New Horoscopes for the Week of 7/3 – 7/9

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Today Venus’s moves into the sign of Cancer eases your way through anything from the past that needs to be dealt with. Saturn in Capricorn retrogrades to align with the South node. Karmic justice makes an appearance to balance out past (financial) imbalances and to reward those who’ve ended up “paying” more than their fair share.

Venus gets what she wants by attracting it. Fighting for anything is not her style. She eases into things. In the sign of Cancer she’s especially kind, soothing, and effective in attracting what she wants. At a minimum Venus is civil and polite in situations that test her patience.

Family interactions rooted in the past are highlighted. Taking it easy at home may be especially satisfying for the next couple weeks. The problem with Venus in Cancer is a tendency to overcompromise in relationships with family, finances, housing, and issues involving security. Venus in Cancer hates conflict (especially family conflict) and if she’s not careeful she’ll avoid it at the expense of her integrity and self-respect. A return to issues that arose around April 30th is likely.

Venus in Cancer forms a challenging aspect to Ceres in expansive, freedom loving Sagittarius (retrograde). This implies the need for adjustments, accommodations, or something from the past (a relationship) that cannot be resolved without further clarification or unraveling.

You can’t get what you need without addressing something you’d rather not – re-living or being reminded of what you’d like to forget. Especially nourishing and healing when Ceres moves retrograde through Sagittarius is greater freedom from the past.

On a different note family members or partners who’ve tied themselves in knots to “keep the lid on” might have a lot to “unpack” between now and September 18th.

Adding some balance to the equation, Mars in Leo (from now through August 18th) generally has no problem fighting for what he wants. The more spectators the better. But the real opportunity presenting itself now is probably creativee freedom.

Mars in Leo does best when he’s challenged to create something that will bring joy to the masses – or whomever he loves. He takes a powerful, direct approach to love, sex, and vibrant, creative expressions of talent. He’s “the best” at bringing you back to life if you’re in an extended “funk phase.”

If you have planets in the fire signs (Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius) you’ll be in love with Mars and his ability to immerse you in the kind of creative projects you love. If you have planets in air signs (Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini) Mars will create opportunities for you to further develop your talent and to be noticed.

There’s a tendency to be more courageous about initiating a love affair when Mars is in Leo. Waiting for the other to make the first move is not his style.

Be careful of childish tendencies like throwing dramatic “look at me” temper tantrums when you don’t get what you want. You might have to deal with this kind of behavior in others.

On Sunday, July 7th Mercury retrogrades at 4 degrees of Leo and will remain in retrograde motion through July 31st. Mercury retrograde takes you back to an original idea you had but for some reason brusheed aside. Mercury and Mars will encourage you to take another look and maybe act on your original idea. Mars/Mercury speaks up and says the courageous thing.

Chiron retrogrades in Aries from July 8th (Monday) through December. Chiron is the key to self-awareness. If you’re afraid to embrace the full measure of your creativity despite emerging opportunities Chiron retrograde could clarify an old source of fear. He might show you how an old wound distorted and magnified “threats” to stop you from taking risks and having the kind of impact you want to have. Becoming more self aware is supported by the cosmos for the next several months.

Today, post eclipse, you may feel unbound from something – or on the verge of being unbound fromm something. The coast is clearer than it was. You may soon be freer to move in a direction that feels right. It’s a direction that encouages what you love, your life purpose, and reason for being.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The underlying cosmic framework that’s supporting you is different than it was early yesterday. The karmic gods have intervened to move you closer to your life’s central purpose. Venus in Cancer is especially powerful for Aries. She’s aligned with your 4th house of home, family, roots and the nature of the foundations that support your success. Venus is positioned to enliven old relationships. You may need to make some adjustments to balance a love for “domestic bliss” with a return to a more adventrous and freer approach to life. It may be time to take some (creative) risk, to let your artistry speak for you, to expand something deeply personal and soulful beyond it’s current reach. Higher education, publishing, and travel may be the kind of nourishment you need to feed your soul. But mothering or care-giving issues make things uncertain. Ultimately you’ll need to find a safe “home within” so you can expand your reach and take off. Chiron’s move into retrograde motion will take you deeper to discover the key to self-awareness. Knowing you can trust your instincts and take some risk despite old wounds that distorted your ability to trust anything can be worked around. It looks like they have to be.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Venus’s recent move into your third house supports the flow of communication with family or with someone from the past. Venus encourages you to connect with a sibling, to express your love for him or her – or to make amends. It’s possible you’ll be given the news you most wanted to hear – news that eases restrictions from the past and restrictions you assummed would apply to your future and your ability to move forward. A mothering/care giving/ nourishment issue may require ongoing adjustments. You may need to approach something or someone from a different angle. A fluid change in perspective allowing you to see things from a different perspective may feel especially supportive. A transformational (care-giving) challenge may be expanding your power. You may be advancing into higher realms of self-mastery. Control over your thoughts and behavior is easier to maintain. Because Ceres is retrograde and the past looms large, what you communicate through your style of relating reflects a break from old habits. A better understanding of who’s responsible for what continues to move you along a promising path.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
A new beginning involves the nature of your approach to making a living, financial contributions, financial partnerships, what you value, and what is most likely to allow you to incorporate something that feels balanced. Your past approach to financial partnerships may have been laced with something involving guilt, punishment, an authoritative approach, betrayal, or assumptions that you were incompetent. Maybe you felt “less than” and it all snowballed into something very lopsided – a distorted approach. Sommething within you or something within a financial partnership may be moving in the direction of balance. A correction involving your sense of self-worth, what you deserve, and the value of what you can contribute may come into play. Something involving nurturing, the past, your home, and changing values may be in need of a significant adjustment Creative freedom and your future is the issue. Mercury retrogrades on Sunday in your 3rd house of communication, problem solving, and making an impact through what you say and how you say it. By July 31st you may come up with a financial or living arrangement that works better for you.

CANCER (June 21-July)
Cancers are currently challenged (actually always challenged) within the realm of relationships. But someething lopsided is in the process of being corrected. There tends to be a karmic correction when Saturn is involved – which he is. The eclipse may be moving things in a more balanced direction. What’s really nice for Cancer is that Venus, the planet of ease and flow, love and kindness, beauty and mothering, has moved into your 1st house. Something easy and unusually pleasant replaces a feeling of being a little lost in the “relationship wilderness” for awhile. But there’s been a rebirth and it looks really nice. Take advantage of your ability to attract what you want and need from now through July 28th. People find you more attractive in every way. This is promising if your trying to attract something easier and more aligned with what you love. The challenge is to make some needed adjustments involving your mother, mothering, nourishment, and care-giving. Something involving your work or health may be an issue. Worrying and being able to clarify who is responsible for what seems important. Seeing where the boundaries need to be drawn may be most important.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Yesterday’s eclipse may have felt like an earthquake to you. Nothing earth shattering may have been visible on the surface but your intuition may have been telling you something was changing. It seems to have changed in a fortunate direction for you. Somethings has felt very lopsided for awhile. But as Venus aligns with the Summer Solstice point the tide begins to turn in a favorable direction for you. You may need to forgive some ruthless tactics and hurt feelings in order to see clearly your next best practical move. Mercury and Mars make you want to dance in the end zone after a victory but that might not be wise. Creating a backlash is not in your interest. What seems most beneficial is combining your creative energy and ideas with brilliant, original, practical strategies. Adjustments may need to be made regarding a sense of loss. Something once secure and safe has been threatened. It may be time to pull things back together with something fun and celebratory. It may be time to reaffirm a sense of community and the inherent importance of everyone’s contribution. Mercury turns retrograde on Sunday. Rethinking an old approach or reversing an old style may be indicated.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
After yesterday’s eclipse something more balanced and beneficial involving expressions of love and being more receptive to love may have been set in motion. Your talents and the things you love most may have found a home in the community, within your social life, among friends, or within the realm of your own most cherished ideals. Dreams, hopes, and wishes for yourself, for your family, the community, and the world are coming back to life. Friends may recognize your ability to organize something supportive for everyone involved. It might be easier now to find a way to adjust your mmovement through life in ways that make everyone’s movement through life a little easier – without sacrificing more than you gain. In creative, efficient, and organized ways you can design your life and routine to make it easier for everyone to move forward together. It’s about developing a high degree of sensitivity to the efforts of others and figuring out how to ease their path through life while at the same time easing your own. It’s about putting the wind in someone’s sails through actions that benefit both of you. It’s about being efficient and not wasting anything.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Something lopsided that had evolved over time between your fourth house of family and your 10th house of proving yourself to yourself and to the world is in the process of being recalibrated and brought into balance. Jupiter in retrograde motion in your 3rd house of communication is encouraging receptivity and a reversal. If you’re used to dominating discussions because you’re most likely the smartest one in the room you may feel and urge to listen more carefully and to connect with an easy give and take rhythm that feels great. You may be willing to learn as much as you teach, to have your mind expanded as much or more than you facilitate the expansion of another’s mind. You may feel equally inspiring and inspired. It’s all very nourishing. Connecting in balanced, aligned ways is like finding the sweet spot for a second and remembering it’s impact for the rest of your life. I’m not exaggerating the level of joy and satisfacion you could gain from conversations and discussions with brilliant minds, ordinary minds, and those who’s ideas differ or build on your own. (Actually I might be exaggerating because I’m looking at Jupiter). Trust me anyway. The key is greater receptivity to something valuable you once might have quickly dismissed.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
The eclipse is taking something that has been lopsided for awhile and bringing it back into balance. It seems to involve your need to feel inspired by endless possibilities and opportunities (and to be able to take full advantge of those,) and your lower mind’s tendency to be reflexively dismissive, skeptical, suspicious, and restricting. The emerging opportunity seems to be shifting in the direction of your 5th house of your creative imagination. It’s time to expand your right brain and to set your creative instincts and know-how free. Now is a time when you can let your imagination go where it will and to respectfully consider anything that emerges. It seems possible that you will hit on something ideal, or something that perfectly aligned with your ideals that you have to materialize it. Maybe this is just an exercise in opening your mind and trusting it. Either way you benefit. The key to self-awareness for you involves observing the processes you use to navigate through life. Working around old wounds allows you to engage in something much more dynamic and promising. It starts with saying “no” to your left brain and the automatic “censors” that have dominated for too long.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
The eclipse might have brought into balance a lopsidedness that did not work in your favor. It sprang from betrayals, financial punsihment, feelings of guilt, powerlessness, resentment, and unwothiness. Now the karmic gods have stepped in to say enough is enough. Venus transited into 0 degrees of Cancer to ease into place a new sense of balance and enhanced power. Losers and winners may be changing places. But what’s more relevant for you is being able to get back to what you do best which is to nourish the masses with something adventuruous, mind-expanding, and inspiring. Sagittarius makes living more fun. He’s the one who makes you laugh. He has a talent for being able to get away with telling you the unadulterated truth without making you want to run away. He brings you back to life, restores your faith, and ignites your enthusiasm. All of this has been toned down under the weight of something imbalanced and unfair. Now it’s comng back life and you’ll quickly remenber who you are and why you’re here. Without you operating in rare form life can be pretty boring and lifeless. Thank God you’re coming back.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
There has been a shift in relationships back toward the center. Something rooted in the past that has been lopsided and imbalanced for a long time is correcting itself. Actually the karmic gods are correcting it. This is changing you in ways that make you more receptive to love – and more receptive in general. A guarded, protective stance seems less necessary. You might feel that larger, more myterious forces are at work protecting you in ways you used to have to protect yourself. That seems to align with all the indicators I see. Saturn and the South Node align in your 1st house. Something old – an old approach to life or an old role you’re used to playing within the realm of rellationships can now be rejected in favor of something softer, more nurturing, secure, and loving. Uranus in Taurus in your 5th house insists on being free to create something futuristic based on preserving what is a throughline for the continuation of something precious and irreplaceable. Mars in the 8th houe is involved in a fight for the survival of creative freedom, free speech, and your right to preserve what you value most. There’s a lot going on here. But the bottom line is that love is the most powerful thing. Everything else is meant to distract.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Venus adds an element of ease and enjoyment to anything having to do with work, health, your responsibilities, and routine. If you have to rely on a service provider it seems you’ll attract an especially caring and competent one. If you are a service provider you’ll be an exceptional and exceptionally kind one. It’s easier now to do your best work. It’s easier to take something you love and figure out how to make it your life’s work. What has been shaken up, and continues to be, is the nature of the foundation of your life. Family complications, old wounds, consequences of “bad” decisions, guilt, financial and relationship restictions you assummed would always be there are lifting.. There’s lots of rumbling beneath the surface that’s changing your life in a positive direction – lots of deep healing going on that has profound implications for your life direction. A partner’s love and commitment may be triggering change. Your own evolving values may be changing what you can expect – especially within the realm of relationships and with regard to your home. Maybe you’ll move and it will be a very advantageous move that launches you into sommething deeply gratifying. It looks like love.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, both in retrograde motion, continue to infuse your life with a tension between needing to reconsider you current life direction and being truthful about what feeds your soul vs a need to keep yourself undefined, your impact diffuse, your goals elusive, and your strategies artistic. A catch 22 feeling may cause you to determine there is no way out or no way forward. But Neptune’s recent move into retrograde motion – now through Novemner 28th – can take you deeper into the most mysterious and magical realm of your being to allow you to settle on something relatively fluid. Your relationship with reality is unique. It’s softer, more delicate, more vulnerable, more receptive, and more compassionate. But it’s also capable of aligning you with what refects a more natural arrangement for you. Get out the tarot cards. Open yourself up to something powerful and magical that can take you on a journey leading to something that feels right. Sacrificing your soul for something that makes you look like you know what you’re doing is a bad trade off. Sit back and trust that you’ll lead yourself – or allow yourself to be lead – in the right direction. Envision something more magical.

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