New Horoscopes for the Week of May 1st – 7th

Yesterday retrograding Saturn and the South Node united forces to push the message that this a serious “beginning of the end.” An old (maybe lifetimes old) and entrenched way of being is deconstructed in favor of something more relevant to your life’s actual purpose – or not.

You can choose to keep yourself the way you’ve always been and change nothing. It’s always a choice. But this ending feels especially powerful because it happens slowly – over a period of almost six months. Yesterday was the trigger. July 4th and finally September 28th are the dates when we might be faced with a stark realization, a critical choice, and a new beginning. A higher than usual sense of awareness regarding thoughts, feelings, responses, and the nature of the brick walls we keep running into must be sustained for the next six months

To clarify things, Mercury in the bold and direct sign of Aries forms a harsh angle to retrograding Saturn, retrograding Pluto, AND the North and South Nodes – today. The idea of taking a hard look at how we operate especially with regard to communication and thoughts is highlighted. Something outdated, ineffective, or no longer useful needs to be transformed or eliminated. We may be given a wake-up call. We’re faced with a choice – to move forward or to continue to lean into the general way we’ve always navigated through lifetimes.

Breaking old habits is hard but doable. A lot can be accomplished over the next six months.

Retrograding Jupiter is backtracking toward an opposition with Mars through the weekend and into Monday and Tuesday of next week. What we say and what we actually believe about ourselves, the nature of our life, and the nature of life itself might be opposing one another. We may be preaching something we don’t practice. Or maybe we notice that the “facts on the ground” diametrically oppose our beliefs. This is the perfect time to notice how we contradict ourselves and to clarify what’s true – especially with regard to what we want and the kind of future we most desire. This is a chance to self-correct and to get on the same page with the most important parts of our complicated self.

On Saturday there is a new Moon in the sign of Taurus at 14 degrees. (I’ll write more on this over the next couple days). Again Saturn (structure), Pluto (deep transformational change), and the nodes (past and future) are involved. The effects of the new Moon are likely to be supportive and helpful. Trines are gift givers. What you lose or voluntarily release is replaced with something of greater value. You may discover a new direction that actually feels more aligned with what you want. You may feel encouraged by a vibrant new possibility that moves into your “line of sight.”

On Monday, May 6th, Mercury transits from the “high energy/conflict-laden/action-oriented” sign of Aries into the calmer influence of Taurus. Our brain and nervous system is given a chance to calm down. This is important because we pick up important subtle cues when we’re calmer. A few days later Uranus steps into the picture. This looks like a wake up call that could result in a significantly expanded sense of awareness.

The house placements of all the planets is critical. I’ll try to personalize these through the individual horoscopes. In a separate mailing I’ll address the new Moon influence for each sign.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Pluto, Saturn, and the south node are hammering away at Mercury (communication) in your 1st house, urging some kind of change. Most likely this has to do with your style of communication, how you connect with your physical body, your own desires, and the nature of the thoughts that run through your mind. It’s time to eliminate what has become automatic and maybe increasingly ineffective or irrelevant to your actual life’s purpose. It’s time to be more mindful of what you think and what you say – to unwind some very old scripts and storylines that complicate what would actually feel like success to you. You have some time to do this. What’s most important seems to be “tuning in” and listening more carefully for the clues and cues your soul is broadcasting. She may not be thriving in all the ways that would make you happiest. It’s time to redirect your attention to something more sensitive and subtle. It’s time to turn down the volume and listen more carefully for quiet cues.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Taurus is poised to settle down and move into a more centered, trusting space. There’s a lot of energy in your 12th house that could (and has) manifested as anxiety, and a “high tension wire” type of approach to health and work. You may have developed a few health problems that can now be more effectively addressed. Or maybe job challenges or added responsibilities have been stressful. Something has focused you on developing a higher level of self-mastery that leaves you less vulnerable to the winds of change. Uranus’s move into Taurus has shaken things up in ways that gave you a reason to expect more of yourself. You may still be in the process of unraveling old tendencies. But with your new power and control what seems most important is developing a bigger, more meaningful vision for the future – something your heart and soul can get behind – something that transcends traditional definitions of success – something that aligns very closely with the purpose of your life.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
There is a choice to make that involves a different style and approach to life – something that can more effectively transcend some confining or very oppressive circumstances in your life. You may have learned to tolerate oppression over a series of lifetimes. You’re good at it. But the most vulnerable and important parts of you need something more. Money or having the resources you need to survive and thrive might be complicated, confining issues. What appears to be an agonizing or risky choice between the past and future is mostly influenced by your need for growth and freedom vs. decay and imprisonment. (Maybe not quite that dramatic.) This issue can be both subtle and stark. Your soul speaks quietly and you can easily miss her cues. But it’s time for some soul-searching – and more listening. Your values might have changed since you made the choices that locked you in. There’s an option to undo and to move in the direction of embracing something kinder, freer, and more aligned with your natural rhythms. It’s time to think or rethink old decisions.

CANCER (June 21-July)
The north node in your 1st house suggests a talent for being in close contact with your source of creativity and regeneration. It is central to your life’s purpose – creation I mean. You may have the opportunity to create something bold and pioneering – a first. The other option is to stick with what you know and what’s been reinforced for centuries – the idea that life is hard (relationships especially) and that escaping from reality to engage the imagination is not as important as attending to heavy responsibilities or guilt. It may be time to consider reversing the script and directing your attention to nourishing growth, independence, and opportunities to make creating, re-creating, and intense imaginative immersion a focus. You may need a new project that requires you to overthrow a heaviness you know how to tolerate but maybe no longer want to. It’s a choice.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
It’s pretty clear you’re being pressured to unravel or de-intensify your approach to work and responsibility in favor of something more balanced and soul nourishing. Connecting to something elusive and formless (a feeling maybe) is the challenge. It looks like your mom may be central in some way – a role model maybe. If she demonstrated compassion for the plight of others and provided service along those lines, if she was a believer – tuned into the quest for something better and more transcendent, or expressed the need for things to be kinder, gentler, more sensitive, and tuned-in, or if she worked for the public good, it’s part of your inheritance. Even if she was none of those things a grandmother or great-grandmother probably was. So it’s time to claim that inheritance and maybe direct your attention to the needs of the less fortunate, to provide a public service, or to work toward something that promotes the public good. Maybe you’re already on board with that. You’ve had your share of challenges but basically it’s time to be grateful. You were in the “generous line” when it came to doling out talent. And it’s likely you got way more than your fair share. Time to say thank-you in a way that feels right for you.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Mercury defines your communication with others and yourself, where you direct your attention, how you connect, analyze, learn, etc. Virgos tend to interpret themselves in a way that’s overly critical. They beat themselves up for falling short of some arbitrary perfectionistic standards. But I’ve known Virgos who consider themselves to be saints – untouched by the impurities and short comings of the masses. Either way it’s imbalanced and mostly inaccurate. An imbalance causes lots of internal stress. As you try to balance the scales you may swing from extremes of arrogance to extremes of totally underestimating yourself. Because Mercury is squaring the nodes, through some focused effort you may be able to develop a more realistic picture of who you are. Something more humane and accurate could emerge. And it could be life-changing. For starters it’s less exhausting. Leaning toward a project that makes use of your business/organizing talent to nurture the public good, a group, the social welfare, or the “interconnected web” of existence seems right.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Breaking old patterns or habits within the realm of relationships may be serving you well. In fact what you’ve endured or outlasted may be deserving of some kind of reward. You may be feeling that on an internal level. Some recent ordeal that forced you out of an old pattern may have enhanced your life and sense of self-worth (or both) in unexpected ways. Maybe you feel less unsettled and more quietly back in control of your life. Or the promise of moving in that direction could be very inspiring for you. Black Moon Lillith may be rebelling against the kind of love or lover that confines or oppresses you – or anyone. The trick is to continue to move away from a past that wrote the oppressive script you’ve recently escaped from – or are about to. Reconsider your relationship with family, old friends, and old definitions of success. Your soul’s nurturing, creative instincts would like a chance to express – maybe in a public way. It’s time to choose a forward or backward direction.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Jupiter is backtracking toward a conjunction with Mars this weekend and through Monday and Tuesday of next week. The truth about what we value most may cause some sparks to fly as you try to gain control over the direction of some transformative or futuristic kind of action. A vision for what you want to manifest meets with some resistance. Maybe it needs to be scaled down for practical reasons. Maybe information conflicts with your values. Maybe you want to have more control over money or costs. Maybe there’s an imbalance related to contributing more than you’re receiving. A reassessment may be ongoing – or may need to be initiated. Something related to teaching, learning, communicating, and gaining more control needs to be more just and fair. Old approaches may not be working. It could be time to pluck an imaginative solution from the vast universe of possibilities. The best way I know to do that is to move into a meditative state and to ask for answers. Whatever you’re trying to resolve seems worth that effort.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sadge may be focused on finding the truth, then wish they hadn’t stumbled upon it. The truth presents a new set of challenges that compel you to adjust your perspective, strategies, and entire approach. Something may have undermined an old belief about relationships – the nature of your relationship to another, to the way the world works, or to the need to be more versatile. The bottom may have fallen out of a foundation that you thought you understood and had made some effective adjustments to. But now you find there is something more that requires more of you. An old learned and automatic approach to life can feel obsolete. Habits need to be changed. Your relationship to almost everything may need to change now that you know what you didn’t used to know. If this hasn’t happened yet expect that it might sometime next week. You can do this. What initially seems disappointing could develop into something that ignites a specific super power within you. You have been or soon will be elevated. Read new stuff.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
The impending new Moon looks like a gift giver – especially for Capricorns and Virgos. Something that gets your juices flowing and brings you to life is triggered. A new project or beginning feels exhilarating and fundamental to the stability of something – maybe your life, maybe the community, maybe your relationship to power and influence. Something unexpected is thrown into the mix. Maybe it’s your ability to focus a calm, determined, elevated intention into the world in a way that impresses and powerfully influences the group or the masses. Essentially you move into your most natural rhythm which is your power spot. Following through on a commitment or changing the rules of the game may be part of this picture. Either way you’re encouraged to move on from a past of self-doubt into a future of valuing and protecting the most soulful elements of any vision or project.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The sixth house of any astrology chart emphasizes the need to work very hard, full-time and overtime to shoulder more than your share of the responsibility for nurturing others. It’s automatic – the result of a many lifetimes of being an “always on-call” slave or servant. It’s habitual. But now – as is often the case for Aquarians – it’s time ease into reverse the direction of what has been so automatic for so long. It’s time change the pace – to rest and to “be” in an entirely different and unfamiliar way. It’s time to clear your schedule and mentally check out – to experience the luxury of doing nothing and to notice how it heals you. Deep meditation for extended periods of time (or however long you feel like it) is advised. Eating nourishing food, taking naps, long walks or laying on the couch staring at the ceiling would be good for your overworked nervous system. Hopefully you can find a way to give yourself a break. After a serious planned “slow-down” you may feel yourself settling back into your most natural rhythm. And after that you may have a clearer picture of the most promising direction for you.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
There’s more to you than meets the eye – a lot more. Others don’t necessarily get it. But you might not get it either. Or you may have forgotten how deep your various textures and layers actually go. A deep dive into yourself over the coming week looks timely. It’s time to remind yourself of your mysterious nature, how deep the still waters run, and how whenever you take the time to re-introduce yourself to yourself there are always a few surprises. I’m looking at Black Moon Lillith – the wild rebellious woman hiding behind the scenes in your 12th house – and wondering what she’s up to. She’s stirring up something. Maybe it’s the kind of thing that could shock the public, soothe them, and set them free all at the same time. Black Moon is a wealth of raw energy, inspiration, and unbridled nerve. She’s the excitement and energy behind the scenes. She’s worth knowing better.

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