Gemini New Moon

New Moon at 12 Degrees of Gemini on Monday, June 3, 2019 at 3:02 AM PDT and 6:02 AM EDT

The unfolding “Gemini New Moon story” is influenced by an ongoing “back story.” Among the most important background influences is the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. Every 32-38 years Saturn and Pluto join forces to intensify a particularly tumultuous global scene. A massive redistribution of power is indicated. Who controls access to resources, which countries/groups will make the decisions affecting the greater collective, who deserves to take the lead, and whether this occurs in plain sight or behind the scenes is anyone’s guess.

Once we could bounce our ideas, decisions, and futures off of a relatively stable and predictable environment. Now that is not the case. And it probably won’t be for the next 2-3 years.

A major change in perspectives and beliefs will occur. There are multitple layers and many choices under a Gemini Moon. As “winners” and “losers” trade places social unrest and upheaval intensifies. What becomes increasingly important is connecting to a deeper, more personal point of stabilization and purpose.

Under this Gemini New Moon a new personal story can begin to unfold. This was triggered by the effects of the May 18th Scorpio full Moon.

A signifcant, transformational, deeper truth emerged under the May 18th full Moon. It was an eye-opener, a revelation, a strong dose of clarity, or a reluctant “acceptance” that nullified old patterns, commitments, and arrangements. What had once felt hopeful was dealt a serious blow. Or the opposite.

Maybe an unexpectedly beautiful, deeper truth was revealed. But it too nullified an old way of being and may have undermined how you had always defined yourself to yourself.

The new Gemini Moon is a chance to update your story based on what you now know, believe, and value.

A gradual unfolding of many options and choices will become available for your consideration. A new Moon is a dark time. We won’t see or feel the meaning of the “newness” for a few days.

This new Moon rises at 12 degrees of Gemini and makes a couple important aspects to asteroids. The first is an easy trine to Pallas the “strategizer, planner, pattern recognizer, and rational embodiement of the left brain”.

Pallas initiates an idea-sharing discussion and recognizes the difference between rational and wishful thinking. Her mind is sharp and coldly rational. She’s a shrewd problem-solver, effective negotiator, and meticuous planner.

And then there’s the new Moon’s square to Nessus, the abusive, abused, or confused victim.

It appears there is a hidden, subtle depleting, or discouraging force that competes with the promise of a this new Moon. Failing to accept reponsibility for keeping this depleting force “in check” is a significant miscalculation that skews an otherwise crystal clear analysis or “right-on-target” decision. The ability to stay in control of your thoughts, or to sustain a focus on a vision for the future may need to be cultivated.

The third option (there are many more whenever Gemini’s involved) is that you will fail to acknowledge that your thoughts create your reality and blame it on an external “cause” that’s actually not the “cause.”

In the interest of getting myself warmed up to resume writing weekly horoscopes I’ll give my take on the probable effects of the new Gemini Moon for each sign. I usually read new or full Moon horoscopes for my Moon sign – then Ascendent and Sun.

Aries: The new Moon in your 3rd solar house enhances your communication, clarifies your choices, and moves you into contact with your mom, the family, the past, or new housing options and decisions. An emotional breakthrough or ending may be triggered as something old comes back to life.

Taurus: The new Moon in your 2nd Solar house stimulates discussions and accountings involving money, values, priorities, and ownwership. A new beginning may involve financial decisions, partnerships, or the profound realization of your actual worth and value. You may be on the verge of communicating something straight from the heart.

Gemini: This is an extra fortified and powerful new beginning involving choices, decisions, multi-layered communication, and the means to make a profound impact through greater insistence on playing the role you want to play. Dealing with the emotional aspects of financial fear or instability may be necessary.

Cancer: This new Moon falls into the subconscious, magical realm of your solar chart. It’s a fertile but vulnerable place for the new Moon to be. You might notice an enhanced ability to contribute brilliant ideas in the workplace and to intuitively know what you need to improve your health, or to gain new levels of mastery over yourself. You are on the verge of a role change or significant new emotional beginning.

Leo: This new Moon falls in your 11th house of social ideals, community activism, and receptivity to love. A review of your options, choices, and decisions may signal an emotional end-point and new willingness to explore the deeper, more powerful, hidden or rejected parts of yoursellf.

Virgo: The new Moon in your solar 10th house signal new beginnings related to your professional life, life direction, and home base. You may be recognized as a cutting edge idea person, someone who is an expert multi-tasker and communicator. A new direction could move you into a nurturing leadership position – or a position of being more receptive to love.

Libra: The new Moon rises in your 9th house of opportunity and an expanding belief and faith in yourself. New ideas stimulate joy and optimism. Something nurturing or emotionally satisfying elevates you to a position of achieving your highest aspirations.

Scorpio: The new Moon rises in your 8th house of financial partnerships, wealth building, and power. Your knowledge and ideas may be very valuable in promoting opportunities for progressive kinds of nurturing, education, travel, publishing, and mind expansion.

Sagittarius: This new Moon rises in your 7th house of committed partnerships, marriage, justice, fairness, and balance. Discussions and negotiations re: the future may be important and life-changing. A new beginning may be necessary. Considerations may be a move or change in location that proves deeply transformative and difficult. Your emotional environment intensifies.

Capricorn: This new Moon rises in your 6th house of health, self-immprovement, and the nature of your job environment. Something new is in the works that may affect the emotional health of your relationships or your ability to create a better balance. A new beginning gives you the opportunity to contribute some of your best ideas that come to you in dreams or “twilight” states.

Aquarius: This new Moon rises in your 5th house of love, creativity, and self-expression. A new idea, lover, writing project, or childllike creative collaboration could add joy and excitement to your life. An emotional ending is indicated with respect to the past, the family, your home base, or current source of security.

Pisces: The new Moon rises in your 4th house of home and family, roots, and the past. A new beginning could involve relocation discussions, buying a home, or finding a better base from which to launch a new career or life direction. New ideas and perspectives concerning your sense of security may be triggered. Emotional discussions about the future can be productive.

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