Aquarius Fulll Moon Horoscopes for the Week of Aug 14th – 20th

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Aquarius Full Moon Thursday, August 15th, at 8:29 AM

Tomorrow’s full Moon influence could bring in a new lover, an influx of money, resources, freedoms, and disruptions. It might feel exciting or frustrating if adjustments are resisted.

Stay tuned-in and alert to emerging realities and changing needs. Don’t let past betrayals and left-over pain derail a chance to experience love, warmth, generosity, and something newly enlivening. It’s possible you may experience some amazing good fortune related to love, money, and the chance to infuse your life with more joy.

Aquarian full Moon energies bring in unusual, unexpected, sometimes jolting extremes.

The Leo Sun/Venus conjunction opposes this unpredictable Aquarian full Moon. Leo’s “venus-infused light” reflects off this Aquarian full Moon – and onto you. You may feel yourself to be a mass of contradictions – a veritable genius, an exceptionally talented leader, a lover, a friend, or total wild card.

A magical Aquarian “interplay of energies” attracts “long-shots” into your life. What you assummed was never going to be possible for you might be proven false. Lots of attention is drawn to the “love/relationship/sex/money/creative talent” sector of your life.

Disruptions to the status quo keep things interesting. Unexpected role reversals or sudden decision reversals materialize. An accelerated flow of events moves things beyond what we’ve grown to expect.

Aquarius is driven more by what’s objectively true than dramatic, heart-felt expressions of love, warmth, and generosity. In the interest of balance, the Leo Sun steps in to provide what Aquarius lacks – and vice versa.

The purpose of any full Moon is to promote and ending and a return to balance. Aquarian extremism and unpredictability can undo years of tradition in one fell swoop.

The Leo Sun/Aquarius Moon pairing frees you to fall in love with an unusual and unexpected lover. If you like the same music or approach responsiblity in the same practical, down-to-earth way, that’s an encouraging sign.

Jumping to a new level of awareness by stepping outside an old reality framework can feel invigorating. Stepping outside an old reality framework can be a challenge. Emotional frameworks are deeply rooted in the past. Conscious attempts to let the past fade into the past can present you with exciting new options and a more joy-filled life.

Leo’s light (pure gold with a touch of showiness or drama) is reflected off of this quirky, justice-oriented full Moon. What you attract you deserve.

An old (karmic) debt comes due. It’s paid off and you might be the “beneficiary” of something fortunate – money you’re actually owed. Debts may be many lifetimes old so don’t worry if you have no memory of this.

Tensions between Leo and Aquarius re-ignite passion. An exact, energetic t-square (two planets opposing one another with a third squaring them both) is in play.

This Aquarian full Moon throws gasoline on an inner fire that’s in various stages of dying. If you’re a few steps away from shutting down you’ll likely be rescued.

The sensual, instinctive part of you comes back to life. What you see, feel, hear, smell, and taste is more acute. There’s something about Aquarius’s cool-headed objectivity and justice/fairness orientation that creates space for something of lasting value.

Despite urges to socialize and show off in an attractive way, it’s important to pay attention to your inner environment.

With the culmination of the Aquarian Full Moon, emotions peak. It’s time to assess and move toward a closer alignment with your most natural way of being.

Feeling fully alive involves expressions of rare talent, pricelss works of art, natural beauty, music, and things of lasting value. Over the next two weeks, to varying degrees, current life structures and old frameworks will be washed away.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Something inventive and ingenious that requires a creative process to materialize – and maybe a flashy, attention getting “roll-out” is one way of bringing into balance something that is currently moving in a lopsided direction. There’s some wishful thinking or delay involved in showcasing your talents and taking action to work in harmmony with your most natural way of being. Something deep within has been sleeping. You need to wake it up. Jumping to a new level of awareness by stepping outside an old reality framework needs to be addressed. A jolt of some kind needs to be amplified. It feels like your courage and confidence needs to shocked into expression. It’s time to investigate tactics that might awaken courage and confidence. One obvious idea is to start yelling out loud something courageously creative you intend to do. Another tactic is to take up as much space as possible as you yell out what you intend to do. You’ll probably run across better ideas. Whatever it takes now is the time to act boldly and in the interest of your creative, inventive talents. The Moon is supporting a return to balance.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
In some regard your home, family, and the past is a source of pride, a virtual gold mine, or an area that requires a more disspasionate, objective, and self-protective perspective. Some distancing fromm a close connection or identification may be required to protect what feels vulnerable. Relationships may be involved. Maintaining a perfect balancing act may require lots of energy and the maintenance of a sustained high level of awareness. But something unexpected and new may facilitate a leap to a new level of awareness and something that makes things easier. Stepping outside an old reality framework can feel refreshing and correct a perceptual error. This full Aquarius Moon looks fortunate for you. A closer alignment with something natural is proven to be more effective than the knots you were tying yourself in to maintain what you were trying to maintain. The discovery of something ingenious is handed to you.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Now is a perfect time to begin experiementing in the interest of discovering something that is effective, healing, and practically useful. Uranus in the natural and timeless sign of Taurus suggests that an area for experimentation might involve the past, something ancient, or something natural that grows in abundance within your immediate vicinity. Something in plain sight or something that was discovered long ago \ needs to be re-discovered and applied. But more importantly, depending on your level of passion and commitment, you might start relying on your intuition and a magical natural gift to move you in the right direction. You may be on the verge of being able to offer something that’s been hidden or obscured. Something life saving (in some regard) is the potential that seems to be gestating within at the momment.

CANCER (June 21-July)
Something new and unexpected is thrown into the mix and requires you to recalibrate and re-balance the scales of your life. A financial partnership might be destabilized by factors outside your control. But many factors are within your control. You have time to be pretty ingenious or just plain practical and disciplined about protecting and preserving the value of your resources, saving, and keeping closer track of the books. Currently there are five placements (lots of concentrated energy) in your 2nd house of valuables. Sometimes it’s clarifying to know that self-worth and net-worth both reside in the 2nd house. If your financial situation is deteriorating addressing a diminished sense of self-worth could be necessary as you begin to rebuild and restock what has been depleted. Partnerships that undermine your sense of self-worth deserve a critical second look. A dsciplined plan or approach to blocking anything that undermines your self worth seems critical to preserving what you value most.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
There’s lots of passion surrounding financial success and the promotion of a solid, trustworthy reputation that determines where you direct and focus your energy. You may be very conscious of the need to balance a tendency to be self-involved with the needs of a professional or personal relationship. It’s possible that under the impending full Aquarian Moon something new has been – or is about to be – introduced into an ongoing tricky balancing act. It may trigger a leap to a new level of awareness that allows you to step outside and beyond an old reality framework. It’s likely your passion for achievement and wealth will encounter a changing, maybe more volatile reality. Your advanced level of experience and higher level of awareness prepares you to continue to make the adjsutments needed to keep in balance relationships that are always in need of fine-tuning.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
It’s possible for an old source of pain to be transformed into a new source of power through some kind of energy that is gestating just beneath the surface of your awareness. The power seems related to your ability to recognize the truth about love, warmth, generosity, and kindness… and to channel that through the kind of work that you do. Your service to the world involves something ingenious and magical that is deeply sourced. Most of the answers and most effective methods for infusing healing vibes into the world lie beneath the surface of awareness. An easier, more harmonious energy exchange is now possible. A future vision may fuel your desire to experiment with something unusual and probably threatening to the status quo. The more robust the flow between healing and the magical world the more stabilized your finances become. Go where your passion leads you.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
There is the need to recalibrate or to bring into balance your need for respect, admiration, acceptance, and recognition with your need for creative freedom – expressions of quirkiness, ingeniousness, revolutionary approaches and disruptive offerings that can effectively break through blockages to progress. If your audience or social life does not allow the kind of freedom you require you might need a new audience, some new friends, or a different social environment. If your friends are easily offended or threatened, you might need to back away and re-establish yourseelf in a new place. It’s likely that something new and exciting will be introduced into the mix. A financial partnership, sexually re-invigorated sex life, or personally transformative experience will trigger a leap to a new level of awareness and the eventual demise of an old and difficult reality framework.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Being brought into balance may be something disruptive or ingenious rooted in the past – your relationship with the public, cherished goals, life direction, or professional life. Something or someone new and exciting might be introduced into the equation. It triggers a leap to a new level of awareness and the realization that an old reality framework is ending and open to being replaced by something new. Something new changes the nature of your role within relationships. Hopefully a partner or situation ecourages something more natural, easy going, and authentically aligned with the truth. What may be introduced seems to have the qualities of something more substantial, timeless, genuine, priceless, and of lasting worth and value. You might be required to make some adjustments or to up your game. A flickering flame of passion re-ignites. A blaze of excitement could accelerate the pace. But old betrayals, suspicions, and a general lack of trust could undermine emerging opportunities or potential. This feels like a case of making some progress in mastering your relationship with yourself. It’s important to balance “together time” with “alone time” to find that place of trust, tranquility, and love within.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarians may be especially fiery and impatient these days to move into the kind of vision for the future they’ve actively cultivated. It might be tempting to push things too fast or too far – to ignore the issue of actually recognizing whether something is ripe or needs more time. Your process and methods matter and they need to be aligned with nature’s timing and what’s naturally unfolding within you. There’s a time,a place, and a season for everything. It’s much easier to land in the right place if you allow natural, instinctive forces to propel you forward. It might feel like a waste of time, but actually it could save time. Apply a disciplined approach to your finances. When it comes to planning, expanding, travel, and dealing with foreign influences you’re a genius. You might be recognized as such under this Full Moon. You might also receive an important piece of informationto to guide you. Following up on a hunch seems like it could be healing.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Through financial and personal partnerships you may be entering a phase of good fortune. Your ability to remain cool and calm, and attached to a source of inner stability might be landing you in a lucrative spot. You might be feeling – or soon will be feeling – like a very fortunate person. Venus helps. But it’s important to attribute your success to something disciplined and aligned with your inner instincts. You might have made a risky call or decision where the responsibility for failure could have landed squarely on your shoulders. A sense of integrity is what Capricorn is famous for. If you didn’t trust your instincts, Venus might be land you on your feet anyway. In any case it looks like your worth and value as a solid reliable partner is being highlighted or showcased.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
A full Moom in your sign brings the past back to life in ways that benefit you – probably financially. Old family ties, relationships, and commitments, and what you’ve been willing to challenge or pursue may be setting you free to be more independent and powerful – to make some fundamental changes, to relocate, or to move with greater ease into the kind of future you desire. Your work and emotional health could improve as the result of what this Aquarian full Moon delivers. A sense of balance (justice and fairness) is being restored. You’ll likely progress in the direction of feeling more solid, confident, internally aligned, and free. Feeling more able to follow your instincts re: your work (and health) is a benefit you’ll enjoy.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Behind the scens you may have worked on something that could detach or distance you from an exploitative, imbalanced, and maybe dark, relationship past. This Aquarius full Moon might free you from what you didn’t realize continued to exert a heavy, depressing influence on you. Karmically it’s just time for you to be free and to move on. This full Moon (like almost everything for you) involves a magical process that takes on a life of it’s own. In terms of your work, your health, your methods, your clients, and what you attract, you may notice a significant upgrade. Sometime in the next two weeks you may be “on stage” showing the world how to do what you’ve mastered, receiving a service award, or just being recognized for the enlivening, healing influence that you embody. Now might be a good time to experiment with more powerful ways to increase the flow of intution and invisible (magical) guidance into your work. A passion for learning or travel is ignited.

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