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Libra New Moon

Saturday’s New Moon in Libra is a new beginning within the realm of relationships. It’s accompanied by a longing for love, romance, beauty, kindness, support – and peace. As the week progresses increasingly you’ll feel under Libra’s spell. You may […] 

Libra New Moon

NEW MOON AT 5 DEGREES OF LIBRA SATURDAY, SEP. 28TH, 2019 AT 12:26 PM PDT (Mosaic Artist?) Overview The long-running Jupiter/Neptune square is separating. It seems we’re coming out of a fog, waking up, seeing what’s there, noticing what’s real, […] 

Horoscopes for the Week of Sep. 18th – 24th

Overview for this Week: Today the main event is Saturn’s shift into direct motion. Since April 30th Saturn in his home sign of Capricorn (structure, limitation, self-discipline, achievement) has been in retrograde motion. We’ve had about four and a half […] 

Pisces Full Moon Horoscopes the Week of Sep. 11th-17th

(Gypsy Woman – Mosaic Artist?) Overview On Saturday Sep. 14th at 12:33 AM Eastern time a Full Moon rises at 21 Degrees of Pisces 05′. Full Moons represent the harvest, reaping what you’ve sown, a full blossoming of potential, a […] 

New Horoscopes for the Week of Sep. 4th – 10th

(Katie Hellon? Mosaic Artist) This week we’re dealing with a very dynamic “pressure cooker” configuration of planets. In astrology it’s known as a t-square. A stellium (grouping) of practical, earthy, Virgo placements (five of them) oppose Neptune in the ethereal […]