Virgo Full Moon Monday, March 9th, 2020

This full Moon in the sign of Virgo opposes the Sun/Neptune midpoint.

“Saint/sinner, victim/tyrant, slave/slacker, savior/victim, realist/dreamer themes play out in real time. Balanced give and take is highlighted.

Unusual (brilliant) relationships, duos, pairings, and alignments are favored. As we reach an emotional culmination, a course correction or pivotal turning point materializes. It’s important to consider adjusting and fortifying your efforts or integrating your skills going forward.

As you re-assess old commitments to a specific strategy (possibly a relationship strategy) you may now find yourself free to make some important changes and corrections as you move onto the next phase.

Replacing conflict and disorganization with a team (joint) effort may be possible. Coming up with an effective “game plan” involves playing to your strengths and integrating the strengths of another. You may find ways to enhance your effectiveness as a unit. If you’ve come to the conclusion that working with yourself “as a unit” requires a “parting of the ways” the time for a compassionate release may be right.

Your emotional goal or life-long dream may, in some regard, defy tradition and expectations. What you’re attempting to achieve may be outside the realm of what’s considered “normal.” What you desire may disrupt old, predictable patterns and make others uncomfortable. You may find yourself up against some inner or outer resistance.

What you’re trying to (emotionally) integrate into your life moves you into sensitive/challenging territory. It touches a nerve or makes you feel more vulnerable while challenging your ability to persist, to keep it balanced, and to reach a little further. Satisfying your needs may require a re-commitment or the mobilization of greater physical/emotional effort.

Under this full Moon, the fixed star Vega conjuncts Mars. This is an aspect designed to strengthen your endurance and focus for the long haul. You may feel you’ve already expended lots of personal capital and energy just to get to this point.

But you’re being supported (rewarded) by the cosmos (Vega) for past efforts. Staying faithful to a life-long dream, high standards, and your own emotional requirements may be especially relevant now.

This full Moon reminds you precisely of what your aiming for on a feeling level. Currently you’re being assisted by the “part of fortune” and Jupiter. (Astrologically it doesn’t get much better than that.) A pivotal, fated encounter may be instrumental in ways you couldn’t have imagined – but may now recognize and appreciate.

Mercury at 28 degrees of Aquarius moves you through an unusual relationship/financial transformation. Transformations occur everyday but this one looks unique or unusual. In some regard it contradicts “expert” advice or common wisdom and represent progress in a direction you once thought impossible.

The Sabian symbol for 19 degrees of Virgo is “A rock musician late for a concert gig, is tied up in traffic. Seeing no police cars in the immediate vicinity, he begins to drive along the shoulder of the road.”

This implies knowing which of life’s rules can be ignored; taking some risk; getting ahead through accepted channels vs.taking a few advantageous detours; outsiders who through sheer perseverance arrive at their goals; seeing through a host of minor problems to the problems that are actually impeding one’s progress; and having the distinct advantages of an outsider’s perspective.

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