Capricorn Solar Eclipse Overview and Horoscopes

A Solar Eclipse is similar to a super-powerful New Moon. It’s effects last longer, though. Under a new Moon the process of eliminating what’s outdated – including the decay and rot that have accumulated – is complete. A powerful and fertile new beginning is taking shape.

It’s good to be reminded that the value of a Solar Eclipse is multiplied when you take time to infuse your personal intentions into a still malleable new beginning. The universe responds especially well when it senses you’re not just along for the ride. At the time of a solar eclipse setting an intention for yourself or the world influences how the newly purified energy will take shape – not to mention the life-enhancing, emotionally empowering effects of partnering with the Sun and Moon when they’re perfectly in-sync.

Under this annular eclipse the Sun and Moon are placed at 4 degrees of Capricorn. The last time a solar eclipse at this exact degree occurred was on Dec. 25, 2000. That was a time when you might have realized that patterns in partnerships, love or marriage were becoming unsustainable. Some over-estimation of what was possible had gotten you in over your head. Under that previous eclipse what was offered was a chance to be realistic, to grow up, to get become very focused, and to begin to set your own course in life. Difficult decisions and adjustments needed to be made. Creating a graceful (or not so graceful) exit for yourself might have seemed overwhelming at the time. But maybe you made it happen.

The Dec. 2000 eclipse is connected to this 2019 eclipse – a continuation. Things might look brighter now. This new eclipse conjoins Jupiter and trines Uranus. A rare stellium (grouping) of eight placements in the sign of Capricorn ensure the delivery of a solid, satisfying, reliable opportunity. Changes to the structure of your life is facilitated. Doors open to something more expansive, broad-minded, and aligned with your potential to become the final authority over your life.

Past experience and faith in yourself serves you and your future well under this eclipse. Jupiter conjoins the South Node bringing delayed rewards for work you’ve done, for making the sacrifices, and taking some risk to preserve your integrity. Something new – a different kind of future, more reflective of your soul’s deepest desire – feels promising but not totally absent of complications or trade-offs.

It’s possible you may be imagining a future that breaks with tradition or doesn’t conform to the standard rules that usually apply. Still you may need to go out on a limb to chart your own course.

A Mercury/Black Moon Lilith square makes it somewhat challenging to expand your thinking to assert yourself in individualistic ways. Society and onlookers might not approve. You may not completely approve of your actions. But the powerful new beginning provides you with the chance to be a more authentic, integrated version of yourself.

The December 26th New Moon eclipse (4 deg Capricorn) conjoins Jupiter and trines Uranus retrograding in Taurus. Structural life changes are easier to make.

This eclipse squares Chiron in Aries. There are problems surrounding issues of responsibility, commitment, and integrity. You might have to deal with vulnerabilities, sources of pain, and a chronic mistrust of your deepest longings and informative instincts.

You may be approaching a time when the overriding consideration is cultivating a sense of integrity. To maintain your alignment with who you are and what you desire most you might always be dealing with a level of pain associated with choosing something more valuable over something less valuable.

Capricorn’s message is that we need to take responsibility for the way we choose to live our life. Time is always an issue whenever Capricorn and it’s ruler Saturn are involved. We don’t have forever to take life seriously and to make some tough decisions. New beginnings similar to this one come around once every 19 years.

What will you regret if you refuse to take advantage of this new beginning – to take some risk, make a change, accept responsibility, and to clarify a source of weakness or pain.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This eclipse activates fertile new beginnings involving your professional life or the general direction of your personal life. Breakthroughs are triggered and lucrative opportunities flow in your direction. A new chance to take control of your life and to lead may emerge. You may be recognized for your talents and valued for your wealth of relevant experience. Change seems to work to your benefit. Taking more control and asserting more authority seems right. But over the weekend you may be reminded of some old pain or chronic source of vulnerability. You may feel like backing away from something that feels too structured or like it might require you to make too many adjustments, to follow the rules, or to assert more self-discipline. Take notes and pay attention. If you’re feeling pressured you might need to reassess, to ask more questions, and to clarify.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The eclipse highly activates new beginnings in your 9th house of expansion, the future, future plans, and your ability to believe in yourself and your abilities. You may be open to new adventures or opportunities involving higher education, legal challenges, or publishing. Facing the unknown with confidence and courage may seem a little (or a lot) easier. Space may be opening for a public role that will allow you to express your most unique talents or to showcase the brilliant, inventive, political, and humanitarian leanings of your mind. It seems your mind is sensitized to opportunities for advancement and breakthroughs. But it might feel a little too exposed or painful for you go public. By the weekend you may be reminded of something painful involving secrets, privacy, compassion, and a tendency to absorb the pain of the masses. Boundaries are essential. But so is your ability to better define what hurts while explaining it with greater clarity to someone you trust – and to yourself.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The eclipse activates new beginnings in your 8th house of profoundly transformative experiences. A new freedom or gift to the world (love) you’ve been secretly cultivating for awhile sets you free in some regard. Progress is advanced or accelerated. Something deeply soul satisfying and enriching is advanced as well. A softening effect takes hold. You may feel that you’ve learned a lot about how to create magic, to magically transform, or to break through blockages to progress. Physical sensitivity deepens or some kind of deep physical satisfaction or emotional settling takes hold. By the weekend you may notice an old source of pain kicking in. This may involve something social – a community or group cause, breaking rules, or a refusal to conform or fit in. It may be the right time to further define or put into words what hurts most. Health routines may be subject to radical (positive) changes.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Your 7th house of relationships is highly activated and the place of new beginings under the impending eclipse. Emotionally it appears you’ll set free in some regard – possibly by a Capricorn, but more likely by some kind of difficult (emotional) work you’ve attended to in the past. Balance is in the process of being restored. A softer more sensitive approach to life may be taking hold as advancement into an unexpectedly exciting or a more desirable future takes hold. Integrity within the realm of relationships is non-negotiable. Betrayal of yourself for the sake of a relationship would be a mistake. Avoid weaving tangled webs in your head that fool you into believing you’re not betraying yourself when you might be. Constant vigilance in this regard seems necessary. By the weekend an old source of vulnerability kicks in. It may relate to your profession, authority, standards, rules, and status. Being able to better define what hurts, to put it into words, and to approach an old “handicap” in more effective ways may now be possible.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The eclipse highly activates your 6th house of work and a powerful new beginning involving responsibility, routine, health habits, and general self-improvement efforts. A new job or approach to your work opens doors. A deeper more highly sensitized approach to your hidden self – the part of you you tend to neglect or discount- seems to be benefitting from more attention to your emotional needs and a more responsible approach to self-care. A breakthrough may be taking hold. A softening at the more soulful levels of your being reflects real progress. A partner may be fully supportive of your healing journey and your need for more alone time. By the weekend you may be able to more clearly define what hurts, a chronic source of vulnerability, or weakness. It’s good to ne able to put into words what you cannot seem to fix or separate yourself from. A new, more enlightened approach to old wounds or weaknesses serves you well.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
This eclipse highly activates new beginnings in your fifth house of love, romance, unfettered self-expression, affairs concerning children, or setting your child-like self free. Change allows you to advance into the future in ways that enlivens you. Something more promising – a solid opportunity – emerges for your consideration. Your future may feel more promising than it has in the past. A more sensitive and emotionally tuned-in approach to romantic partners and friends creates more interesting future options. You may be attracting what you’ve longed for. By the weekend you may run into an old fear or vulnerability – possibly concerning throwing your lot in with another or shared financial goals. Be true to yourself and use caution while opening yourself up to new possibilities.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
This eclipse highly activates new beginnings in your 4th house of home, family, the past, domestic concerns, financial complications, relocations, etc. Emotionally something new may be opening up and setting you free. Restrictions, fears, and burdens inherited from family may be on the verge of being resolved or released. A difficult domestic situation or outdated structures within the home could soon be remedied. As outdated values and priorities are released something new is thrown into the mix. Something deeply transformative could release you from old, rigid, or childish ideas about the nature of love, romance, or your ability to cultivate your most unique and unusual talents. By the weekend Mercury activates a source of pain or vulnerability involving sharing, partnerships, compromise, and the role you may or may not be willing to play. Those who role-modeled relationships for you may not have been good examples to follow. Now is a chance to make your own way, to steer your own course.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This Capricorn eclipse highlights new beginnings in the sector of your life involving paperwork, documents, titles, serious conversations, promising ideas, official commitments, and the need for cautious actions that reflect a strong inner sense of integrity An old blockage to progress is being removed. An exciting and promising opportunity may be accelerating the pace. By the weekend an old wound, sense of vulnerability, or pain is revived or remembered. This may involve a chronic physical or mental health issue, feelings of being handicapped, unfit, or ill-suited to sustain a long term commitment. Mars and Black Moon Lilith encourage you to blaze an unusual, rule-breaking, rebellious and unique path forward. Caution and preparation is advised.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
This Capricorn eclipse highly activates new beginnings in your 2nd house of values, priorities, efficient resource management, financial stability and//or self-worth. An unexpected service or generous financial gift may remove a financial obstacle, worry, and doubt. Something you needed that might have seemed financially impossible is made possible. A health issue may be addressed or resolved. Trust may have been restored in areas of financial partnership. Breakthroughs create new and promising opportunities for mutual support, trust, and financial generosity. A greater appreciation for financial stability might take hold. A strong sense of integrity guides you into the future. But this weekend Mercury re-ignites an old source of fear regarding love, commitment, partnerships, and independence. A chance to clarify your fears, to put them into words, and to approach them in a new, more effective ways is likely.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Tomorrow’s eclipse highly activates new beginnings in your 1st house representing your physical body, your presentation of yourself to the world, and your unique style and approach to life. It also defines the kind of role you’re willing to play within the realm of relationships. There’s been some recent softening, something more sensitive and tuned in with regard to the role as a partner. You stand to gain from past experience and the personal work you’ve done to refine your role and presentation. Something more promising may be opening up. You may feel a greater sense of freedom and something more secure within the realm of committed partnerships. By the weekend you may notice some old fears creeping in regarding your sense of security, your home, your roots, and your ability to initiate something new without undermining a stable foundation. It may be helpful to put your feelings into words or to clarify a source of weakness.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The eclipse in your hidden sector of life highlights new beginnings and emerging potential. You may sense that something’s broken through. There may be a sense of relief as a result of some surprising revelation or subtle, delicate development. There is cause for optimism but you may feel constrained in expressing your joy or enthusiasm. Something that once felt impossible may no longer be. Your home, family, or the past may be connected to this new beginning. Updates and upgrades can be anticipated. But there may be a sense of impending loss, sacrifice, or pain involved. Frequently getting what you want might seems to involve an element of sacrifice. Mercury’s square to Chiron suggests something bittersweet is being clarified. This weekend a chronic source of vulnerability may be clarified, ripe for discussion, or approached in a newly effective ways.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This eclipse creates unusual and exciting new beginnings in your 11th house of friends, allies, groups, community causes and your public image. The 11th house is concerned with groups and your most cherished dreams, hopes and wishes. Your public image may begin to benefit in some significant way. A new business may be created or an offshoot of an old one may take shape. A dream you might have been ready to give up on is given new life. By the weekend Mercury’s move into your 11th house triggers an old vulnerability or source of pain regarding financial stability, generosity, and issues of trust related to financial partnerships. Be cautious when dealing with financial information. An awkward conversation regarding debts or what one person owes another may be awkward but necessary.

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