Scorpio Full Moon Horoscopes for the Week of April 21st – 27th

The most relevant Sabian Symbol for the impending Scorpio full Moon is the following:

“A great conqueror looks up at the crumbling Sphinx, backdropped by the bright stars of the Egyptian sky.”

Death is the ultimate “taboo” subject. If you ask anyone if they expect to live forever, or if they expect anything to last forever, they’ll say “no.” But that thought is rarely at the forefront of our mind. Except when Scorpio predominates. Then it might be.

A sense of meaninglessness is what we’re trying to avoid. We might sense or fear that an essential part of who we are is being obliterated.

This week is prime time to ask the question “what do I want my life to mean and what should I be doing now?” When all is said and done what is the essence of what I want to leave behind.

Under every full Moon we come to an end point, a point of clarification, or a culmination where pushing further in the same direction begins to result in diminishing returns. We recognize an area of imbalance and do what needs to be done to correct it.

In this full Moon chart Mars is revealed to be unaspected in the sign of Cancer. This is unusual and significant. It makes Mars – the ruler of the Scorpio Moon – a virtual wild card, prone to extremes, while escaping anything that would resemble a moderating influence. Left to his own devices Mars is likely act impulsively, to over-estimate his power, and to get into trouble.

On the other hand an un-aspected Mars in Cancer represents the purest possible expression of protecting what’s vulnerable. He is the genuinely courageous warrior with no doubt as to what he’s been tasked to accomplish. He’s singularly focused in ways that could unleash a cascade of events, once set in motion, can no longer be controlled by “the powers that be.”

The other distinguishing aspect of this Scorpio full chart is Saturn’s placement on the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint. This could bring to light an inhibition in one’s development – the inability to progress further, or some difficulty related to the fear of breaking through resistance.

Saturn in Aquarius puts authority in the hands of the community or within the group. De-centralization is emphasized. On a personal note it might be time to courageously embrace the prospect of distinguishing yourself as an outsider, activist, or cultural agitator. It might be time to clarify what the “masterwork of your life” will be.

Saturn is beautifully placed in a position that supports your most promising direction giving you the opportunity to release what’s become an increasingly ineffective or repetitive influence.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Under this Scorpio full Moon the 2nd and 8th sectors of your life experience are activated. These sectors represent financial partnerships, trust, stability, and the timeless wisdom that can be called upon to chart a course for change. A clarification of old wounds and vulnerabilities could open up new paths in the direction of what currently holds the most promise. Protecting your home and family or something you consider to be a sacred part of your past could be a primary focus. Moderation in this regard is advised. This full Moon seems to be broadcasting the need to send and receive messages or ideas filled with love. This could provide a new foundation for a relationship in need of one. It seems important to disrupt old habits or a sense of identity associated with what you’ve acquired and what you’ve built. There’s something more that needs to be considered. An important breakthrough changes the game.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This Scorpio full Moon highlights the 1st and 7th sectors of your chart. Your style and approach to relationships and the role you play within those may be destabilized by something unexpected. There’s a lot of unpredictable energy to deal with in your 1st house. How will you use it to transform a relationship or to deepen an important connection amidst something that’s become shallow, habitual or possibly disconnected from feeling. Your home, family, and the past could benefit from a disruptive change. But the destabilizing nature of it all could encourage you to “dig in” to sustain the illusion of balance. The emotional foundation of a relationship is likely to be transformed if you’re willing to dismantle what no longer works.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Under this Scorpio full Moon the 12th and 6th sectors of your life are activated. This represents what’s hidden, mystical, or fading away, as well as something more practical involving your work, health, or relationship with co-workers. Along the course of your daily routine you may be broadcasting through action what a move in the direction of what holds the most promise for you looks like. Beneath the surface something important is threatening to break through what’s become habitual, predictable, or monotonous. That may be felt as free floating anxiety. It seems to be paving the way for a transformation that entails a deeper, more heartfelt relationship with your work, your routines, and your health. Something may be exposed that promotes a clarification. A closer mind/body connection may be the result. Once you you allow a breakthrough or change in your perspective your messaging could enlighten the world in important ways. Protecting what’s vulnerable might involve protecting yourself financially.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

Under this full Scorpio Moon the 5th and 11th sectors of your chart are highlighted. These sectors represent the realm of life experience related to developing your talents for the sake of your audience or the group. Something has become too routine, played out, dull, repetitive or disconnected within the realm of your social life. Something unpredictable and disruptive threatens to break through old patterns giving you more space within which to express yourself creatively. Your desire to protect and defend the most vulnerable parts of yourself – or your role within the realm of your primary relationship – may be especially strong. How you express authority within the realm of a financial partnership, or with regard to sex, death, taxes, and the complications involved in the aging process, is relevant. Saturn supports a move in the direction of the community, groups, activism, or actualizing life-long dreams.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)

Under this transformative Scorpio Moon the 4th and 10th sectors of your chart are highlighted. These represent the realms of life experience involving building and setting foundations as well as becoming a slave to old patterns, familiar paths, repetition, and what feels comfortable as opposed to promising. Old sources of stabilization may be threatened by an unexpected disruption or wild card thrown into the mix. It works to your advantage if you can promote some kind of meaningful change. Emotionally the nature of what home, family, and roots mean to you may be in the process of transition. In fact what you need in order to feel secure may be in flux. Beneath the surface something deeply sensitive or vulnerable may been need of protection. A close identification with your role in the world or your success might be disrupted in enlightening ways. Saturn facilitates a move in the most promising direction for you.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)

This Scorpio full Moon highlights the 3rd and 9th sectors of your chart. The emotional need to communicate, to understand and be understood, to expand the mind, connect with new ideas, relate to siblings, and recognize what’s true is highlighted and transformed in some regard. The 9th house promotes an expansion, liberation, and tolerance with regard to your beliefs. The 9th house rules higher education, publishing, professors, teachers, and gurus. With regard to the future something unpredictable is threatening to break through to change or possibly disrupting the plans you’ve made. Old plans may be stuck in old patterns or outdated. A emotional transformation may be in play with regard to a relationship with a sibling. If differing beliefs kept an old feud alive that may no longer be the case. Saturn in your 6th house of work and routine promotes a move in a promising direction. This may relate to professional recognition, leadership, or an acknowledgement of scholastic excellence. It could be time to release something you’re deeply attached to.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)

Under this Scorpio full Moon the 2nd and 8th sectors of your chart are being activated. Something emotionally transformative might involve a re-ordering of your values and priorities toward something more aligned with evolving emotional needs. The old methods you’ve used and replicated for a long time to promote stabilization may no longer work. Emotional needs are in flux. Something that seems indispensable may need to be released. Something new that alters your sense of identity is “threatening” a promising, unpredictable break through. The specter of death or aging might have you rethinking the meaning of your life or altering your perspective. If your sense of identity is wrapped up in how much power you’re able to wield you might find yourself in the midst of an identity crisis. But you do have the power to take conversations to a deeper, more meaningful level. Saturn in your 5th house of love, creativity, and children opens the door to a promising, enriching future. Breaking through superficial layers and old patterns is key.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)

Under this Scorpio full Moon the 1st and 7th sectors of your life experience are highlighted and in the process of an emotional transformation. Building an entirely new foundation for a relationship or for the bold expression of your style and approach to life is in progress. Breaking through old patterns and habits is important. If you’re holding onto the past where old relationships still wield an influence under current conditions ,you might need to work on letting go or finding some professional help. Saturn in your 4th house of home and family is providing the setting for you to make a move in the most promising direction. That seems to involve a deep dive into the source of what’s keeping you on the edge of a breakthrough. An old vulnerability related to your health, work, routines, or a lack of confidence fuels the release of an old belief that’s run it’s course.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

Under this Scorpio full Moon 12th and 6th sectors of your chart are highlighted. You may be feeling alone, abandoned, on your own, or in danger of losing a source of invisible power that’s profoundly valuable to you. It’s likely you’ll need to take some direct action that leaves no doubt as to your willingness to fight to protect what seems to be slipping away. This could be related to your future, future plans, or your ability to envision the kind of future you seek to create. A change related to your work, routines, health, or relationship with co-workers may be required. Old patterns need to be disrupted and replaced with something more enlightened. Do what you can do to promote and inspire a plan for the future that reflects your enthusiasm. An enthusiastic approach to life is something Sagittarians can sustain almost up until they take their last breath.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)

An emotional transformation or realization is activated within the community or group. A fight for something more just and fair – or a fight to protect a vulnerable relationship is indicated. Something related to romance, creativity, personal self-expression or children is teetering on the edge of a breakthrough. Old patterns, habits and areas that have become too comfortable and familiar need to be broken apart in order to be re-vitalized. Saturn is pushing you to the edge of your limits but also clarifying and supporting an opportunity to move in a promising direction. This most likely involves a more effective and efficient form of communication that improves your relationship with co-workers, your health, and routines. It might also related to a form of communication that provides valuable information. Vulnerabilities relate to family, your home, and the past.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)

This full Moon highlights the 4th and 10th sectors of your chart. These realms of life experience involve home, family, and security as well as your profession, status, relationships with the public, or the highest goal you’re capable of achieving. Sameness may be taking a toll when it comes to home, family, the need for a change, a re-location, or new connection. Something unpredictable and disruptive is threatening to break through what’s become repetitive, static or stagnant. Something enlightening is on the verge of breaking through. It feels disruptive from the standpoint that it seems unpredictable. Emotionally you may be in the process of a transformation involving your relationship with your chosen profession. Creating a new and different foundation from with to launch something new involves the willingness to break with old comfortable patterns.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)

Under this full Moon the 3rd and 9th sectors or your chart are highlighted. A change in your perspective in the direction of something more enlightened is probable. You might be feeling a rise in your level of frustration. You might understand that it’s time to for a disruptive breakthrough that can set you free. Ready or not you appear to be on the verge of something disruptive that ultimately works in your favor. The expansion or liberation of an old mindset or set of beliefs might be required. Jupiter in your 12th house could be imagining something different – the precursor to taking some decisive action. Saturn is moving you in the direction of what’s most promising at this juncture. That appears to be related to your home, a relocation, the family (especially siblings), and an awareness of emerging options.

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