Horoscopes for the Week of June 6/12 – 6/18**

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We’re more sensitive and tuned in the week before a full Moon. At the end of this week (Tuesday, June 17th) a full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius reaches it’s culmination point. Full Moons (in Sagittarius especially) can expand and exaggerate emotional reactions. This is a good week to notice what’s triggered through communications, discussions, negotiations, and emerging future possibilities. Dreams and memories have an easier time penetrating the boundaries betweeen the conscious/subconscious mind. Important hidden information becomes easier to access. (I’ll write more on the specifics of this new Moon this weekend.)

This week Mars (action) and Mercury (words, ideas, discussions and connections) align with the North Node. Taking action in a direction that feels “destined to be” seems right. The “gods” have arranged for an easy “on ramp” that moves you forward toward something natural and authentic. The gears of the Cosmic clock are in sync. Events and connections (maybe from the past) point you in a direction that feels revitalizing – the essential essence of your life’s purpose.

It takes courage to choose something easy when you’ve been encoraged to believe that a struggle is more likely to get you where you neeed to be. Easy and natural might feel odd and you might be suspicious. It’s time to trust your instincts.

Even though “easy” dominates a disciplined action, stategy or method must be in place. Maybe your agreement to step onto your destined path entails sacrifice or the need to release something you’ve grown to rely on. Maybe you need to say something you don’t want to have to say. Maybe you need to leave behind something old, familiar and predictable in exchange for something that brings you to life.

A change in perspective, the discovery of a new, more effective method, something you’ve learned, or the release of an old belief allows you to make the kind of headway you previously assummed was impossible. Something more promising and encouraging is emerging. You may be getting (or about to get) the results you wanted.

Jupiter (retrograde in Sagittarius) and Neptune in nebulous Pisces form a harsh angle to each other. Jupiter retrograde is a process of reviewing future plans, options, and possibilities. Neptune puts a haze over critical thinking. We can’t see clearly. We can’t count on the the accuracy of our information – yet. The truth is elusive. We know something’s missing but we can’t for sure identify what it is.

This is the continuation of “crisis” event that occurred mid-January. It’s likelly we don’t have all the information we need. Something we’ve been told doesn’t ring true. This storyline has an ending but the resolution might not materialize until September.

Mars opposing the Saturn/Pluto conjunction this week is significant. Saturn/Pluto is the defining issue of our time. The conjunction occurs once every 33-38 years and it signifies a massive breakdown of old frameworks and old ways despite a show of resistance. Upheaval is replacing stabillity.

On a personal level when Saturn and Pluto align in the sign of Capricorn we need to let go of something fundamentally stabilizing to our way of being. It feels disorienting and frightening. Pluto rules the underworld (our subconscious mind) so on a personal level we’re not entirely clear on what’s happening and why. But we feel a sense of loss. The personal meaning of the seemingly senseless breakdown might escapes us.

But Mars in opposition to Saturn/Pluto might express in a way that presents a stark, clarifying contrast. The contrast between cold heartedness and kindness, (ruthlessness and caring) could trigger a sudden flash of insight or personal revelation.

Just be mindful of the possibility that you might recognize the underlying meaning of the upheaval involved in destructive/transformative events. Understanding the meaning of a struggle makes a big difference.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Your third house of communication, clarification, siblings, hearing and telling the truth is highlighted. Something involving education, travel, publishing or legal matters is revealed. It’s likely something will move you forward in a direction that feels revitalizing and right. Maybe your outspokeness, courage, or ability to be honest or to fight for something involving your home, family, or housing arrangement is paying dividends. You still may need to contend with the need to let go of something old and punishing. And you still need to maintain a sense of discipline and to consider the possibility that all of your ideas about success may not be valid. There’s still something that remains confusing about the future, where you’d like to be headed, what’s possible, and what’s yet to be decided. The most important thing you can do is to clarify a hidden undermining influence. It might resemble a lack of faith in your ability to manifest the kind of future you want. The source of that needs to be uprooted. A shocking loss from the past that was never resolved might need your atteention. Now is a good time to delve deep. A search and recovery effort is required.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Venus is opposing Ceres in your 8th house of betrayals, mistrust, and complicated financial parnterships. Ceres is the part of being mothered or mothering (or trusting) that is painful or devastating. A separation or loss of something or someone you love (a child or mother) transforms you in ways that facilitate growth, understanding, and the accumulation of wisdom. Something you once believed is in the process of being unraveled and it’s effects are personally empowering. A new and different (more balanced) relationshio with yourself and others is emerging. It changes everything – but it’s intense. What moves you several giant steps forward in a direction that fuels your passion is your willingness to be courageous and communicative. There needs to be a framework with rules, respect, and disciplined practices that apply to you. You might neeed to sacrifice some of the inflexibility and resistance involved in resisting the expansion of your perspective, opening your mind, and giving yoursellf and others more freedom. A promising future option could be undermined by an adherence to group consensus or group-think. The issue is more aligned with what’s true for you.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Fully illuminated, enjoyable, and newly interesting is the nature of your role within the realm of relationships, with yourself, your body, and the potentially new and interesting impact you can make. Venus opposes Ceres retrograding in your 7th house. This is a culmination of the combination of future potential, mothering struggles, what you love, and your ability to integrate the profound nature of mother/child issues. A different kind of relationship with your mom or with a child may be emerging. Maybe this is more about nourishing the mind. A willingness to take the easier, more natural road regarding financial contributions and financial partnerships seems timely. You may be benefitting from your ability to put your words into action and actions into words and feeling like your being eased into your destined role – closer to your life’s central purpose. Part of this picture is the ongoing breakdown of an old way of being involving fear of financial betrayal, scarcity and dependency. The meaning of all of this may be clarified through some kind contrast or role reversal. Something within tthe realm of relationships and pursuing success may not be realistic or truthful at this time.

CANCER (June 21-July)
Cancers are especially sensitive to full Moons. Your feelings may be close to the surface this week. You may be feeling vulnerable, and experience exaggerated emotional responses. You’re more in-tune though, and your sixth sense is working overtime to help you distinguish between fact and fiction. You may sense that the real truth is in conflict with the information you’re receiving. Because of your willingness to put words into action, to protect and nurture your physical body, and to play a courageous role within the realm of relationships, you may find yourself releasing old patterns and taking giant steps toward a destined role that feels easier, more natural, refreshing and right. Your 12th house of hidden information is illuminated. You may sense that you’re a victim of something undermining to your health or work environment. Complete clarity may not arrive until September. A breakdown of the structures that have previously informed your opinions and expections regarding balance and fairness within the realm relationships is in play. There is some profound meaning to an ongoing struggle within your relationships. This week you might get a feel for the nature of it.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The impending full Moon in Sagittarius might make you feel more vulnerable in love, more sensitive to how you express yourself, how you’re received, and how entertaining and attractive you’re able to be. Your 11th house of social affairs and community concerns is illuminated and energized. Issues and conflicts concerning friendship vs.love, your mom, mothering, and the painful nature of moving through the transformational stages mothering may be highlighted. Maybe your mind needs more nourishment. It doesn’t seem quite time for a final decision yet. There is more to consider. But there is something hopeful on the horizon. It may be unrealistic now but after August 11th not so much. Something could take you into sexually or emotionally complicated territory. It looks potentially romantic and transportive but not like something lasting will come of it. Your ability to put words into action and action into words facilitates a move forward in the direction of embracing something kinder, easier, and more closely aligned with your life’s purpose and destined path. The breakdown of an old framework that supported your work environment, old fears, and the need to overwork to avoid a confrontation with yourself is facilitating a break through. You may be settling into yourself and discovering the advantages of trusting your instincts. The sttruggle continues but you’re making progress.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
The impending full Moon in your 4th house of home, family, and foundational strength could make you feel especially vulnerable when it comes to security concerns, stabilization, and the future. You may have acceess to hidden information – information you’ve hidden or buried – that will clarify a conflict in love and the painful nature of moving through the transformational stages of mothering and being mothered. There’s is haze over relationships in general that is confusing and maybe undermining to you. Something is not what it seems and you may be especially psychically in-tune this week. Something may be unrealistic about your beliefs concerning home, family, and the future. It might take until September of this year for things to clear up. In the meantime you have the opportunity to recognize your destined path and to take a few giant steps in that direction. Putting words into action and actions into words facilitates an embrace of your life’s essential purpose. It’s an easier, more vital and exciting path. Underlying it though, is an ongoing process of destabilization and deconstruction. A stark contrast or contradiction could make you aware of the essential purpose of your current struggle. That changes everything,

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
As a result of releasing the past – or a significant piece of it – it appears you may be freeing yourself to step into an easier, more natural, destined role. It probably feels nurturing and right. Your ability to act courageously, to put words into action, to protect yourself, and your finances may be moving you onto the right track. Old patterns and strategies within the realm of relationships have given way toosomething new. But an inconjunct between Pallas and Nessus suggests you may need to be extra vigilant (particularly within work environments) to not excuse abusive behavior or treatment. Your familiarity and skillfullness in tolerating abuse (or dishing it out) could interfere with the development of healthier patterns. Fundamental adjustments may need to be made regarding the role you play within the realm of relationships and taking responsibility for change. Mars opposing Saturn/Pluto in your forth house could provide a stunning contrast with the past that clarifies the meaning of the breakdown and destabilization that has taken place in your life. Clarifying the meaning of your personal struggle is critical.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Mars opposes and triggers the area of your life undergoing systematic breakdown and destabilization. Most likely this involves beliefs, truth, education, resistance, publicity, legalities, publishing, facts, and your destined path and life purpose. Putting words into action and courageously speaking up moves you a few giant steps onto a path that feels easier, more natural, refreshing, and right. But the complications and the resistance may be formidable. Something nefarious, underming, and untrue could interfere with effective financial management. But it may take a little longer to unravel what may be going on. This week’s full Moon influence might be making you feel more vulnerable when it comes to issues of self-wooth, net-worth, financial partnerships, or mothering issues from the past. This may involve your own mothering instincts, your mom, communication and the pain involved in moving from one stage of mothering/motherhood to the next. Loss is inevitable. It’s complicated and age old. Something innovative may be fueling your passion and stabilizing you. More and better nourishment for the mind is essential.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
The relationship realm of your life is activated and illuminated for a couple more weeks. A struggle involving love, mothering, partners, and loss is in play. It’s complicated and painful and probably not yet ready to be resolved. A review of the past is incomplete. A process of clarification of roles, facts, beliefs, and whether an analysis of the facts aligns with beliefs is ongoing. But it appears they don’t. The past (family, roots, abuse and rebellious expressions of womanhood) looms large. You may see some clarification, resolution, or movement by September. Matching words with action to increase you power or to prepare yourself for a more expansive and interesting future might be moving you giant steps in the right direction and onto your destined path. And it probably feels natural, refreshing, and right. Concurrently it appears you need to follow some rules or to make some sacrifices involving money, spending, and your personal contributions. Overall this is a fortunate week for you. The lunar influence might trigger vulnerability and sensitivities involving money, balance, powerlessness, dependency, and the possibility of something destabilizing. But optimism reigns.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
The impending full Moon in your 12th house of buried treasure and buried pain brings to life the possibility of informing your work, your desire to serve, and improve with something more intuitive, instinctual, compassionate, and artistic. A disciplined approach to your physical body and your work is an indirect and powerful way to heal what you can’t define and can’t see. The 12th house holds an amazing amount of power that is normally hard to control and difficult to access. But this week you have a “special acceess pass.” Be quiet at regular intervals and you’ll feel what you need to know – or stumble upon the right information. And hopefully you’ll trust it. There is an ongoing breakdown in your 1st house of your style and approach oo life. Inflexibility and an authoritarian approach is giving way to something kinder and calmer. Your role within the realm of relationships might be softening And that’s responsible for the fact that you may be taking some giant steps in the direction of your destined role and your essential life’s purpose. It might feel easier to you – less driven by fear of losing control. Maybe the world doesn’t fall apart if you release control. Partner’s reflect the change in you in positive ways. But this is a week to write things down and to not count on your mind to be especially sharp. You’rebusy unearthing age old wisdom but your not tuned in to mundane details.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The impending full Moon in Sagittarius in your 11th house of friends, social groups, and community activism brings to life some vulnerabilities related to where you belong, your outsider status, how you can connect and not lose yourself and your creative freedom in the process. You may be craving something more mentally nourishing, interesting, and expansive but be unwilling to risk any freedoms you have. You may feel lonely but uninterested in your choice of alternatives. Your 5th house is illuminated. Love, creativity, and self-expression is highly energized. You can focus and communicate in artistic ways. You can tell a story in a way that connects you with the masses. On the surface you may feel like not much is goinf on. But beneath the surface the entire invisible framework of your subconscious mind (your mission control center) is breaking down. It’s unnerving and unsettling on subtle levels. And it’s strenuous. Indirectly you may be sensing that things are changing, What this probably feels like is a relaxation of the impossible standards you’ve previously applied to yourself and your life – a diminishment of guilt, and a dissolutioon of the belief that if it’s a struggle and if it hurts you must be on the right track. Something different is emerging – something easier and more aligned with your authentic self. It seems you’re taking giant steps in the direction of your life’s essential purpose.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
The impending full Moon in Sagittarius in your 10th house triggers some sensitivity regarding relationships, your career, success, life direction, and foundational strength. You may be extra vulnerable to information that suggest you may be falling behind or lacking faith in your ability to lead. You may need to show that you can come up with something more nourishing, interesting, and informtive. It does appear you can trust an easier, more natural path forward. An authentic friendly expression of you – a personal story that connects you on a heart-felt level with groups and communities you’ve previously attempted to keep at arms length – opens doors to something more aligned with your life’s purpose. Putting words into action moves you forward. There’s an ongoing breakdown in the framework of your social life – a distancing from communities, friendships, and those who crave your attention. It may feel isolating and pretty comfortable. But the meaning of it all may be about pushing you further in the direction of love, challenging you to further develop your creative process, and to experiment with how much risk you can take to make a personal connection before you spook yourself back into hiding.

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