Capricorn Solar Eclipse & Horoscopes for Jan. 2nd – 8th

On Saturday, January 5th at 5:28 PM PST and 8:28 PM EST there is a partial solar exlipse at 15 degrees of Capricorn 25′.

During a partial Solar Eclipse the Moon comes between the Sun and Earth while temporarily blocking the energy of the Sun to “earth dwellers.” During that “lights out” period energy circuitry is rearranged, cellular function is altered, and the “rules” of the game change.

We’ve been living under a “Leo eclipse arrangement” since Aug 11th, 2018. That eclipse introduced a collapse of plans, old lifestyles, and what we assummed would always be. That cycle expires with the culmination of the Capricorn solar eclipse on Saturday.

The Sun/Moon conjunction in Capricorn falls on the the Saturn/Pluto midpoint. The probable manifestation (according to Reinhold Ebertin) is the initiation of a hard struggle for success; taking responsibility for creating new structures; participation in achievements brought about by large groups or masses of people; the pursuit of difficult work; painstaking research carried out in seclusion, and disciplined efforts to separate from whatever breaks (or has broken) your heart.

Sink or swim could be the only available options.

Mercury, newly in the sign of Capricorn as of Jan. 4th, narrows the scope and focus of the mind. It’s time to immerse yourself in a challenge. It may be time to hone your skills and to learn something new. Problem solving and organizing efforts are critical.

Mars’recent move into the sign of Aries (Dec. 31st) energized and awakened impulsivity and anger. But for the sake of effectiveness Capricorn tends to keep that under control. Capricorn and Aries activated at the same time (as they now are) is the best of both worlds. But they don’t like each other much – and they fight a lot.

Vega, an important fixed star, falls exactly over the eclipse point (15 degrees Capricorn) in the constellation of Lyra – the “Cosmic Harp.”

Music, harmony, and the “arts” are highlighted and energized.

Creating a work of art or refining a performance to make it look effortless requires focus, discipline, practice and hard work. That’s Capricorn’s signature contribution to the creation of art. If you’ve had a hard time making progress on your book, composing lyrics, or refining your performance, the focused energy this eclipse infuses into the world can make a difference.

The last Solar eclipse occurring within one degree of this ecipse occurred in Jan.of 2011. You may have come to the conclusion then that you needed to break a bond with a group or the family members that once provided you with support and a sense of security. The theme of what you’re experiencing now may be somewhat similar.

Your nervous system will be revved up this week as your logical mind fights against your body, sexual desire, rage-inspired action, and something delusional or irrational.

Uranus stations direct in the sign of Aries on Jan. 6th. You’ve made progress since November 16th releasing a part of your past that seemed difficult to release. The pace of a final cleaning/clearing phase (or final clean break) accelerates between Jan 6th and March 6th of this year. We’re aproaching the end of a long cycle of “setting ourselves free” that began in May of 2010 – and will technically be complete by March 6th of 2019.

A grand trine involving Venus, the North Node, and Chiron encourages and facilitates deeper levels of honesty, healing, and a powerful flow in the direction of your destined life purpose.

Something fun to anticipate is the Jan. 22nd Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Mars’ recent move into the sign of Aries (Dec. 31st) energizes and awakens impulsivity and anger – also sexual desire, the urge to initiate, compete, and to courageously impress your version of truth on the world. It’s a great start to the new Year. This is a perfect time to start a new business, to assert your authority within the public realm, and to reinforce your reputation as a force to be reckoned with. You may still be holding onto something from the past that needs to be released by March 6th. Uranus will help you break free of an old approach or relationship by accelerating the pace of your life and throwing opportunities in your direction. Your instincts are raw and probably right on. Consider revealing a secret you’ve been hiding and watch it trigger some magic. A feeling of being victimized or betrayed because of your un-tamed, straight-forward approach begins to disappear as a new kind of inner security and confidence takes hold.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Feeling drained and uncertain of your next move seems misaligned with the initiating energy of a New Year. But making the adjustments needed to align yourself with your own rhythm seems most important. The eclipse ignites something major in your 9th house of travel, publishing, legal possibilities, and your entire belief system. A major transformation regarding your vision for the future and something more expansive is in the works. Something freeing is gestating beneath the surface. By March 6th expect to feel that you’re standing on new ground carrying a lighter load. A grand water trine supports you with some easy connections. Making yourself more vulnerable by telling the truth opens the door to healing – through groups or friendships mainly. Distancing or separation moves you onto your destined path. Communication promote a magical flow that connects you with your own rhythm. Being in sync with yourself is the most important thing.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This eclipse ignites something new within your 8th house. It’s emotionally complicated. The 8th house deals with secret motivation, trust issues, betrayal, sexual needs, financial partnerships, and the balance of power. It’s all very touchy and treacherous and at the same time revitalizing. Letting go of control is hard. Within this tricky area of life you need to die and be reborn. If you’re a magician or adept (or just highly intuitive) it’s time to hone your skills, deepen your focus, enhance your power, and scrupulously examine your motivation. It’s time to be brutally honest about a highly sensitive issue. Your task is to develop some new rules and enforce them. Discipline yourself to deal directly with debt and what you owe another. Old habits in love are being challenged by the need to make it more real. The pace accelerates as you attempt to free yourself from remaining remnants of the past. Energy for a clean break is available from now until March 6th.

CANCER (June 21-July)
Cancers are challenged to assert their authority within the realm of partnerships, in all relationships, and maybe specifically within the realm of marriage. New boundaries and rules and maybe a new contract needs to be agreed to. It may be time to leverage the control you have and to deal with financial issues in a serious way. Something that feels fair and just to both parties makes it easy. But Capricorn may be forcing a confrontation with fear and chronic dependencies. A fundamental disagreement may require legal intervention. It seems that you are now supported by healing energy that seeks to eliminate an expectation of being victimized by a future vision you’ve had little hope of materializing. It’s not necessary to give up. It’s time to be more determined than ever to have what you desire. A process of “letting go” starting in May of 2010 is now in its final phase. Remnants from the past need to be released. The “letting go” process accelerates between now and March 6th.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Leo is under some pressure to reorganize their work schedules, to revise their methods, set new boundaries, prioritize self-care, and to sync their work with an inner rhythm that feels right. It’s easy to work longer and harder everyday. It’s more challenging to listen for the kind of internal guidance that allows you to work smarter. It’s time to take responsibility for improving your health and habits for the long haul. It’s time to step into the role of “manager of your work life” rather than being the slave who has no choice. It’s likely your work demands will increase over the next year. Make it a goal to get healthier as you become more successful. Whatever you can do to transform your attitude toward work will serve you well in January of 2020 when the pressure becomes even greater. You’re in the final phase of releasing and letting go of the past. Something hangs on that looks compulsive, controlling, or maybe secretive. In May of 2010 the “letting go of the past” cycle began. It ends on March 6th. The pressure to release intensifies between now and then.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
It may be time to get serious and very disciplined when it comes to further developing a talent, emphasizing and show -casing what’s special about you, and creating something you love. You may be an artist with business know-how or have an interest in the business side of things. You may know how to market something you enjoy doing, or how to turn an enjoyable hobby into something lucrative. You may have artist/creative connections that could form the basis of a successful collaboration. Virgos tend to underestimate their talents and to be “too humble” or too self-effacing to promote themselves. Perfectionism may stall you in your tracks. But it’s time to lose the excuses. It’s time for you to dive into a creative challenge, to work hard to make it successful, sink of swim. If you’re already creatively involved it’s time to up your game in a way that feels especially challenging. You may feel increasing pressure to narrow and concentrate your focus. It’s time to let go of the past. You have between now and Mar 6th to let go of whatever’s hanging on.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Libra may be feeling some conflict or anger coming from an impatient partner. Or maybe it’s you who feels the need to shake things up. Any pent up frustration is likely to break out into the open this week. New developments involve your home and family. Maybe you’re moving, home renovating, or striving to let go of a past that continues to emotionally confine you. Something on the home front may need to be reined in, more carefully controlled, or subject to new rules and boundaries. Maybe the provision of a home or something more comfortable is what you’re striving to achieve. A self-disciplined approach to keeping the scales balanced and refusing to over-compromise is part of the solution. You may need to put in more effort over the next few months. It is time to let go of the past. Since May of 2010 we’ve been in a “letting go” phase. You may feel more pressure to do so between now and March 6th.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Mars and Uranus ignite your 6th house of work and the need to integrate intuitive insights and guidance into the work that you do. Releasing the past and setting yourself free is the nature of a cycle that’s been in play since May of 2010. Between now and March 6th whatever’s still hanging on needs to be released. Something new emerges in your 3rd house of communication. It’s time to narrow your focus, to organize your thoughts, to assert some authority over your routine, to enforce communication guidelines, and maybe to develop a new method or channel for sharing emerging ideas. A fearful mindset needs to be reined in. A new document may need to be designed or a new story written. Your success depends on your ability to organize you thoughts and to stay committed to a schedule that tracks progress. A grand trine has the potential to move you onto your destined path. Something good is triggered when you to reveal a relationship secret or to simply tell the truth.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
It’s time to release a fear of scarcity, financial betrayal, or the belief that you cannot accumulate wealth – maybe don’t deserve it. It’s time to get very realistic about financing your vision for the future. Financial partnerships may need to be rearranged or more transparent. It’s time to assert some financial control, to set parameters, and to take your share of the responsibility for the success or failure of a financial strategy or partnership. Something more structured is probably better. On a different note it seems you could be thrown onto your destined path and more completely healed if you spend time analyzing your dreams, working with Tarot cards, meditating, consulting an intutive healer, or experimenting with on any method that seeks to weaken or eliminates the boundary between conscious and subconscious information. There is something you need to know that remains unclear. And there is something from the past that needs to be released by March 6th. Maybe you can ask the universe what that is. And maybe you’ll be shown.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorns need to set an intention for success – or whatever you’re seeking to manifest with the new eclipse energy. It’s too intense and abundant to let the energy free float in any direction it feels like going. High anxiety and intensifying fears this week is a sign you need to be more authorative in directing the flow. What’s most impacted is the nature of your style and approach to life. The part of you that is initiating, authoritative, structured, and very determined to succeed is seeking a more effective way of expreess. Something cold-hearted, calculating, heavy-handed, and insensitive is trying to find a better way to express as well. You need to manage and oversee it all in an authoritative, self-disciplined way. You’ll probably need to bring some balance into the equation. Self-awareness is key. Greater sensitivity to the kind of responses you receive is also key. Something pretty dramatic and transformational is in play. Your physical body, appearance, or style may change. By January of 2020 you’ll need to be at the top of your “self-management” game. Now is the time to prepare. Ask for feedback and adjust if it feels valid. Since May of 2010 it’s been important to let go of the past. Around Nov. 18th you may have released a “remnant” that was hanging on. You have until March 6th to release whatever’s left.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarians may not feel this eclipse unless they make an effort to be especially tuned-in and receptive. Most of the action takes place in your 12th “hidden” house. It’s all beneath the surface of consciousness. But there’s a lot going on. Your dream life may be especially active and informative. Your ability to connect telepathically may be working in overdrive. Synchronous events become commonplace. The seeds of a higher level of sef-mastery are gestating. A loss initally viewed as devastating may now be perceived in a different light. Your subconscious mind is busy integrating, releasing, and adjusting. This may be reflected in events that occur around you, sudden breakthroughs, and the nature of what you’re attracting. You may have a secret plan you’re working on and it probably involves introducing something new into your work or the workplace. Since May of 2010 you’ve been in a cycle that required a release of the past. In November you may have made some major progress. You have from now until March 6th to set yourself free of whatever you’ve outgrown.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Your 11th house of friendships, groups, and the allies who support your reputation, accomplishments, and overall success is triggered by the impending eclipse. Something new is in the works. A new collaboration, creative partnership, or group involvement may be central to infusing new life into your work – as well as stimulating the interest of the public. In any joint or group effort its important that you manage the structuring and set-up – that you set parameters and shoulder your fair share of the work. A beautiful grand water trine encourages the free flow of creative ideas and expanding faith in your ability to powerfully communicate something innovative. Since May of 2010 the mandate has been to let go of the past. You may have released something significant around Thanksgiving time. The pace of release may accelerate from now until March 6th.

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