introspection.

It might be time to release a reliance on the status quo and some old beliefs or standards promoted by “the majority” regarding their rules for success. In the process of unraveling and eliminating something “comfortably confining” you’ll likely be enlightened in ways that give you permission to it your own way as you move past old goals and expectations.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
This eclipse may involve a change in beliefs or the possibilities that may be opening up for you. as they relate to your sense of security. Setting yourself free is likely to involve some deep introspection related to thoughts, ideas, and possibly what you were taught to believe about money, abundance, scarcity, stability, and your essential worth and value.

It seems important to let go of something from the past – something familiar and reliable but “beneath you” in some regard. There may be an opportunity for work that allows you be more independent and innovative. Something that allows you to be a force for “disrupting an old conversation and revealing what’s true” could promote your growth while enhancing your reputation. Some awkward adjustments might need be made that involve facing the unknown and taking some risk. Trusting yourself is key.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
This eclipse is likely to involve your beliefs as those relate to the facts and what’s actually true. The need to separate fact from fiction in order to make some decisions involving the future might require the release of something “comfortably confining” from the past. Awkward adjustments involving what’s hidden – or what you suspect is hidden – might need to be investigated.

Some vulnerability or source of pain within the realm of relationships conflicts with a commitment to home and family. Your relationship with a partner or sibling might undergo a complete transformation. It might be time to re-assess what it is that provides you with a sense of security and a strong foundational base.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
The impending Sagittarian eclipse activates the parts of your life related to financial stability, resource management, abundance, what you contribute vs. what another contributes to a financial partnership – or relationship. An opportunity is presented that allows for something more independent and liberating on the home-front Something more detached from the past, home, and family aligns with an opportunity to connect with what feels most authentic and freeing for you.

A change in beliefs re: values, priorities, and your sense of self-worth might be awkwardly aligned with a committed partnership that could feel comfortably confining. An approach to life that allows for blunt honesty or a level of truth-telling that could “rock the boat” seems important as long as you’re being brutally honest with yourself or interested in investigating what lies beneath.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
This eclipse activates the 1st and 7th sectors of your eclipse chart. An emphatic shift may involve a change in beliefs regarding your approach to a primary committed relationship. Maybe you’ve decided to tell the truth and to be more open and honest regarding your feelings – even if that honesty disrupts the status quo of a relationship. Taking on more responsibility for your happiness or the condition of your relationships seems important. Communication detached from any manipulative intent seems like fair game.

There may be some awkward adjustments that need to be made involving your work life,
responsibilities, your schedule, and maybe the feeling that you might need to escape the kind of work that’s made you feel useful for a long time. You might struggle with the need to relax and lean into something more introspective, receptive, and solitary.

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 21)
The impending shift and challenge for you might involve a release of some old beliefs related to success, hard work, inflexibility, and the belief that you can “go it alone” or dominate the field. Those old beliefs might be softening a bit as new ideas and opportunities open your mind to some interesting options and unusual opportunities for generating an income or sustaining a lifestyle.

There may be some awkward adjustments involved related to an old style and approach to life that has over time become comfortably confining. Change is hard for a Capricorn. But they can get motivated pretty quickly in a new direction if there’s an opportunity for financial gain, to enhance their reputation, or express their talents in a way that promotes growth. What may be awkward involves “breaking a mold” that’s worked reliably for you in the past.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 21)
The eclipse shift for Aquarius is likely to revive a connection with old dreams, hopes, and wishes that somehow got lost along the way,mmaybe amidst a steady flow of distractions, interruptions, or other priorities. Maybe you “lost the thread” and started to believe for awhile that “what was good enough – or at least not terrible” was the best you could hope for.

But Jupiter in your 1st house provides new evidence that something fortunate and very promising is alive and well within you. Your style and approach could take on a more optimistic, trusting tone. Something more expansive, adventurous, and liberating takes shape. An awkward adjustment might involve the release of some old source of security – or the necessary creation of some space between you and your family. Something profoundly transformative, operating behind the scenes, is working to make what’s possible a reality.

pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21 – March 21)
This eclipse shift energizes the 4th and 10th sectors of your chart. Those involve your security and what you’re aiming for in terms of achievement. Most of the action and energy is ongoing from “behind the scenes.” An intense, disciplined focus on manifesting what you desire is super-energized.

An awkward adjustment might involve the enlightened nature of your methods and a general lack of widespread understanding or support for the magical methods you’ve chosen. Skepticism is deeply ingrained. You might have to transcend any doubt that creeps in. For you it’s a matter of believing in yourself, trusting your instincts, going your own way, and doing your own thing.

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