New Horoscopes for the Week of May 20th – 26th

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The Sun moves into the sign of Gemini today. The shift from a stable/ consolidated/dense Taurus energy to something light, airy, and fast-moving is palpable. The mind and nervous system becomes highly energized.

The pace of ideas running through your mind accelerates. Connections are pursued. Light and dark co-exist everywhere and become more apparent. You never know what you’ll get when Gemini and Mercury (the trickster archetype) are activated,

There’s a new Moon at two degrees of Gemini on Friday May 22nd. As a result of some recent soul-searching, personal transformation, or discovery you may be ready to entertain more options or a change in perspective. Stating your case, pushing an idea forward, getting it down on paper, and clarifying may seem newly important.

Juno turns direct at 5 degrees of Libra on Tuesday May 26th. After almost five months of “mulling it over” we’re finally prepared to fully commit to a relationship with something or someone we love.

Friday’s Venus in Gemini’s square to Neptune in Pisces is super-powered by the new Moon. Highlighted are intuitive talents and gifts of the mind – ideas that are worth developing. Delusional/unrealistic thinking could throw you off your game. There’s a possibility you’ll will be confused, scattered, overwhelmed, or ungrounded. An agitated nervous system could trigger an addiction.

Mars in Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus. Invisible connections with the collective unconscious provide access to universal ideas and global soul longings that have yet to break the surface of consciousness – or to be more clearly defined. We might get an enlightened glimpse, feel the love, or to intuit the nature of changing the values and priorities of the masses.

Saturn remains in retrograde motion in the sign of Aquarius. Ideas emerge from the depths. Memories might surface from a time period between 1993 and 1995 when you were challenging/questioning an unfair or inhumane system – speaking out, writing scathing editorials, breaking the rules, or possibly risking rejection for the sake of something more just and humane.

Saturn stalls previous progress until September 29th. But there’s a lot going on internally in terms of restructuring. Reining in your “operation” or streamlining it seems important.

An assist from the impending new Moon in terms of a quiet new beginning seems likely. You’ll sense what’s to come but you might not be able to define it for several days.


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Today your mind and nervous system shifts into an accelerated gear. Your ready to engage. Daily life might get busier and more interesting. You may be motivated to say what you really think, to write it down, tackle some paperwork, problem solve, and to connect with something important that will move you in the direction you need to go. A new beginning feels interesting but your nervous system may need to adjust. Sibling rivalries may require your attention. You may be tempted to spin some stories. This could relate to a work of fiction – or you telling others something that’s not exactly true. Mostly your mind will love what’s it’s able to contemplate these days. It seems you have access to some enlightened inroads – guidance in the direction of discovering your next steps or next area of focus. It seems wise to invest energy in learning or advancing something fascinating – an opportunity that lands on your doorstep – as though it was meant to be.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The new Moon activates the realm of your life that deals with manifesting a (priceless) personal work of art. Slow building is part of your graceful process. But so is collecting the essentials of what you need – and more. Now is a time surround your self in the kind of personal luxuries, interesting objects, books, articles, old cards, letters, memories, and thoughts that stimulate your mind to enhance your creative output. Music you love may reliably put you in your most naturally creative state. It seems you’re trying to “spin some gold” – to patiently build something of real value – something rare and universally sought after. It’s important to be inspired by the quality of materials you have at your disposal and the (peaceful) quality of the environment that surrounds you.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Now may be the time when you need to more clearly define what it is you’re aiming for – your greatest hopes and aspirations for your life. These may be tied to your greatest hope for your relationships. Your values may continue to morph and change at the soul level. But this new Moon could provide new and interesting information in the form of consistent spiritual nudges and invisible guidance. Keeping your eye on the ball, your focus trained on what you’re hoping for, and your energy flowing in that direction seems wise. There’s something deeply transformative/ powerful about creating a personal environment where your hopes and greatest aspirations are never far from your mind. Surrounding yourself with continual reminders and bringing your mind back to that hopeful place seems of immediate importance. Old beliefs about what you “should” be hoping for – or what you “realistically” think is possible – can now be exchanged for something more aligned with the truth.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
It looks like you may be primed for progress or open to devoting yourself to a more interesting aspect of the artistic/beautification/balancing process. New ideas may be gestating as you register at deeply sensitive levels the arrival of some new potential – and a new beginning. Connecting with inspiration is easier – and more easily applied to the everyday work that you do. Problem solving may be a matter of listening for guidance or connecting with the the “right” ancestor or symbol to provide you with a useful solution. The universal mind, the collective, and the masses may be longing for something they haven’t been able to define. You may be in touch with what that is. A month-long, idea generating “gestational phase” begins today. A month from now you may be ready to share an idea that’s been more fully developed. It’s good to know there’s room for improvement and the integration of something more.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This new Moon energizes the group mind, group think, and a blind spot that might be telling you “politics” is an area of interest and potential engagement that’s not worth your time and attention. It’s a common belief that may need to be undermined or rendered less potent as the south node travels through the sign of Sagittarius. Politics determines a lot about what happens in your personal life – the kind of freedoms and options that are actually available to you. Politics shapes the narrative. When you’re engaged, connected, and knowledgable you can identify the inroads that exist for you to exert your influence and to take more control over your personal life. Sagittarius – the sign that often thinks or believes it knows better is being challenged to ensure his ability to create a joyful life through a change in perspective or a mind that’s expanding it’s reach.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
The Sun, newly energizes your 10th house signifying your career, professional life, life direction, or your strategy for achieving success. You may be especially interested applying a philosophy for success that is flawed, outdated, inflexible, or in need of further development. This may relate to something you believe that is so automatic or deeply ingrained that you haven’t stopped to consider the fact that it may be tripping you up or stalling your progress. It’s a belief that says once I find my true love I’ll be happy when actually the reverse is more accurate. When I’m happy I’ll find my true love. Or once I have everything in order and complete then I’ll be able to relax vs. once I’m able to relax and feel at peace everything will be in order. Saturn is backtracking in your 6th house to encourage you to reconsider methods and thought patterns that don’t work as well as you think they do.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
The south node in your 3rd house encourages you to set up the kind of everyday environment you need to to set your mind free, to expand on your ideas, and to use what’s considered an impediment as something that furthers your progress. It’s notable, I think, that as an astrologer I see many people remotely in the midst of this pandemic. They’re living in “locked down” physically constraining enviroments with little choice but to endure a lack of freedom. But it seems in many cases they’re not only surviving, but thriving. It’s as though something less free has set them free to explore what they might not have under more distracting circumstances. Banned from travel many are finding ways to travel through the richest most exciting, or unexplored parts of their mind. And it seems very fulfilling for most – the opposite of what I had expected. Gemini always presents “opposites” in an interesting (trickster-type) light.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
You may feel like you’re in a holding pattern with no significant influence – that you’ve been “muzzled” for awhile or not free to make the kind of impact you’ve been set up to create.
Juno will be setting you free to commit to something this week – to engage with something that requires the kind of devotion and inspiration only love can provide. What’s highlighted and energized under this new Moon is the emergence of a kind of power that has been shaped by something profoundly life-changing Your story is interesting. Something has been exposed or revealed through intense transformations you that cannot be put back in the bottle. Now may be the time to undermine some old beliefs about what’s essentially stabilizing for you or what kinds of environments move into your most natural creative rhythm. It may be something different from what you’ve always assumed – or the exact opposite of what you’ve always thought. You may thrive in intense “destabilizing” situations that challenge you to dig deep for something inwardly stabilizing. Saturn may encourage you to rethink a living arrangement, an ideas from the past, or an old strategy.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Your 7th house of relationships is newly energized suggesting a collaboration, cooperation, or the melding of two interests into one creation. Someone else’s ideas or knowledge may provide the missing ingredient you need to make something whole. Going it alone seems like a Sagittarian strategy on the decline. You might have taken an idea as far as it can go on your own. You may be overwhelmed with new information or at a loss as to how to integrate it all. But underneath you might feel some solid collaboration potential begin to emerge. Saturn backtracking in your third house has stalled progress or undermined your confidence in techniques that don’t seem to be working as well as they used to. Maybe you’re uninspired by the paperwork that needs to be done. Maybe you’re burned out with something repetitive. This influence ends late September 2020. Between now and then you have time to experiment with what feels exciting/interesting and what doesn’t. A significant change may be required.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Now may be a time when it’s good put some effort into learning what you don’t know. Gaps in your knowledge may cause you to come to the wrong conclusions, to be unable to connect the dotes, to problem solve, recognize a rare opportunity, or to converse on a level that’s engaging to others. You may have gotten comfortable with not knowing what you don’t know. Now may be the time when you can read some books you wouldn’t normally read, learn a foreign language, or listen more carefully to someone explaining something you’d normally tune out. Now’s the time to expand you areas of interest and your knowledge base. Juno is moving into direct motion this week. What you’ve previously been mulling over in your mind in terms of committing yourself may be decided. You may have engaged in enough reconsideration to know where you stand and want you want to commit to. Make sure you’re straight forward about it – with yourself and those involved. You may be tempted to side-step the truth if it’s something that will hurt you or another.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Your fifth house of love is the most highly energized house in your chart. Love is the main attraction for you – the kind of love that thrives on communication – any and all all types of communication that can convey the love you feel. Aquarians fall in love with those who stimulate their minds. It’s that initial connection that often leads to something more. What you’ve been able to cultivate recently and over the long term may be progressing into a deeper connection that’s becoming more highly refined and natural. You may experience blockages between you and another dissolving. You may find yourself seamlessly and effortlessly in sync with the one you love – resonating to the same rhythms and relaxing deeply into those. At the same time you may find your satisfaction with yourself and your life deepening. It seems you’re in the process of becoming the kind of person you’ve always wanted to be through the kind of love you’ve been able to cultivate. The environment you’ve created with another may now feel transcendent and transportive – with little left to be desired.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Saturn in your 12th house connects you with the collective and common human struggles.
You may be wrestling with a specific decision. On a deeper level you may be wrestling with what it means to be an integrated and principled human being. The choices you’re being offered may present the kind of human dilemma that is existential and usually contemplated by those who have the luxury of being able able to investing time in deep thought. At the moment you may be more involved and interested in being fully whole, fully integrated, and more fully human. You may be putting yourself through some kind of purity test or asking some difficult questions of yourself. Those seem related to your ability to present yourself in an honest, authentic way. You’d like to avoid the internal contradictions, the temptation to not care, to go with the flow, or to be co-opted by the general consensus and easy answers. You may be asking another for validation which always leads you back to square one.

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