New Horoscopes for the Week of March 25th – 31st

(Mosaic Artist – Cheruu)

The backdrop this week is the Aries New Moon. It’s possible the seeds have been planted for courageous action. The next two weeks may reveal what’s likely to flourish and what will fade away.

Your influence and choices are especially consequential now. You may be mulling over a (radical) change or taking a risk that sets you up to be rejected or ridiculed. (Saturn in Aquarius is somewhat immune to rejection). Trusting your first thoughts and instinctive inclinations aligns you with the current cosmic energies in play.

On Saturday, March 28th, Venus in Taurus trines Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. A solid success may result from work you’ve done in the past. Maybe real estate you’ve accumulated or something you own benefits you significantly.

Money, values, and priorities are usually involved under any Taurus/Venus influence. You may be rewarded for managing your resources well, cultivating relationships over the long term, being generous, keeping your promises, and staying true to yourself.

Emotional/financial security may be fortified this week. Expanding what you own and value may be possible. Being reliable, consistent, unwavering, and “there for the long haul” could be rewarded.

If your ego has gotten the best of you a painful “correction” may be in order. (Sun conjunct Chiron)

On Monday Mars enters the sign of Aquarius and aligns with Saturn. Maybe your workload increases or the desire to act for the benefit of the collective is highlighted. Possibly the nature of your work (or your approach to it) will be somewhat different than it’s been in the past.

Something more “group-minded”, individualistic, radical, or risky is suggested. It’s time to get serious about how you approach a specific area of your life and innate (unusual) talents that need to be further developed or more broadly shared. (I’ll personalize that for each sign)

You may be mulling over a choice to move in a new/different direction. Bigger trends and global influences could serve to clarify what’s most important what needs to be updated.

Instincts that have been routinely ignored, silenced, or over-ridden shift into high gear when survival on any level is threatened. It’s a wise/protective move to reconnect with their guiding influence.

You might know better two weeks from now who you are, what you want, and what’s newly possible.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This week the nature of a challenge related to the pursuit of your highest goals changes. The new requirement may be for you to get more serious about disregarding the rules, guidelines, and strategies that traditionally guide your success. It may be time for you to step into the role of the enlightened outsider who unapologetically rebels against the rules while using innate talent to break through formidable blocks to progress – probably for the sake of the group. A point of vulnerability and wounded-ness might relate to your physical body, ego, or a lack of confidence when it comes to following your instincts. You may prefer tried and true formulas. But that approach could be losing steam. People might sense you’re a polished act with some of the life, authenticity, and real disruptive substance filtered out. The world craves the updated, raw, natural, instinctively rebellious version of your kind of leadership. Old mindsets needs to be allowed to dissolve. It’s time to consider cooperating with the “letting go process” while welcoming an opportunity to diminish the importance of protecting your ego.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
What’s essential for Taurus is newly discovering their rhythm – aligning, resonating, and deeply connecting to it. This may be most important for you as move through the day and each present moment. The quality of your life could vastly improve over the next couple weeks. But it might be time to agree to let go of an obsessive preoccupation with the future and all the concerns that come with our limited ability to shape the future and to deal with the vast number of unknowns. It’s all pretty unpredictable and somewhat random from our vantage point. Music could move you back into your own personal groove where you’re most powerfully and profoundly stabilized. From here you’re capable of deeply appreciating the beauty and simplicity that surrounds you. Music is your life blood. It can restore balance. Now is the time to shift into a focus on the here and now. It’s time to think about your future in terms of the series of appreciative present moments that will define it.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Something is ending – possibly something that has seriously challenged your ability to believe in yourself, your talents, your power, and the probable/possible positive outcome of your efforts. There’s been a delay. Something has been held back that may represent a hit to your ego. The new beginning represented by the Aries new Moon could be a clarification related to downsizing your view of yourself as (in some ways) above the fray. It’s especially important under an Aquarian Saturn that you feel what it’s like to be human, fallible, “down in the muck,” and infinitely capable of miscalculations, blunders, and mistakes. It’s important to feel human when Saturn moves into the sign of Aquarius. For you it’s likely future growth will accelerate. A past that delivered measly rewards for your efforts comes to a close. It seems you may be growing into the role of the “humble guru,” teacher, or guide – amidst a sea of arrogant ones. You could become easily distinguishable in that regard. It’s not what “the group” has gown to expect. Your work continues but there’s less doubt about your ability to align yourself with your highest ideals and the source of your authority.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This week Cancer moves into some deeper, more challenging territory. The time may be right to get serious about an active healing/leadership role. It may be time to dig deeper to find the source of a magical power that allows you to more effectively wield your power and influence. Your power may come in the form of a willingness to see yourself as part of the imperfect, bumbling, mistake-prone, human race. Not overly so. But feeling human rather than super-human is a distinct advantage when Saturn moves into the sign of Aquarius. At this point in time there’s something about accepting the fact that essentially you’re down in the muck with the rest of us that enhances your innate healing powers and leadership ability. It automatically elevates you – one of the strange Aquarian contradictions you’ll get used to over the next couple years. There may be less willingness to pretend that you can be who you want to be without much support, warmth, love, and give and take. Tolerating something punishing or restrictive may be detrimental to the more human aspects of your personality. Something more (physically) self-protective, sensitive, responsive, and supportive moves you into to the realm of a the distinguished, enlightened, powerfully disruptive healer.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
It’s likely you’re dealing directly with health issues – your own and possibly anothers. It’s also likely you’ll be successful and effective beyond what you initially thought was possible. The new Moon encourages you to expand beyond your current limits – and beyond old fears, vulnerabilities, and wounds that resulted in a lack of faith in yourself, your future, and the unknown. At the same time it’s important to keep your ego in check. It can grow beyond all previous limits unless you’re reminded that essentially humans are all in the same boat – including Leos. Something new could change an old fear-filled, “reluctant to expand” equation. It’s likely to be a partner who encourages you to grow. It may be time to take your partner more seriously. It’s a good time to address hidden (gender) biases that could explain a degree of dismissiveness that won’t “fly” for much longer. To the extent you’ve been operating as “the decider of all things important” it’s time imagine yourself in a cooperative role. Work and problem-solving defines your comfort zone. But now you may feel under pressure to re-direct your energy. Something emotionally essential (and deeply satisfying) is currently disguised as optional, unnecessary, or a “luxury” you can’t afford. Don’t be fooled. It might be healing to admit you’re afraid rather than to excuse a reluctance to “grow beyond” as the product of work responsibilities that must be prioritized. Maybe you don’t do that. But it could be tempting. Honesty for the sake of a committed relationship is important this week.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
An area of vulnerability may be deeply felt this week. A “raw nerve” may be activated in the area of life ruling issues of trust, intimacy, honesty, betrayals, and deep personal transformations. Fear and ego deflation may be part of the picture. It’s good to consider at this moment in time that you may be more human than perfect. In fact this realization aligns you with the kind of humane energy needed to take the lead in some regard. Your astrology looks personally exciting this week – especially where love and intimacy are concerned. Venus in your 9th house indicates a foreign influence, a foreign lover, an expansively sensual or joy-filled experience. something unexpected that could change your future or your expectations for the future. And then there’s Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in your 5th house of love. Mars/Pluto is an intensely transformative combination – a romantic affair that’s freeing and beyond your capacity to resist. Mars move into your 6th house of work, routine, and responsibility encourages you to redefine what it means to be responsible and humble. It also encourages an infusion of fairness and equitability into the workplace. Without trusting your instincts it will be hart to move forward. It may be time to expose and put to use a talent you’ve kept hidden.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
This week Venus trines your 4th house of the past – family, roots, your home, and sources of security. It’s likely it will be easier than usual to beautify your home or more generally to create something beautiful that lasts (maybe) forever. Lasting love and support is highlighted. Long standing family conflicts can be resolved – actually they might be resolved with very little effort on your part. “Set-in-stone” old limits can be transcended. A powerful infusion of love breaks down entrenched resistance. The power of beauty to change, transform, and uplift becomes evident. Something new involving relationships and the breakdown of old egocentric boundaries compels you to move forward in a new direction. Maybe it’s time to leave the “safe nest” you’ve created. This may involve taking on a more public (virtual) role. It may be time to “take your show on the road” into a much broader, less secure and protected venue. It seems you have something to offer humanity that you can’t keep to yourself – not without stagnating and risking a level of toxicity that could affect your health. Make sure you don’t allow a hit to your ego to detour you. It seems important that you’re “cut down to size” or side-tracked as a means of setting your free to create.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Within the realm of communication something important is at stake. An intense discussion may seem important and necessary this week. You may be determined to get your point across, to voice a hidden truth you haven’t previously been unwilling reveal, to break wide open simmering tensions for the purpose of relieving them. You might need to bring to light (or have it brought to you) – the stark reality of the situation. For better or worse a frank discussion and straight forward infusion of truth could be a massive “game changer.” Mars and Saturn align in your 5th house of creativity. What changes may be a different more serious commitment to your responsibilities involving love, children, creative self-expression, and the importance of developing your talents for the purpose of advancing the human condition and the human race. Your role within the group may take on greater importance. It’s time to get serious about using your most unique talent to benefit the masses. Building up or breaking down your ego when it comes to your work product may be important. Something related to competence and your ability to shock and disrupt needs to be put to better use within the public sphere.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Money, generosity, financial stabilization, values and priorities may be hot button issues for you at this time. What you own could be an impediment to moving forward. You may be weighted down in some regard. Your need to be free to expand might feel seriously restricted. More work needs to be done. Something transformative needs to change a basic (problematic) equation that’s been in play for awhile. This week there is likely to be some change as Mars moves your third house of communication and discussions take on a more serious/desperate tone. Something just and fair needs to be taken into consideration. A negotiation may be necessary. You might feel compelled to initiate it. Meanwhile something exciting and hot may be taking place in your 5th house of romantic (new) love, creativity, playfulness and considerations involving you and what you desire most. You may need to be a disruptor to create some kind of breakthrough. If your ego is getting in the way, it may take a hit that requires you to recover and move forward with greater humility and awareness – but with the same amount or more determination. The path with the most promise lies within realm of just and fair cooperative financial partnerships. What’s been played out is fear and an inability to realize your true worth and value as a negotiator and cooperating partner.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Coalescing and marshaling your energies (and anger) behind a specific goal moves you forward with unmatched strength, and intense focus, and conviction. It seems you’re being pushed over a line that moves you into a different kind of lifestyle. It could be something subtler, though, that relates more to how you define yourself to yourself from this point forward. Others might be prone to move out of your way as they sense the potential magnitude of your power and impact. Saturn’s move into your 7th house ultimately focuses you in the direction of your primary relationship. Maybe a partner has the right idea about the outlines of a future that would feel vastly more meaningful and emotionally satisfying than the one currently in play. Financial stability might continue to be your primary concern. But the door has opened to new possibilities. A source of ego gratification may be undermined – or maybe it needs to be undermined – to move you onto your most promising track. It relates to something painful involving your home, family, roots, the past – maybe the entire foundation on which you’ve built your life. You could continue being a self-sufficient loner. But it seems you’re ready for something more deeply satisfying and challenging.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
For Aquarius most of the action is of the dissolving type and it’s taking place behind the scenes. Sometimes if you’re especially in-tune with yourself you’ll notice that you’re beginning to feel some release related to relentless pressures to succeed, to function mechanically and efficiently while wading through piles of work – too much responsibility, lots of fear, lots of pain, and a “mandate” to never say not admit defeat, or to set appropriate limits for the purpose of protecting yourself. That’s all dissolving – slowly but surely. You may notice some subtle (or not so subtle) changes in your attitude toward work and responsibility. You might feel less guilty about not being perfect or refusing to be overloaded. A wake-up call involving your health might be a catalyst for change. As you realize a profound change/new beginning taking hold it’s probably important to update others about what you’re newly unwilling to do. But you might first need to have a conversation with yourself about what’s realistic and honest going forward. Maybe you want to spend more time doing what you love – even if it seems frivolous. If you allow that then you’re keeping up with your progress. If not – well you already know what that feels like.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
The social, political, community, friendship sector of your life is highly activated with some complicated, manipulative energies that could cause friction within relationships – or some outright “warfare.” It’s hard to manage this energy with a degree of finesse but it’s possible. Venus is aspecting this segment of your chart from the third house of communication. In fact this is a good time to discuss a resolution as both sides might realize the advantage of doing so. The history you share or the communication expertise you have might be the basis for something solid and enduring. A positive boost to your self-image may materialize as a result of your good will and willingness to compromise. Something may feel humbling within the material realm. A new beginning involves your sense of self worth and the implementation of some survival skills. The need to earn money – even though you might not want to have this added responsibility – advances your standing with yourself in some regard. Doors open. Self-respect/self-worth is enhanced. It looks like the kind of new beginning you’ve been waiting for – though it may come in an unexpected (unwanted) form.

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