Sagittarius New Moon (Horoscopes Included)


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First, just a general reminder about the nature of a new Moon. New Moon’s are initially vague or invisible new beginnings. The sky is dark under a new Moon. We can’t see the nature of what we’re about to be dealing with or specifically where we’re headed. For a few days we rely on intuition to move us in the direction we need to go. Instinctively we sense we’re being carried into new territory as an old emotional focus loses it’s power and reason for being. Any information we have about where we’re headed arises from feeling, and information from elusive, invisible connections with otherworldly (magical) sources.

A Sagittarian new Moon suggests an expansive new beginning accompanied by emotional freedom and the urge to grow and expand.

This new Moon trines Chiron. A broader, wiser perspective on an old source of pain gives us new hope and the confidence we need to approach the future with a smarter, more powerful, emotionally-aligned, strategy. (New Moon conjunct Pallas)

A dissolution of old habits, patterns, and beliefs makes way for new ones. An new, more adventurous approach to life takes shape over the next month. It will be reinforced and fortified over the next thirty days.

A pile up of Capricorn planets in the new Moon chart suggest the ongoing presence of significant personal challenges.

It’s easy to lose site of our original vision for our life under extreme pressures. If we’ve replaced a once beautiful vision with fear and the stress involved in keeping our head above water to avoid the next emotional hit, this new beginning moves us to ground. The Mercury/Neptune trine makes it relatively easy change our mind and our beliefs.

Sagittarius encourages us to capture the energy and excitement that once fueled our dreams and future goals. An old habit, pattern, or expectation may be broken by something unexpected. Or we may need to take control and break the pattern ourself. An abundance of Capricorn energy Capricorn gives us the power and self-discipline we need to take back control.

Pallas, the goddess of pattern recognition and smart strategies conjuncts this new Moon. Our new beginning involves the integration of a new strategy or battle plan.

The Sagittarian realm of experience includes travel, distancing, higher education, envisioning, inspiration, the future, foreign beliefs, philosophies, and lifting ourselves above the fray. A new beginning in any of these areas is likely to manifest slowly over the next month.

If you have a choice between something safe and something more adventurous it’s time to carefully consider the long term implications of your choice.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Being lifted to higher ground under this new Moon for you may align with or involve a complete immersion in the creative process. It may be easier for you to connect with invisible sources of inspiration that focus you on developing an idea. Like all great artists and creators you can get lost for long periods in what you’re creating. You can become your creation, forget that you’re afraid, and heal yourself in the process. Of course this could also involve being inspired by love. An expansion of your current options is implied. A new lover could lift you above the fray and inspire you to remember the original vision you had for your life. Something more expansive – opportunities for future growth may flow in your direction. New, smarter strategies for your future may be considered and integrated based on what you know to be true.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This new Moon falls in your 8th house of deeply personal transformations. A fear of betrayal and it’s subsequent confining impact on your freedom to throw yourself into something adventurous, exciting, and interesting may be completely transformed under this new Moon. What used to keep you afraid and small has likely been deconstructed. Something new regarding future strategies and an personal empowerment opens doors. You’ll notice yourself being less afraid to branch out, to connect with, and wield (financial) power. Options begin to multiply. And some of them look really interesting.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
An expansive new beginning for you involves relationships, a new expanded role within the the realm of relationships, and a new strategy. Someone inspires you to take up residence on “higher ground.” It’s time to be above the fray you engage in with others and yourself. Telling your self the truth about about the approach to life and relationships that would be wisest for you and others is important. Something unexpected approaches you from your “blind side.” Maintaining old work/health habits may be impossible. An enlightened strategy appears to center around balance, justice, fairness, and something soothing for yourself.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
New beginnings may come in the form of work, healing, or service-oriented improvements and upgrades. New opportunities for work that feel adventurous, expansive, and more interesting flow in your direction. Smart strategies of the future entail taking your emotional self into consideration. It seems wise to invest more significantly in your desire to put your personal, protective, nurturing stamp on the world. A more independent approach may be necessary. You may encounter ideas and opportunities to be an “free agent” and to create the kind of work/health environment you desire. Relationships remain challenging but a breakthrough is possible. Breaking old habits in love through a new, smarter strategy seems wise.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This new Moon heralds a new beginning within the sector of life that rules love, adventure, exuberant creative, self-expression, and joy. You receptivity to joy may expand or advance. A more interesting life path may be up for consideration. Something unexpected or futuristic unsettles old habits and routines, opening you to the possibility that your current life path may be in need an adjustment. If your career or public role it dampens your enthusiasm it’s time to consider new opportunities that more closely align with who you are or who you’ve become. Your options expand under the influence of the new Moon. A new opportunity that takes your need to play a creative, fun-loving, entertaining, joyful role into consideration may flow in your direction. A clean break from a habitual/safe life direction or public role may now be newly considered.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Future plans may be disrupted and require adjustments. But this looks uplifting in some regard. Your home, family, and reminders of the past provide a break in the action, something more interesting, or new to learn. New strategies may be employed. A new beginning involves unsettling adjustments to old habits ad routines. You may learn something new about people you’ve known for a long time – and enjoy them more. Most likely your focus and perspective will change and your mind will be opened to something uplifting and more inspired. Travel and something foreign will likely to thrown into the mix. You may float above the fray and let others do the heavy lifting for a change. You might like it.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Broadening your perspective, connections, ideas, interests, and possibilities for the future (expanding your mind, in other words) changes some of your beliefs and lifts you above the fray. Something new and interesting encourages you to explore a whole new field of possibilities. Adventurous opportunities seem to be emerging from within the confines of your mind. Something clicks. Your ideas and their connection to other ideas inspires and entertains you. It’s not frivolous. It may be experienced as pure joy. Interestingly you may be teaching others how to access what you’ve learned how to access. You’re likely very generous with the wisdom you’ve acquired. This new beginning relates to the powers of the mind and the new strategies you’re able to employ.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This new beginning may lift you up and out of a cramped financial or emotional situation and instinctively move you in the direction of feeling inspired by the wealth of talent and resources at your disposal. You may have always had the means to set yourself free. But this looks likes an entirely new beginning. An emotional journey you’ve taken may inspire you teach others how to transcend assumptions, beliefs, and blind spots that disguise the truth. Something unexpected may be thrown into the mix in the form of friend, lover, or partner who encourages a clean break from old confining habits, routines, or values. A new opportunity looks lucrative but maybe risky. It’s up to you to decide whether you want something safe or something more exciting for your future. Think big picture.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
You may be on the cusp of a new approach to yourself and your role within relationships. Something more truthful, courageous and adventurous may be possible if you can make a clean break from old habits that encouraged you to be afraid – especially within the financial/financial partnership sector of your life. A flash of insight or a pattern you now understand at deeper levels opens the door to a more honest conversations. wYou may feel newly free to state the truth and employ a new strategy. Taking back your power to influence the direction of relationships is beneficial and inspiring. Expect that the opportunity to move relationships in the direction of balance and better understanding will advance as this new Moon matures.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn is under increasing pressure to be more aware, more in-tune, and more connected to needs you may not realize you have. Solid achievements and old habits leave you little time to consider whether or not you feel satisfied and fulfilled. This new Moon opens the door to an opportunity to understand at deeper levels what will satisfy you. It’s wise to spend time alone. Expect you will feel increasingly optimistic, encouraged, uplifted, and adventurous. That coincides with more time spent relaxing and getting tuning into what you need. The most inspiring part of you is hidden. Under this new Moon that could begin to change. Old beliefs and rules about getting all the work done first, before you relax, need to be dissolved. Truthfully the work is never done. A new strategy and approach is easier to implement under this new Moon.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Something new and encouraging is coalescing in your 11th house of friends, groups, audiences, and community affairs. It’s likely the more you adhere to your status as an outsider, and the more focused you are on developing a unique, unusual, talent or skill, the bigger your audience grows. You could afford to take more risk and to deliberately unsettle yourself or get out of your comfort zone. Many would would respond positively. You may be receiving some encouragement to more authentically be who you are. You know how to be disciplined and accurate. Now you may have the opportunity to relax and show a side of your personality that is unusual, entertaining. and informative.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
A new cycle of expansion and growth fuels the career/professional sector of your chart. New public or professional opportunities flow in your direction. Something you love doing – demonstrations of a unique talent you possess – focuses the attention of the “higher ups” in your direction. But don’t be distracted. Delving deeper into the nature of your desires for the future requires the release of an old habitual way of thinking. You may not want what you used to want now that it’s being handed to you. It’s wise to consider that you may be moving on from an old limited idea of what you’ve always wanted you future to be. Ultimately the truth sets you free to have what you desire.


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