New Moon In Libra October 8, 2018

New Moon’s are dark times. We sense the past has been swept away and something new is replacing it – but we’re not sure what will be. The feeling of moving forward mixes with a sense of loss. We’re not sure how things will unfold, but we sense we’re on the cusp of something new.

Tonight is the darkest night of the month – the night before the new Moon in the “can’t-we-just-all- get-along” sign of Libra.

A snake-like molting of one’s reality filters has taken place over the past two weeks. (Mercury sits at the New Moon/Venus midpoint). We can see more clearly the reality of our situation and maybe explain it to another. It gives us some hope of attaining something more empowering and independent – and well-balanced.

Issues of caring and being cared for are laced with something dark and devouring – the fear of loss or the “high” of being able to determine or manage another’s ability to survive. At root is the idea of providing or witholding nourishment. The “terrible mother” archetype lurks in the background. Through various kinds of nourishment and care she provides the comfort and security we learn to depend on.

But it can all be taken away if we don’t live up to our end of the bargain. What that is exactly may be vague or imprecisely spelled out. Either way the fear of loss looms large. In true “Moon square Pluto” form, it’s all very complicated – somewhat dark, dangerous, and primal.

Survival instincts are triggered under this New Moon. We might consider the price we’re paying for our reliance on another. If we’re the provider of security, the truth of what motivates us may be revealed and must be acknowledged.

Ultimately we’re challenged to make some kind of adjustment. Neptune inconjuncts the Ceres/New Moon “pairing.” Something needs to change about the habits and patterns we’ve come to express and accept. Often something that feels fairly drastic may need to be considered. A “change of venue” may be part of the solution – moving the entire habit-bound scene into different surroundings, for example.

Or renegotiating the terms of a long-standing contract, rebelling against the old rules, having a say in setting some new terms. You may need to be willing to assert your power. It’s important to know how to leverage the power you have to promote a return to balance.

You could try tinkiering around the edges first. If the imbalance is mild that may be all that is needed. But the “tightness” of the Neptune inconjunct suggest something significant and maybe pivotal.

The ongoing American saga, the Kavanaugh Supreme court appointment, the role of women, what men and women expect in exchange for support and protection, the fear of loss, destabilizing imbalances, and ultimately long-term survival, is currently highlighted – most likely because the situation is ripe for change.

Libra’s ruler Venus is now officially retrograding through the brutally honest sign of Scorpio. In Scorpio she is not the “can’t we all just get along” Venus. She’s much more interested in a deep dive past the pretense and into brutally honest territory – for the sake of a return to balance.

Old patterns are being uprooted during Uranus’s current passage through the sign of Taurus. Deeply entrenched patterns may be uprooted fairly suddenly. Lifetimes of habit may be gone in a matter of minutes or days. This usually works well for traditionally oppressed groups and badly for those in secure positions of power and authority. An opening in what has been a “closed case” presents new opportunities.

There is an element of recklessness associated with this new Moon – an element of being blindsided by foreseeable problems. The Moon’s Sabian symbol suggests as much. “After taking out his father’s speedboat without permission and crashing it into a pier, a boy ruefully inspects the damage.”

Impracticality has drastic results. There may be a bigger than anticipated price to be paid for failing to take reality (respect, justice, or fairness) into consideration. On the other hand dreams and imaginings may flourish to assist you in extracting yourself from restrictive scenarios. (Pluto on Jupiter/Neptune midpoint).

Mars sits on the Saturn/Neptune midpoint. This new Moon holds the promise of an ability to act with subtle caution and to work very effectively to make one’s ideals a physical reality. It clarifies the need to get past inhibitions related to self-assertion as well as the need to look deeper into the roots of personal insecurities. Maybe you expect too much from yourself or others. “Out-sized idealism” (perfectionism) may simply make it easier to not take any action at all.

Salvadore Dali asserted that formulating ideas is a high form of craftsmanship. The Venus, Libra, Taurus emphasis fuels the formation of ideas that can be especially ingenius, sublimely constructed, and useful.

Currently you may crave conversations about a wide-range of topics. You may feel good about dealing with difficult feelings and generating ideas that allow you to solve or transcend those. Current enthusiasm may have real “staying power.” Emotions that surface may rise from the original bedrock of who you are. Those are most likely very authentic. The feeling that you’ve struck gold by unearthing a previously elusive piece of who you are may feel especially satisfying. (Venus on the Jupiter/Mercury midpoint).

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