New Horoscopes for the Week of Aug. 21st – 27th

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This week three planets (Sun, Venus, and Mars) an asteroid called Juno, and eventually the Moon will be transiting through the sign of Virgo. To balance out that energy Neptune and Black Moon Lillith in Pisces are put in charge.

The urge to fix and improve will be strong – also to be mercilessly critical of yourself and others, or any situation will be strong. (The urge to escape or to get lost may also be strong. Writers, communicators, teachers, those who work in tech, and inform, will find an abundance of energy needed to be extemely efficient, organized, to create a masterful “work of art.” Some degree of magical intervention (or luck) is implied – along with an urge to escape from looming responsibility.

Still it will be easy to work too hard for too long, to be overly self-sacrificing, to imagine yourself being the holiest and most pure – the savior incarnated, a walking example of pure perfection, “employee of the year,” etc. That’s where things can go haywire.

Never fear. Neptune is there to make sure you make a few mistakes and to change your perspective in a more compassionate and humble direction. Black Moon Lillith is on the “Pisces team” disrupting any strategy that includes harsh judgements or something unforgiving. How you treat yourself is the way you treat others. It’s good to stay mindful of keeping it kind and in balance.

Venus is one of the planets currently transiting through Virgo. She’ll be very helpful in extracting the very best from available Virgo energy. She’ll allow you to be masterful in finding the flaw, fixing, healing, and upgrading.

She (along with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn) will support a disciplined approach to improving your health, cleaning up and organizing your (work) environment, and distinguishing between responsibilities that belong to you and those that don’t.

Virgo/Neptune is a perfect balance of imagination, vision, and practical action. You can accomplish much that will serve you well into the future Making things easier by makng them more orderly and efficient is implied.

In other news this week Pallas – the asteroid goddess of patterns, (battle) plans, and strategies – changes signs. She’s been transiting through the sign of Libra since November 5th of 2018 – meaning she’s been focused on recognizing patterns and forming and applying balancing strategies within the realm of relationships, finances, and buidling wealth. On August 26th (next Tuesday) she moves into the sign of Scorpio and changes her strategies and focus.

She becomes more concerned with identifying what needs to be destroyed or eliminated in order to win a “high stakes” battle. Power, influence, betrayls, dark motivations, healing, and transforming strategies are considered and applied.

Pluto rules Scorpio. It’s all more intense. In the emerging Virgo dominated atmosphere we need to fix and to fix something potentially life-threatening (on somme levell) by getting to the root of the problem. The problem needs to be understood at deeeper levels. Financial partnerships and psychological sticking points are ripe for heealing and change.

Venus enters the sign of Virgo today. Relationships, money, values and self-esteem are filtered through the lens of perfection and improvement. Her conjunction with Mars (action) on August 24th indicates a new and pleasant relationship or monetary beginning – and new connections.

Venus and Mars will make an awkward inconjunct to Chiron Rx in Aries on the 25th, (next Sunday) underlining the constant Virgo theme of “not quite good enough.” There will be flaws that can’t be fixed. But Venus presents some kind of easy or potentially satisfying way around it. You’re likely to attract what you want in spite of the “flaw” – or because of it.

Uranus in Taurus, Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn, and a stellium of planets in Virgo work seemlessly to bring things down to earth and to make it real. A mixture of self-discipline, practicality, and grounded values allows you to gain traction. You may find yourself filled with love and deeply grateful for what is – challenges included.

In summary, the Sun enters Virgo on August 23rd, and the season of purity, perfection and service begins. Virgo focuses on what’s wrong, eliminates what doesn’t work, and tries to improve whatever she touches. This is the time of year to get organized, to eliminate what’s inefficient and ineffective – especially with regard to your work and health.

Today Mercury in Leo trines Jupiter in Sagittarius. This is an encouraging mindset that feels free to expand and confident of succeess. But Mercury’s inconjuncts to Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces forces us to consider or to work around a few hard lines, limits, and impracticalities (illusions) that can’t be moved or eliminated.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
A deeper understanding of what motivates your actions is required. In the past financial fear, survival or wealth building may have been the leading indicator of the kind of decisions you would make and act upon. Now things are changing. A deeper understanding of continuity, the value of fine craftsmanship, the value of time, things that stand the test of time, are priceless, or of incalcuable value carry more weight. What you value most may have more to do with its moral value that monetary value. Pallas’s move into your 8th house gives you the option of deepening your level of understanding regarding personal motivators, the influence of old psychological conditioning, and an ingrained fear of scarcity. To the extent that fear of scarcity has distorted your decision-making process, you may be able to take your power back between now and November 9th of this year. Something pure and practically aligned is the emerging possibility.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Like it or not your approach to life is enlightening those around you – especially those in search of freedom from confinement, something deeper, more foundational, and life sustaining, infused with timeless wisdom, lasting love, enduring strength, and beauty that never loses it’s abiliity to cut through what has been impenetrable. You may be carrying more than your share of the responsibility for ushering in a new age and a different, more enlightened approach. What you convey with your presence has lasting impact. On a personal level relationships are about to get moree complicated. Between now and November 9th of this year it’s time to gain a deepeer understanding of the nature of your own relationships, your deepest motivations, your approach to power, and why you attract what you attract. A rebirth is possible (mandatory). Saint-like expectations can be side-stepped in favor of something human and flawed but humble and steadily improving.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Gestating beneath the surface is a change that has all the makings of a move in the opposite direction of where you’ve been – a move diametrically opposed to what you’ve been doing, how you’ve been living, what you know and have always preferred. It’s opposite in the extreme, the result of a change in personal values, a clarification, or a “long time coming” transition. It may not be time yet to spring into action – but maybe soon. It is likely your work will be informed by something new and maybe more progressive, conserving, and environmentally protective – maybe something simpler and more relaxed. Maybe it’s someething that allows you to make a living doing what you love. Passion is building behind the scenes. It’s likely you’ll shock the world with your decision…or at least those in your immediate vicinity. You may shock yourself. A new beginning regarding your relationship with your home, emotional foundation, family, and beauty can be expected.

CANCER (June 21-July)
Now is the time to ignite the urge to learn, communicate, and expand your mind beyond where it is and where it’s been. It may be time to travel, to listen to something that sparks a new interest, to expose yourself to people who know more than you do about something, or to encourage those who don’t know as much as you to act in a way that feeds a new passion. Your brain and nervous system may be craving this. Changing your daily routine – the people, places and things you encounter on a regular basis – could kick-start something new and promising. Inflicting some form of personal abuse on yourself for the sake of some future, fuzzy outcome seems unwise. It may be the perfect time to make an unexpected move to expand your perspective and the world of possibilities. Pallas’s move into your fifth house of children, creative self-expression, and love, presents an opportunity to do some creatively intelligent problem-solving. New, unsually brilliant, rebellious, or disruptive friends may be an essential part of aligning you with some hidden desire or area of interest.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This is the season for improvements and upgrades that involve financial stability, self-worth, net-worth, financial partnerships, and areas of intimacy. Something easier may be coming your way, A reward for hard work, meticulous organization, and attention to detail materializes. Or in the case of neglect or insistence on living in a dream world, something depleted and weakened is on your doorstep in need of a healing fix. Any imbalance is most likely the result of overdoing it in one aspect of life at the expense of another. What needs to be cultivated is something you love, something more fun requiring less of a “grown-up, grin and bear it” approach. It seems you might have received a wake-up call that requires you to reconsider. A commitment to something healthier seems wise. As Pallas moves into your fourth house of home, family, and the past, it seems a deeper level of understanding can be reached concerning patterns you’ve inherited. Success for you requires a creatively intellligent, self-made approach rooted in nature and the timeless wisdom of the ages.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
For Vigo a new beginning comes into play. It’s early so you might only see the outlines of what’s begining to form. But by the end of the week you’ll have a pretty good idea. Something new is being planted along loving and artistic (unusual) lines. A willingness to embrace your role as a practical, maybe invisible disruptor of abusive behaviors – someone who doesn’t tolerate lapses, vacancies, unreliability, and absences leaves you and those you influence in a good (or better) place. Balance on some level s being restored abecause it’s time for something new and easier – something freer and more independent. An artistic challenge that involves a release of the past is in order. Pallas’s move into Scorpio encourages a deeper inderstanding of the complications that surround your fear of survival, expansion, and the future. These need to be addressed in a creatively intelligent way between now and November 9th of this year.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Venus moves into your 12th house of what’s hidden and elusive. Improvements and upgrades at this level of engagement are indirectly sensed and recognized. Your 6th house of health, your work environment, routine, or routine responsibilities reveal evidence of practical rewards coming your way. A form of service that allowed you to embrace the role of a subtle but effective (healing) disrutper, releaser of pain, someone who encouraged others to refuse to be be the giver or receiver of abuse, brings into balance the visible and invisible realms of your life. An area of mastery or expertise may be the extent to which you’re newly able to inform your work with what you sense and feel. Being more discrimminating about what you will accept works in your favor. It may be time to accept that old relationship wounds may never be perfectly healed. A deeper level of understanding of subconscious motivations involving trust and intimacy may be required as Pallas moves into Scorpio and the 2nd house. Self-worth/net worth issues are complicated and in need of creatively intellligent solutions.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Mars, Venus, and Juno accupy your 11th house of recptivity to love, your social life, dreams, hopes, and wishes, and the possiblity of an improvement or upgrade in these areas. An old form of abuse, disruption, unreliability, or absence and the damage done, may need to be healed. Since Venus is involved, you may attract a lover who is distinct and separate frrom what you’ve attracted in the past – because of the self-improvement work that’s been done. Anyway you look at this it looks hopeful. The marriage and commitment asteroid (Juno) is transiting into your 11th house as well. You may find a lover worth committing to – or an improvement strategy that works for you. Pallas, the asteroid of creative intelligence, planning, strategies, and focus moves into your 1st house of independence. Strategies to protect your independence comme into play. Something unsual and grounded in deeper levels of understanding enlightens and refocus you. More is at stake, but you have more to work with. Still the intensity builds and it’s complicated. But Scorpios crave that.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Jupiter in Sagittarius, your ruling planet, trines Merrcury in Leo. This looks like a party to me – a joy-filled type of expansion that increases your confidence, opens your mind, fuels optimism, and sets you on the road to learning something new or planning for the future. Some very practical rewards may be flowing in your direction. Working hard to get where you want to be makes more sense. Taking calculated risks seem wise. Committing to doing the kind of work you love or to making it a priority seems timely. Gaining a deeper understanding of what kind of service satisfies you most is possible If you’re a writer, teacher, healer, leader, or general influencer, you may take a leap into actuallizing a cherished vision within the public realm. It’s a safe bet you’ll be recognized for your hard work, commpetence, and meticulous preparation. The next challlenge is to trust your intuition enough to allow it to routinely inform your work. It’s complicated.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn may continue to wrestle with an approach to life that is rooted in the past, becoming increasingly ineffective, depleting, or problematic. Practically speaking the future or “long haul” must now be taken into consideration in an open-minded way. An adjustment in your perspective may need to be made. Avoidance of fear and the unwillingness to fully investigate something old and painful at deeper levels keeps you locked into an ineffective approach – or an effective approach that seems to be be exacting a higher price in terms of your health or realtionships (the health of your relationships maybe). In general there is theee need to come to terms with the fact that something imperfect mmay never be perfect. Pallas’s move into your 11th house of “receptivity to love” triggers something intensely transformative. A willingness to come up with a creative/unique/unsual strategy to fix what is depleting you may involve body work or something more relaxing than you’re used to.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
In secret Aquarius continues to wage a battle against the past to keep herself from falling into a depressed mood or a state of poor health. It’s a stenuous fight that involves the need for something structured, self-disciplined, consistent, and committed in an area of life that is constantly changing and unstable. Your health may need to be closely monitored in ways that feel confining. Your ability to manage (on an emotional level) a harsh work environment or something from the past that feels especially painful (a loss) is something that requires an exhausting level of vigilance. What you’re working through is major psychological transfomation from the ground up. This weekend you may receive the gift of clarity – an experience that lets you know what’s worth cultivating and what can be released. You may finally be able to relax into the kind of ageless wisdom that’s been hard to access.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This week new efforts and upgrades center around relationships. Improvements entail bringing something into balance, making it fair and equitable, more loving, healthier, more sustainable. A practical, realistic approach works best. Attention to the small details and nuances seems important. It doees seem that you’ve mastered or improved something within yourself – consistently applied the needed self-discipline creative thought, and love in ways that leave you open to receiving a relationship benefit or reward. It might come in the form of a deeper realization of what you value most, a reconnection with dreams or friends, and an embrace of your role to disrupt and rebel against whatever prevents relationships from improving. Pallas’s move into your 9th house frees you to “set the table” for future success and happiness. Plans and strategies for ensuring the health of a committed relationship is highlighted. Your worst fears will be triggered and intelligently and creatively addressed.

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