What is Astrocartography?

There’s a branch of astrology that focuses on the “power of place.” It’s referred to as “Astrocartography” or “Locational Astrology”. Where you live mattters a lot in terms of how your life unfolds. Location and relocation can change the nature of your experience – whether you wilt or thrive within the realm of relationships, professionally, financially, emotionally, or spiritually. Where you live can influence the difficulty or ease with which you’re able to develop innate talents.

Astrocartography and finding your “best place” is the art and science of determining how to change your location in ways that improve your experinece of life – often in very specific ways. A change in latitude and/or longitude changes the nature of the “push/ pull” of planetary influences. What’s emphasized and what’s minimized changes. Relocation can move things in the direction of harmony, something more strenuous and conflicted, or something in between. In order to find your best place personal priorities and values must be clearly defined.

Below is an example of an astrocartography map. The lines represent planets and angles superimposed on a map of the world. Living in a city or town located under a Venus line emphasizes love, ease, flow, financial advantage, and self-worth. But if Venus is poorly aspected in your natal chart it won’t necessarily work out that way.

An astrocartographer depends on your natal chart. She studies it, takes note of the details, and fully integrates those before an recommendation is made. In working with clients on locational decisions the details of the natal chart are critical. Accurate birth times are always preferred.

To identify important indicators Astrocartographers usually ask for a history of places you’ve lived and the nature of your experiences in each place. Let’s look at how relocation can affect how you perceive and project yourself into your environment through shifting one very important indictor – the natal Ascendent. That angle represents your basic style and approach to life.

If you were born in New York City with a fiery Aries Ascendent (initiating, assertive, impatient, independent) and relocated West to San Francisco, your “relocated Ascendant” would most likely change from Aries to Pisces. We can predict that in San Francisco your approach to life would be less fiery, independent, and courageous.

But in San Francisco you’d be significantly more inspired, compassionate, artistic, and in-tune with developing trends. Here you would feel the mood of the collective. You’d still want to initiate new things but you’d take a “softer” tact and possibly feel more effective working behind the scenes. It would be important to you that your actions became a reflection of your soul and the ideals you cherish. Something very meaningful on a personal level would be possible. Ultimately your values and priorities would determine whether or not this would feel like a change in the right direction.

If you moved East from NYC to Genoa Italy, your Ascendent would likely change from Aries into Capricorn. You’d still be your New York assertive and action oriented self, but more cautious, focused, and willing to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve challenging goals. You might map out a savvy long term business plan and consistently apply the discipline needed to manifest your vision. And self-discipline could make all the difference in whether or not you achieve what you’re aiming for. You’d crave respect and admiration. You’d spend more time cultivating your reputation. And you’d probably be able to steadily build wealth through taking carefully calculated risks.

Astrocartography is a relatively new astrological technique. It was introduced by Jim Lewis in 1966 and has been devoloped and refined over the past 52 years into a powerful technique that holds great promise in terms of practical application – predicting how various locations are likely to affect your experience of life.

In very basic terms, and eliminating lots of critical details – locational astrolgy basically works like this:

If you locate under your Sun line you’ll notice that you come to life. You feel more energetic, more playful, creative, and in love with life. People notice you because you “shine.” Here you demonstrate for others how much fun it is to be alive. You may also be prideful, arrogant, self-centered and childish. Striving for child-like would obviousy be the better idea.

If you locate under your Moon line you’ll be more receptive to everything, more driven by your emotions, in tune with your feelings, and sometimes overwhelmed by them. Your home, family, and the past will feel more important. You might develop an interest in history, your ancestral heritage, wheree you belong and what makes you feel secure. Structuring your life may be a challenge. You may be more dependent on others for structure but also more caring and sensitive.

If you locate under your Mercury line this place will feel endlessly interesting to you – the people, the place, your thoughts, other’s thoughts, etc. Essentially your mind comes to life and you know how to make the contacts you need to survive and thrive. If you have any communication talent it will be easier to express here. If you’re a writer this is an encouraging, nourishing place for you. You may be energized by the busyness and pace and the variety of what’s going on around you. Or you may be swamped with paperwork, beaurocratic forms, crossing all the “t’s” dotting all the “i’s” etc.

If you locate under a Venus line relationships take on new importance. Things get easier and seem to flow. Your areas of giftedness finds many opportunities for expression. People like you. Your appearance improves. You fall in love because you’re more loveable and “in the mood” for love and romance. Art and beauty surrounds you. Your personal values are reinforced. Your sense of self-worth soars. On the downside you may get lazy and undisciplined. You may expect too much of others, find ways to avoid pulling your weight, pack on the pounds eating sweets, and laying on the couch waiting for good things to come to you.

If you locate under your Mars line you’re energized by any challenge, impulsive, fiery, and determined to impress your will on the world. You find ways to initiate new things, try new places, and test your strength. You keep moving and may refuse to back down from a fight. People tend to follow you because they sense even if you’re not sure where you’re headed intinctively, you’ll lead them in the direction of an adventure. Heere is where you find a way to pioneer something new. The caution is that under a Mars line things could be dangerous. You may not have to look far for an opportunity to test your strength and your ability to defend yourself.

If you locate under your Jupiter line you feel free to expand in the direction you want to go. There’s an abundance of opportunity flowing in your direction. New philosophies of life and foreign ways of being are interesting expand your mind and open doors to broader perspectives. Innate wisdom surfaces. Tolerance of differnt lifestyles feels uplifting. You’re just happier and freer here. Religion, beliefs, and opinions are frequent topics of conversation. You may find yourself being more truthful with others and yourself. But there’s is a tendency to overdo everything, to be a know-it-all, to pontificate on anything for way too long, and to exude over-confidence.

If you locate under your Saturn line self-discipline, focus, and dedication to working hard to achieve is facilitated. You become the model of adult behavior – taking on heavy responsibilities and accumalating wealth through consistent hard work, expertise, and a self-disciplined approach. It is likely you will be well-respected, trusted as a reliable authority, and admired for your achievements. In this location you’re required to keep your eye of the ball, rein in emotions that distract you, and take full responsibility for your life. You’ll need to get comfortable setting boundaries. A tendency toward overwork is likely as well as neglect of things that are important but don’t necessarily advance of your goals. You take a cautious approach to love or anything that makes you feel vulnerable.

If you locate under a Uranus line expect the unexpected. Life is not predictable here but it’s probably exciting, presenting opportunities you thought you’d never encounter, or challenges you thought you’d never have to face. Your nervous system is revveed up here. There’s lots of adrenaline to deal with and nothing for sure you can count on. This place could be exhausting but also incredibly stimulating. The people you meet here will awaken some sleepy or dormant part of you that is very unique and quite brilliant. The best and the brightest (and most unstable) will cross your path. You make a cean break from the past as the future seems way more important. And you never look back. You may be at the mercy of frequent self-reinvention.

If you locate under a Neptune line expect to be highly tuned in the spiritual world, intuitively aware, artistically inclined, evasive, confused, unrealistic, and maybe unable to focus. Your dream life may be incredible and you may be able to extract from it lots of information and guidance. Boundaries may disappear – for better or worse. Self-discipline is replaced with more receptivity to what crosses your path or lands in your space. Here you may finally release what did not serve you well – or maybe some things that actially did. You may not be too discrimminating but very empathetic and able to sense trends.

If you locate under a Pluto line prepare to experience something profoundly life-changing. Expect to be taken deeper into the realm of experience, turned inside out, deceived or enlightened, empowered or disempowered, to find new meaning, and the chance to rise like a Pheonix from the ashes. Death of an old way of being and birth of a new way being will be central. Skimming the surface will hold no interest for you. But you’ll probably have many opportunities to investigate what lies beneath and to move deeper into the darkness to “extract whatever gold exists. Here you’re healing abilities will intensify. But your motivation (and the nature of what motivates others) must be scrupulously examined on a regular basis. Here you can do lots of damage or heal the world. The extremes are stunning. It’s intense and potentially completely revitalizing.

Rob Couteau, a French Astrocartographer, developed an interesting theory. He contends that relocating to a place emphasizing your least aspected (or unaspected) planet encourages the expression of an innate area of genius. Natal unaspected or least aspected planets are wild cards known for their ability to express in stunningly pure form. Hemmingway’s move to Paris located him under his least aspected Venus. In that location his atistic purity,  giftedness, and social life were supported and enhanced.

There are many examples of famous artists and “notables” who experience a sudden supportive shift in their ability to express an innate genious when they move to a specific location.

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