Tuesday’s Capricorn Lunar Eclipse

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Full Moon Eclipse Tuesday, July 16th, 2019 at 5:38 PM Eastern time and 2:38 PM Pacific time.

This a a blood red full Moon eclipse in the sign of Capricorn. It’s karmic, deeply cleansing, and emotionally intense. This eclipse initiates a wash-out phase that frees you from something old, dark, and restrictive. It’s connected to the July 16th lunar eclipse of 2000. It’s influence is to broaden a limited understanding or perspective and to bring into balancee something (a relationship possibly) that has veered off into unsustainable extremes.

This full Moon eclipse falls on the Ceres/Neptune midpoint. What you’ve chosen to cultivate in the past may not have delivered the results you were hoping for. Maybe your actions were misguided. Maybe your expectations were unrealistic. Maybe you were simply following (family) traditions, doing what you thought was right, or buying into something that was unrealistic given your actual needs and desires. Maybe you were settling for “the best you could do.”

Whatever it was the time for replaying an old scene, assigning blame, and beating yourself up is over. A focus on your future is being supported by this eclipse. (Venus Conjunct the North Node).

In preparation for designing and putting a future plan into action Saturn is working to settle old scores. You can be pretty “hands off” with this one. It’s called Karmic retribution and Saturn knows how to do it. He’s doing his part over the next couple months to bring things back into balance by tying up loose ends and changing the game. Sommething that’s over may need to be officially over. You may need the paperwork or the proof especially if you were born in the sign of Taurus or Scorpio. (Saturn conjoins Pluto and the South Node).

Pluto at his most extreme wants power and control at any cost. He doesn’t respect relationships or life itself. He exploits the weak for personal gain and works behind the scenes to destroy those who challlenge his power and control. He’s dark and ruthless, shockingly inhumane.

But “sex, lies, secrets, and videotapes” surface. Vulnerabilities are exposed. A purge is in play.

In your own world things you’re not proud of or trying to conceal may be exposed. Steps you’ve skipped since July of 2000 come back to demand your attention. In many respects this feels like a tormenting eclipse with a very specific purpose – to undermine the past and to redirect your focus toward the future. An offical ending may materialize over the next couple months.

A Capricorn Lunar Eclipse requires a realistic and practical relationship with the past. It involves using what you’ve learned to propel yourself into the future. Taking a disspassionate look at the patterns, experiences, and desires that have defined you is the raw material needed to design a future that is both practical and inspired.

The Sabain Symbols for the Sun and Moon seem to work beautifully together under this eclipse. If you’re not familiar with astrological Sabian symbols there is one symbol assigned to every degree and sign of the Zodiac. There are 360 of them.

Symbols tend to capture more of the essence and meaning of an eclipse chart (or any chart) than accurate calculations although both are needed. Symbols feel alive and interactive. They require your input and your interpretation. And because they’re considered sacred you’re assisted in extracting their true meaning for yourself.

Symbols for the thoughtful can be rich treasure troves of truth.

Symbols for the Sun and Moon are most important for defining a central message.

In this case the symbol for the Moon – the actual 24 degrees of Capricorn Lunar Eclipse, is the following:

“A customer in an oriental rug store stumbles against a lump moving under the rug. A moment later the scruffy head of the shopkeepers son pops out from the carpets edge.”

There are lots of ways to interpret this. For me it represents something alive with possiblity that exists beneath an ancient work of art (you) and gets your attention by tripping you up. It can symbolize something hidden – an awareness that exists beneath the rich patterns of your life. Probably something playful.

It’s important to be able to weave together a series of personal myths or fundamental stories to make sense of the world, to be able to recognize the future possibility that matches our unique patterns and design. One personal myth in particular may be especially important. It’s the one that’s hard to see or especially hard to weave into the existing pattern. But it may be the one that turns your “work of art” into a masterpiece.

The Symbol for the 24 degree Cancer Sun is the following:

“A student making an entrance in a high-school play dramatically throws off his jacket and proceeds to give a hammy but ammusing performance.”

To me this speaks to livng out a self-created role and having fun with it. It may be a role that emerges from weaving a series of personal myths into a unique design. It involves irrepressibility and the ability to find situations that allow you to play out an exciting, inspiring role within the public sphere. It’s about throwing off inhibitions and proudly displaying your talents. (Julia Child, Stephen King, and Bette Midler all have significant 24th degree Cancer placements matching the Sun in this Eclipse chartt.

It’s hard for me to pass up the chance under this particular eclipse to introduce you to my friend and colleague Kathleen Paul. I’ve known and worked with her for many years. Her area of expertise fits perfectly with the meaning of this eclipse.

She’s a story/myth specialist integrating shamanic, magical practices that transport you over new thresholds. She’s a highly accomplished and experienced writing coach and teacher. I’m very proud to be able to recommend her to you.

In her words:

“We often underestimate the power of story and don’t really consider how a familiar story may cause us to bend away from our heart’s desires. Finding your voice, telling your story in your voice and truly following your soul’s journey can be a profound process that takes you beyond intellectual understanding to heart healing.

If you’re interested check out her website at www.kathleenpaul.com or contact her at kathleen.paul@gmail.com

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