Horoscopes for the Week of Sep. 5th – 11th

There’s a lot going on this week…


(Saturn has been retrograding in the sign of Capricorn for about the past 5 months – April 18th – Sep. 6th)




What can you expect? Today Mercury advances from the sign of Leo into the sign of Virgo. Geminis and Virgos feel the repositioning most strongly. Generally it’s time to take a creative idea, a talent for communication, an artistic way of expressing yourself, or special ability to connect with children, to the next level. It’s time to get serious about honing your skills, delivering important information, and connecting with those in need of a service you’d love to provide. It’s time to assess the effectiveness of your routines and to implement needed change, to attend to your health, and to be more discrimminating in love.

And it’s definitely time to tone down what you say and what you promise. Over-the-top exxaggerations and bombastic claims will undermine efforts. Mercury in Virgo is most effective when she delivers more than she promises.

As Saturn moves into direct motion you might notice your professional/financial life – or life direction changes – advancing to the next stage. Progress in the direction of what you want to achieve takes hold. New structures begin to take shape. The time for review or going back to “undo and redo” what was created in the past is over. If all has gone well, the coast is clear. Momentum starts to build. If your Sun, Moon, or rising sign is placed in the sign of Capricorn or Aquarius the effect might be especially pronounced.

The Sabian symbol for 2 degrees of Capricorn (the degree at which Saturn turns direct on Thursday) is as follows:

“A social psychologist, after a full day studying people’s behavior, returns to his lantern-lit library to write down his findings.” This symbol alludes to insightful social criticism, an understanding of human motivation, being able to read people like “open books,” and educating oneself on matters of personal or social interest. Your “findings” may trigger a clarification and a much needed course correction. Forward motion is facilitated.

On Sunday Venus moves out of Libra and into the sign of Scorpio. It’s time to get to the root of the problem. It’s time to restore some semblance of balance, justice, fairness, and kindness. It’s time to look deeper into the kind of relationship you have with yourself and others. In conflict it’s important to consider that you may be part of the problem. It’s time to stop treating or agonizing over the “symptoms.” Venus in Scorpio is good at identifying the underlying cause excises it. On a personal level this may feel gut-wrenching. But the results may be empowering and life-changing.

On Sunday the New Moon at 17 degrees of Virgo symbolizes the need for a new approach to you work, your routine, your methods, and your health. It’s time for a new slant on old problems and a more focused approach to unearthing the truth. A more disciplined approach to self-improvement gains traction under the Virgo new Moon. A determination to sift through bits of information that can be pieced together to form a more coherent picture is favored. Something is clarified (a small detail maybe) that increases the effectiveness of your efforts.

Mars moves into the sign of Aquarius on Monday after a four-week dip back into the late degrees of Capricorn – and a corresponding “reality check.” We’re on the cusp of some rebellious action. Saying no to what you once reflexively said “yes” to may be necessary. Courage is required to break through old blockages to progress. Setting yourself free of the prisons you constructed for yourself (or those others constructed for you) is important. The impact of the July 27th Aquarian Lunar eclipse may be revived over the next few weeks. There’s a lot to do to alleviate oppression and suffering.

Black Moon Lillith in the sign of Aquarius will be traveling with Mars for awhile. She is the “dangerous woman” refusing to be dominated and controlled. But in the sign of Aquarius she is most effective working in service of a cause. Emotionally and intellectually she can misuse her power to overwhelm partners and destroy personal relationships. Her energy directed toward a worthy cause, though, revolutionizes the social scene in the direction of something kinder. Over the next week or two it’s worth asking the question “what do I want to do with the power I have?”

The south node indicates a diminishment or misfortune for women in general.

I will write more on the Virgo Moon later this week. Expect to feel highly sensitized and psychic under the balsamic Moon on Friday and especially on Saturday night.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The New Moon in your 6th house suggests you benefit from a new routine, new responsibility, something that ignites your ability to assess the “lay of the land,” to organize, to improve, to make decisions, and to lead. You may be on the cusp of entering a new scene where you can test your level of competence and allow some instinctive “know how” to kick in. It looks energizing and the evolving scene feels capable of integrating your particular skill set in the best possible light. Mars moves into your 11th house of your social life and may bring you face to face with the inadequacies of the social support you currently have in place. The truth is you may need to cultivate relationships with a more trusted group of allies. In the meantime there is conflict and possibly a bit of skullduggery. Mars may hasten the demise of a social life that does not support you. Most likely you will find the courage to say no to those with no potential for friendship or mutual support. That is a good thing. But refusing to settle for mediocrity may extend a period of lonliness. Saturn’s move into direct motion in your 10th house advances your career. Hard work pays off. Momentum builds in the direction of achievement.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Venus moves into complicated, emotionally intense territory this week. For you this may actually smooth some rough waters and add some ease to what otherwise might be a strenuous battle of wills. Maybe you find yourself in the presence of someone capable of meeting you on your own, intensely sexual/sensual, turf. Maybe you have time to engage something primitive, wild, and naturally nourishing. Maybe you have to rebel against expectations and a “safe” way of life in order to access the kind of nourishment you need. Mars transits over your midheaven on Monday giving you the courage to rebel, to say no, and/or to embrace an alternative path in life. Maybe you find yourself in a surprising situation that others would be shocked to know you find appealing. Taurus usually reverts to the “tried and true.” But Mars in Aquarius is currently strongly opposing that tendency. What you love may feel like a very practical consideration. As long as you feel useful and can be of service you’ll be happy.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Mercury’s move into Virgo into your 4th house of home, family, roots, and the past, focuses you in practical ways on the domestic area of life. It may be time to close some doors, to bring an end to something, to facilitate the demise of a “nowhere scene,” a deadening pattern, or unworkable routine. It is time to create some space for the New Moon to work it’s magic. Saturn retrograding in your 8th house of deep, (maybe subconscious), transformative “undoings” and “healings” (for the past 5 months) is reversing direction. On the cusp of forward motion, it is likely something more apparent and tangible will signify a breakdown and space for an eventual renewal. The 8th house is tricky, highly sensitive, emotionally “dangerous” territory. Discussing a financial compromise or the balance of power could be a road littered with landmines. Still with a harsh reality in mind, decisions are made and things begin to move forward. The silver lining is a new sense of empowerment that is the byproduct of being unwilling to accept mediocrity.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
The new Moon in Virgo is beginning to activate your 3rd house of communication, your mindset, what you know, what you’re willing to learn, and the ability to assess whether or not “the facts on the ground” support your current beliefs. If your beleifs revolve around the notion that you will be victmized, deprived, disappointed, or neglected, it’s time to reassess. That might not fit with what’s actually going on in your life. Holding on to those beliefs is not necessary especially under the influence of a New Moon. Beliefs needs to be updated and re-aligned. Your oldest sibling may hold some special influence. Venus in your 4th house of the past is making it unusually easy to let go of early family influences that encouraged you to integrate a belief in future disappointment. You have until Dec. 2nd to completely rid yourself of any remnants of these old beliefs. It looks like you could instead believe in the unfoldment of something magical and boundless, artistically transportive, transcendently loving, spiritually uplifting, and breathtakingly beautiful. That feels more aligned with the truth. Venus’s move into your 5th house on Sunday might clarify (over the next few weeks) your understanding of the tranformative nature of love.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The Sun in service-oriented, perfectionistic, Virgo has you focused on financial stability, financial partnering, technology you can count on to enshrine your demonstrations of creative talent, and doing the most practically useful thing. This is one part of the equation. The other part is assessing your sense of self worth, identifying your priorities, and relying more on your ability to predict the future and to instinctively sense the character of whoever you’re dealing with. If you’re honest you’ll admit that you tend to end up in the right place at exactly the right time more often than not. It’s a power that’s innate. It’s capable of being more highly developed, though. You may not currently trust it enough to rely on it. You may give in to worry and underestimate or sabotage what you’re actually capable of accomplishing with the help of your “magical” powers – and the determination to dazzle. Pay close attention to any tendency to pull the rug out from under yourself. It’s an old form of abuse that was inflicted on you maybe by a family memeber. It’s familiar and maybe oddly comforting. Now is a good time to break that pattern if it’s still operational, and to muster the courgae to aim higher.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
A clarification of something important is immiment – if you haven’t already experienced it. Something you suspected is verified or disproved. It may be time to verbalize something you’ve kept to yourself. The new Moon in Virgo empowers your most natural style and approach. It’s time to enact a practical plan of action revolving around an idea that’s been gestating since June 14th. That idea may involve greater creative independence, courage, more decision making power, and maybe something more service-oriented. It may involve a purge that makes way for a more joyful role within the realm of relationships. If you’re living with an abusive relationship this may be a good time to plan your escape in conjunction with a competent professional. Denial may be impossible to sustain. There is something positive going on that is relevant to the ultimate achievement of your most cherished goals. It involves breaking free of old relationship scripts and what feels wrong but familiar. Saturn challenges you to define what you love most and to be more determined than ever to structure your life around it. You may have to do something that’s hard for you to do. But as soon as that’s done, the coast is clear.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Venus, your chart ruler, moves into some intense territory this week, awakening your second solar house and issues involving survival and self-preservation at its most basic levels. Financial issues may come into play. The balance (or lack of it) that exists within fiancial partnerships, as well as empowerment issues, may need to be addressed. This will not be terribly difficult if you’ve resisted the urge to over-compromise and to keep the peace at any price. If you’ve taken a superficial approach to fundamental problems it could be more difficult. On a different but related note, the urge for a closer connection with a partner – one that requires trust and the willingness to take some risk to achieve a deeper level of imtimacy may be the issue. Betrayal may be a concern. But nothing short of “naked vulnerability” may satisfy – with this exception. If you have reason to believe that a partner or potential partner cannot be trusted it’s time to be clear headed and very discrimminating. No need to jump if there’s no net below. But if there is “no net” it may be time to ask why, to be willing to face the truth, to address sensitive material, and to look in the mirror. Excising the source of a relationship problem is the challenge and the opportunity.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Venus is hovering on the dark side your ascendent. You may be the recipient of lots of psychic information about relationships, partnerships, love, and a return to balance over the next several days. Your relationship with yourself and your style and approach to life may be on the cusp of a major change. Something more substantial and challenging, deeper, darker, and more enticing may be desired. A deep dive into the darkness – maybe to identify the source of a problem or the source of your power – is indicated. Mars’ move into your 4th house may indicate a change of residence. It is likely you have been mulling this over since last May. A foundational change would be timely at the first of the year (2019). That may feel like an act of rebellion that frees you to work in new ways within the public realm. It’s challenging to let go of the past. Mercury’s move into your 11th house of friends, allies, and the “tribe to which you belong” may advance your calculations and assessment in some way. You may be reminded this week of cherished dreams you put on the shelf to be addressed at a later date.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
A new beginning within the public realm is super-powered by the impending New Moon. Something practical and efficient, useful and maybe service-oriented has been – or is in the process of being – advanced. A leap of faith may be part of this picture and leaps of faith tend to work out well for Sagittarians. A firm belief in the self is often richly rewarded. It seems that you may be the recipient of some good fortune, a lucky break, or some invisible spititual grace. The universe since October of 2017 has been conspiring to help you heal at the deepest levels of your being. By November a new beginning that might not have been possible before Oct of 2017 is put in play. Still, reining in some of the enthusiasm may be necessary as Mercury moves over your midheaven tonight. A focus on practicality, self-disipline, further skill development, choosing wislely within the realm of relationships, cultivating your spiritual foundation, and staying grounded is important. Sift through information thoroughly. Do your homework. Attend to your health. It looks like things are falling into place as you hoped they would.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
After a five month period of delays, disappointments, defeats, and unrealized expections within the realm of business and business relationships most likely, Capricorns are being given the go-ahead. It’s safe to proceed with more confidence as of Thursday without the fear that has been instilled over the past five months. You may have learned a lot about the effects of your style and approach on others that will serve you well going forward. It’s good to be flexible enough to lead when you need to lead and to follow along when that could advantage you in some way. Fear may be subsiding as you grasp the nature of the personal changes that are required. That’s really all a Capricorn needs to know. They’re experts at rising to the challenge when a higher level of self-mastery is required. Mars move into your second house focuses you on actively pursuing greater financial stability and something more personally advantageous within the realm of a financial partnerships.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Something behind the scenes, partially hidden, unconsciousness, or dwelling deep within the recesses of your mind and heart, is reversing course. After a long delay you may begin to make some progress. Most likely it will be invisible to others unless you’re a researcher in which case “the breakthrough” may be imminent. For the rest you may notice some gains in the achievement of self-mastery – mastering your fears or gaining control over obsessions and compulsions. Your health may improve as a result of some disciplined effort to change old habits. You might notice an energy surge by Monday as Mars moves over your solar ascendent. An expression of independence or rebellion may accompany the energy surge. You may notice an increase in self-confidence. A more courageous role within the realm of relationships may be required and it appears you’re up to the challenge. Sex appeal and sexual confidence is highlighted. But the real gift may be a diminished tendency to underplay or overplay your hand within the realm of relationships. Extremes may be modified. Something more relaxed and balanced feels much better.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Preparations for the expansion of your public role (and more broadly your future) are in progress. Those may feel intense or gutwrenching at times. But in some regard you are coming to the end of the road. What will soon be required reflects Mars transit into your 12th house – the house of hidden things. Deep inner preparations and private, personal “revolutions” may begin to take hold. Undoing old social attachments and maybe the cultural standards you’ve lived with for a very long time may be necessary. Mainly the issue is finding the courage to pursue your dreams and to endure the harsh realities and sacrifices that “come with the territory.” Difficult decisions may be required. An old way of asserting yourself is about to die. It has to in order to be reborn into something more aligned with your ultimate success. You’re not doing the same thing everyone else does. There is an element of ingeniousness and iconoclasm in the path you are pursuing. But it’s not the easiest way. Something practical and efficient may involve compromising with a partner or otherwise adjusting your role.

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